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Pleasure is back

The return of my American is imminent, and the return of intense, transcendental pleasure will not leave me indifferent.

Back of pleasure, Photo by Dainis Graveris on Unsplash

Back at last

After 3 weeks of absence, the handsome American is finally back. I knew for sure that he was coming back this Thursday.

After work, I go straight to the gym. I’m trying to dampen the hopes of my hormones, which have been aroused by the idea of finding the tall bearded man.

A good gym session, a shower, a little shirt on, and I go to the common room of the hostel with my panties swollen with hope.

Oh but who do I see sitting at the kitchen table, finishing his pizza… my handsome American.

A naughty smile is already appearing on my face. I approach, gently, he hasn’t noticed my presence yet. When he finally does notice me, he gives me a greeting check, but his eyes already tell me that I might taste again the pleasure of his lips.

We spend the evening chatting at tables, I don’t even think about dinner. The eyes are fixed on him. My vulva is already throbbing with excitement, but I’m holding back, I’m also enjoying those lunar conversations that you can only have with him.

It’s just him and me talking, the topics have exhausted the others. Exceptionally, I sip wine, it is necessary to celebrate his return. I wonder when we’re going to switch over.

The question doesn’t take long, he gets up, and nods to me to go to his room.

Uh, yes, yes, yes… here we go. As soon as we enter the room, he kisses me. Hmmm, it’s good to find his lips again. A slight taste of whiskey betrays the few glasses he’s had, but it’s not unpleasant.

Back to pleasure

It doesn’t take long for his fingers to attack the buttons on my blouse. One after the other, they surrender to let access to my pretty red lace bra.

Hmmm, it’s so good to find his greedy lips and his tongue which is activated to give me as much pleasure as possible. Ah, I missed him. I close my eyes and enjoy the moment. I feel very greedy tonight, and it’s my turn to devour him. My lips are active, my tongue wraps itself around the fruit of my desire. And my aptitudes are confirmed. I feel desire and pleasure growing in the hollow of my loins, he rales and this sweet sensation of being at the service of his pleasure only increases the swelling of my clitoris under his fingers.

I could go on for many more minutes, but I also want to feel him inside me. The memory was not misleading, and each position is a new form of pleasure. My body wants more, again and again. I can feel him stretching in a last surge of pleasure.

We lie down sweating, a naughty smile on our lips. I huddle up against him, my vulva still throbs with the pleasure he has just given me. We discuss philosophy, until late in the evening. I fall asleep with already the project to start again the next day.

We’re not going to stop on such a good path.

The next day, I leave for work with a happy pubis. I can’t wait to do it again. Gym after work and I get ready. I don’t know if we’re going out, but I put on a sexy outfit, just in case and for my little homemade prey. We all have an aperitif together on the kitchen table. The conversations are going well, my North American bear is there, I devour him with my eyes all evening. I wait for the moment to attack him, the moment when we will go to his bed to finish in beauty.

Patience is not my forte, and my whole body tends to stick to his. I have to take on myself. Breathe, little nympho, breathe.

The subject deviates on the perverse eyes, he says he has the eyes of a rapist, I bounce. Don’t I also have the eyes of a rapist? He laughs, I have the worst rapping eyes on earth. Five minutes later, he offers me to test these “Rapping eyes” in his room! I’m not going to be begged. We leave the table without a word, we won’t come back.

The preliminaries are intense and long. I love the way he takes his time, to give each other pleasure before finally feeling him excited inside me. The bed hits the wall, my legs go from top to bottom, but whatever happens, desire and pleasure do not leave my intimacy.

We fall asleep in each other’s arms, exhausted.

Morning sex

Saturday morning, I wake up, I feel the warmth of my crotch which still claims his magic tool. We hang out in bed, we cuddle, our hands become wandering. And we end up doing it again, slowly, then more intensely. Boy, it’s good to start the day like that. Feeling him inside me makes me even more excited. His naughty fingers pinch my chest, grasp my neck, he has this ability to be both tender and firm at the same time. It’s the perfect dose of domination.

I reach orgasm several times before resting my head against his chest and falling asleep again for a few minutes.

Frustrated in advance

I leave him to go to the hairdresser. The day passes quickly, I join him for a movie with BlueBoatHouse and SpaceCookie. Argh, he is such a beautiful specimen, I have a hard time not getting my panties wet when I see him. It’s almost unbearable, his eyes, his lips awaken my senses, my tongue passes over my lips unconsciously. Saliva invades my mouth, if I wasn’t afraid to point him out and make him run away, I would throw myself on his lips.

It’s stupid, I feel a touch of jealousy when he watches SpaceCookie, I don’t want someone else to replace me in his bed. There’s no justification for that, and I don’t owe him anything and neither does he. I dismiss this idea out of hand.

At the movies, I take it upon myself not to put my hand in his underpants. Here my role is not that of the lover, but that of the friend. I would learn the hard way that it is sometimes complicated to establish the border.

On the way to the hostel, he announces his plans for the evening, he plans to play video games all night long with his buddies from the US. Whaaaaat do you mean all night ?? 5am ??? Uh, yes, but… You said we would eat sausages…

I am frustrated in advance. It’s crazy to be addicted to sex with him at this point. It’s like all the cells in my body are only tensing up when our bodies are playing in harmony.

Hunter is back

The evening goes on, he is always there. We play drinking games all together. I try not to stick him, just to calm the storm a little under the lace.

I join Pokemon on the terrace, just to stop staring at the fruit of my desire, to reconnect with reality. Yet my pupils are looking for him, they linger on the features of his face, for a moment I am back in his bed. Oops, my mind failed. Come on,Girl, we’ll have to go the distance to get home after 5 o’clock and pick him up after his night of video games.

