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A body of dream, which leaves you on the ground… 145

A great body, but disappointing, Photo by Dainis Graveris on Unsplash

A body… Pffff

The first time I saw B., I was quietly chatting with my friends, sitting at the table of the hostel, and he passed shirtless, from one end of the room to the other

Remember the wolf from the Looney Toons who lost his jaw when he saw a starlet walk by? Well, I was pretty close to that. I almost had to wipe the drool going out of my mouth.

A slow and complicated hunt

He’s really sexy, he’s a bit of a mix between Tarzan with his long, wild curly hair and bare chest for all to see, and Clark Kent, small bezel, rugged but shy.

I want him, but he is unfathomable. He doesn’t participate in conversations, I only run into him occasionally, and he’s extremely hard to pin down. When I finally manage to corner him in the kitchen to start a conversation, barely three words, and it’s already over.

Grrr I want him. It’s like salivating over a beautiful pastry in the window of a baker, but the bakery is closed. Come on, open it, just for an hour, just for a bite of that lemon pie…

Evening of opportunity

One evening, we all go to the restaurant. And miracle, he follows us! Well, it is the moment for me to work on it.

I put myself next to my Clark Tarzan, he is at the same time sexy and cute with his small glasses and his elusive glance. 22 years old, he is 22 years old ! That explains a lot !

My god, I’m struggling with this conversation, but my eyes work to bewitch him. You will not escape me, I will devour you raw, the store will open, I promise you…

The evening passes, I also have fun with my friends, but I do not let go. A moment of inattention and I know that I would have lost the game. If my fangs let go of the rabbit’s fluffy fur, he’ll run away forever.

That moment of inattention passed, then I started walking too fast, I was drunk, in short, the rabbit went down the rabbit hole (in his bed in a dormitory of 10…).

Directly in the burrow?

I join my friends next to the pool, I am disappointed and defeated. Loudly, I shout my frustration and my disappointment.

Then one of them tells me to go and surprise him in his bed, the door of the room is open, and Blondi, one of my friends, tells me where his bed is… Humm maybe the panther will have to go and look for the rabbit directly in its burrow.

With a leap, I go to the den of the young male. I am already salivating in advance.

It’s dark, I try to remember Blondi’s instructions, I think it’s the right bed. Oh yes, this body, I would recognize it between thousand… I approach with small steps, “You left? “I whisper to him. He answers “I was tired…”… ” I can come. ” “Yes, come. “.

It’s won. I stick my body burning with desire against his. My hands rest on this chest that I want to clutch. I imagine myself already scratching his back, biting him… But everything comes to those who wait, so patience, patience…

Where is the switch?

I am there with my head against his chest, listening to his body beating harder, I hold him tight, I place small kisses, but nothing, not a misplaced hand, not a sensual gesture towards me.

Oh, but finally, how do we turn this one on?

I don’t know how long I stay there, warm in his arms, but it seems like an eternity!

It’s quite simple, I almost fall asleep, go B., make a move. Please, Clark, turn into Superman!

Come on, I’m not here to cuddle, I want to devour you, make wild love to you while watching your sweaty body. I press my pelvis against his…

Oh dear, I think I’ve found the switch.

The joys of the hostel

Finally, we kiss, finally his hands go through my body. They are shy and a little awkward, but I guide them. The kiss is shy and a little too wet, but it doesn’t matter, my desire compensates everything else.

Our gestures become more assertive, the desire rises, but… We bump into the bunk bed. Ouch. And then, he is stressed that someone can hear us.

Me at this moment, between alcohol and hormones, I could make love in the middle of the room, the light on, it would not matter at all!

He tells me that it would be better to go to the bathroom. Why not, Super Man, if you allow me to fly…

Arrived in the bathroom, I tackle him against the wall. Oh this body, this body, it is so sexy. I want to run my fingers, my tongue, my lips, my teeth through it.

My shorts are twirling… He pushes me under the shower and… he turns on the water! Oh, I didn’t expect that!

Missed takeoff…

If the beginning is sensual, the rest of the lovemaking is laborious. He tries to grab my legs to lift me up, but my 70 kilos hold me down.

The fruit of my desire is of decent size, in the average, it will be perfect… If it wants to remain hard more than 3 minutes…

We are wet, the standing position against the wall does not even allow me to enjoy the view of this splendid body. His penis seems excited only intermittently, my arms start to hurt. My desire begins not to hide any more the discomfort of the position. My fingers are busy, but the weather seems to ground the plane.

Finally, his stick seems so much to go somewhere else, that I invite him to try another source of pleasure. Oh dear, suddenly, the excitement seems to come back on his side. Me too, I finally find more pleasure in it, my fingers are back in service.

However, I don’t have time to take off, he has already landed… Super Man has flown away without me.

He asks me if I want to sleep in his bed or join mine, I choose the second option, I am wet (and not in the good sense of the word) and I am cold.

A second chance?

Well, I was still hungry. I had to climb through the bakery window to bite into the lemon tartlet, but the first bite was not up to my expectations.

But maybe the bite was too quick, maybe I didn’t get the meringue, lemon curd, or whatever? What if, I tried again? What if we did it again?

I have a few days left, to start a second round.

First night, I’m too tired. Second and third night, I work. Fourth night, I’m too drunk, I try to rape him in the kitchen, and to invite him to a little naughty interlude by message, but it’s a complete bust.

Fifth afternoon, I’m horribly hungover, I join him on the sofa, I wedge my head against his shoulder. Voilầ a hangover cuddle, I only want that… Except that the touch of his warm body awakens my desires…

But the bunny is so elusive, I run out of steam chasing him. The week goes on, I corner him, I try to approach him, I even have conversations with him, but it’s no use…. The rabbit always ends up escaping.

Last night in Noosa, I encourage him to go out with us after his gym session. Come on, let me have one last bite. When he arrives, the only ones left are like me already quite drunk.

He smells like sweat, his body is calling me. The others move away, he doesn’t want to go out. He kisses me goodbye. I whisper to him that it is another type of goodbye that I wait. He is embarrassed, he pushes away my advances… ” I don’t usually do one-night stands…”.

Moral of the story

Let’s do a two-night stand then!!! It’s an excuse, and I feel like there’s something else behind it. Too bad, Goodbye Clark Tarzan, you missed the chance to make it up to me.

Moral, a body from heaven doesn’t necessarily send you to seventh heaven.

And if the bakery is closed, it’s perhaps because the baker put the key under the door because pastries are not what they used to be.

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