The bugger comes to join us on the terrace. It’s dangerous, my rabbit, I hope you know that. I’m much too drunk to control myself, I approach him, I stare at him. Maybe we can envisage a sexual session before his game?

He gently pushes me away, no, not tonight, vile temptress. I pretend to surrender. But I continue to put my body on his, to light up his gaze with mine. I feel that some dikes are giving way, but he is determined to camp on his positions. Come on, just a little bite? Wouldn’t that be a fair return for all my efforts?

Everyone leaves to change and go out. Captain America announces that he is retiring to his room. I follow him, I’m trying for it all. He ends up telling me, that he needs a rest, a little break to do it right again. Okay, okay, I get it. No night visit at 5 o’clock…

But maybe tomorrow morning when you wake up? He nods his naughty eye… See you when you wake up…

A gentle awakening

I escape the exit, I drink a bit too much. But I wake up rather fresh the next day. Fresh enough to go down to my stallion’s room…

I walk home, I was expecting to see him asleep in the warm sheets. Not at all. He’s wide awake, the headphones on his ears, and … And … with his hand in his underwear. The movement of his paws leaves no doubt about what is going on there !

Well then, we do not wait for Mylène ???? It could have cooled me down, but I don’t care. I get closer, I slowly undress. He is clearly tired and hungover. Ttttt don’t move my handsome, this morning I’ll take care of you.

My gestures are soft and sensual at the beginning, then become more precise and erotic. My lips tighten on his pleasure, and I feel that this morning he will be the only one to enjoy. But I love this feeling, and my body is on fire to give him this torrid awakening.

He appreciates it, and when my work is finished, we hang out in bed for a while embracing.

Return of the buddy

We leave in two big weeks in road trip with four other people. The selection of the road trip was made by chance and neither of us are the instigators.

Today, brunch with the team. Leaving his bed, I leave the role of lover for that of friend. Well, I can guarantee you that when your vagina tightens every time you meet her gaze, it’s hard to keep up.

I keep my distance all day long, at least I try. Back at the hostel, we go to sports with Pokemon and Mister America. Friends, Friends, Friends… Oh he’s manly anyway…

That evening, I feel like biting him, I feel like raping him in his room. But I don’t do anything about it. I keep a low profile, and I go to sleep in my bed without asking for my rest. Aware that he needs his space, his sleep, I put aside my indecent desires.

Meditation and sex…

On Mondays, I dream about her body all the time I’m gardening. Oh how I long for her body merging with mine!

Calm down girl. The evening goes by, I look for his presence. I know I’m sticky, and even if it’s not what I want, my hormones are much more powerful than the few sleeping neurons in my brain.

We drift away from each other for a while, he has to go prepare for the meditation class he has planned for SpaceCookie the next day (But isn’t it a hint of jealousy that I still feel?). Ah no, tonight you won’t escape me. I offer him my help, he can practice on me.

And … And … we really do a meditation session. Oh, I didn’t expect that! Breathing, visualization, perception of my body. I play the game … What wouldn’t we do for a nice American sausage !

When the session is over, I start to cuddle him with less naive ideas in mind. When he meditates, he is not in a naughty mood.

But a few movements of the pelvis on his thigh, my pupils thundering over his, and his lips rest on mine.

Oh my god, sex is good. I wouldn’t go into details, it’s every time a nirvana for my body. But this time, I don’t know if it’s meditation or the man, but my orgasm has never been this long. It’s like I can’t stop it. It goes on and on and on. I shudder just thinking about it.

The night wasn’t very long afterwards, but fatigue is a drop in my ocean of pleasure.

Let’s mess up the private room

He was supposed to go back to work on Wednesday morning, he booked the private room only until Tuesday evening. However, he finally stays, but will have to move to a dormitory.

I am devastated by the news. Not that he stays, of course, but that he loses the room. He spends the evening elsewhere tonight, but he proposes me by message to meet afterwards to mess up the room one last time. With great pleasure my kitten…

In the evening, I also go out on my own. When I come back, he is already there. In his room, I find him around midnight. And there, no more room for hesitation, we grab each other, we eat each other, we lick each other, we enjoy each other’s bodies. Our pleasures take turns, consume each other, join together. Our bodies get tired in the best possible way.

Damn, this guy really knows how to get me up to the ceiling. Time goes by without me feeling it. How does he make it feel so good?

Fatigue and frustration

The next day, I am exhausted. The work is long, and only the thoughts that bind me to Captain America’s body make me awake. He finally kept the room private, and also finally leaves the next morning.

Damn, I was planning to sleep tonight and save my energy to make love for a long time the next day. But it’s his last night, it would be a shame not to enjoy it. One last bite of cake before it’s taken away from me.

In the evening, we talk a little. He’s not here tonight, he doesn’t close the door to a potential little sex on his return… I’m over the moon.

But the hours pass by, I’m exhausted, the muscles of my body are screaming at me to go to bed. My damn hormones don’t think so… Stay awake girl, he’s coming home… And you know it’s worth it…

But it’s getting later and later and I get up so early the next day. I send a message, he answers, he won’t come home right away and I’ll have to deal with it. Uh… The message is almost mean. I take it badly.

My muscles and my desire to sleep are thankful for it. However, the bitterness of frustration still sticks in my craw…

The next day, I feel like ignoring him, but seeing him lying asleep on the couch, it’s more like sticking my pelvis to his that I want. I wouldn’t do that.

Ciao American! See you next time… When you come back before the road trip…

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