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Bite me, please…

With a nimble hand, he slid Julie’s jacket over her shoulders. She contorted herself and gently took it off. He kissed her neck, nibbling it here and there. Julie bent over with pleasure. The male’s hands slipped under the veil top.

Bite me, Photo by Pablo Heimplatz on Unsplash

When he entered the room, he immediately had the approval of the women of the assembly. Only Julie, with her back to him, could not see him and enjoy the wonder that was his body. Tall, brown, he gave the impression of being carved out of rock. Through his costume, it was easy to make out his protruding and attractive muscles. His face had nothing to envy his body, his square jaw and aquiline nose were embellished by black eyes, which evoked more mystery and desire.

He walked confidently across the room. His muscular buttocks moved across the room like a feline. It was this part of the body that Julie saw first. She was surprised to see a buttocks so well highlighted in suit pants. When he turned around to take his place, everything became blurred for Julie, her ears began to ring, desire suddenly rose inside her. The meeting started all over again, yet the young woman had no desire to take part in it.

This torso, this face, all this reminded her of much more attractive activities. The subjects were passing by, but Julie, disconnected from the orders of the day, continued to imagine herself meticulously removing every item of clothing from the newcomer. She began to blush. If she had the chance, sure she would pull him by the tie, tear it off, open his shirt with a sharp blow, to discover his chest, muscular and reassuring, she would linger for a moment … pass her hand over his abs … ah yes, he must have had abs … and would gradually descend to his black leather belt …

“And the Japanese market, what do you think, Miss Lechuit?”.

Julie was immediately drawn from her daydream, the beautiful lover of her fantasies had just pulled her out of her dirty dreams.

“Are you all pale? Are you all right? Would you like a glass of water?”. She stammered at an answer, and ran out. She could still feel inside her the burning desire to stick to her athletic body.

After slamming the door and taking refuge in the toilet, she finally breathed again. Julie swayed between excitement and stupor. How could she have forgotten her career, the time of those 5 minutes for a purely animal excitement?

She blamed herself for having let herself be carried away by her hormones in one of the meetings that would undoubtedly determine the rest of her career. And yet, the more she replayed the scene in her mind, the more she felt the excitement overwhelming her, she felt wet, her breasts pointed ostensibly under her bra.

She passed some water over her face and looked at herself in the mirror. What she saw made her wince. She found herself ugly, reddish, perverse-eyed and devoid of beauty. She shook her head… How could she ever approach such a stallion. Her black eyes, her sensual mouth, her arms in the jacket, her abs… She was surprised to moan.

As she shook her head, astonished at her own animality, two of her colleagues entered. Julie wasn’t new here, but she had always found it hard to feel comfortable with other women in marketing. Her network of friends here was limited to the switchboard operator and the three assistants, but she got along very well with her male colleagues who shared her offbeat, below-the-waist humour.

This was how she had always struggled with the battle of ambitions, hypocritical friendships and the constant judgment of ambitious women.

Lydia, the big boss’s little favourite, dressed in a tight-fitting tailor’s jacket, a rather short skirt and a top dressed in emerald green satin, revealing a beautiful cleavage, brand new, redone a few weeks ago in Tunisia, was recovering from the lipstick. As for Katia, a tall thin redhead, dressed in a very very tight black dress, with a very natural bust and the body of a gazelle, she threw a disdainful eye at Julie, and cried out “This Mr S., I would make my four hours, it will make the feet to Julien !!”.

Julie, a little jealous, was surprised to think “No, that’ll be my four o’clock, bitch! ».

Still all red with shame, she sneaked out of the toilets and feigned a circumstantial smile to the two other females in the room.

Finally, outside this very unpleasant enclosed space, she took the corridor on the right to her office. Still excited by the dreams inspired by her new boss, she crossed the corridor with a quick step to finally reach her own world. When PAFFFF! She collided with a huge, firm and impressive body! Unbalanced, she tried in vain to make up for it but ended up with her buttocks on the carpet. She raised her head and prayed for a few thousandths of a second that it wasn’t Mr. S. Her eyes crossed the natural darkness of Mr. S.’s, she felt herself getting wet little by little. Given her position, her skirt must not have been wet.

Given his position, his skirt should not cover much and he should have a nice view of his panties. Her breasts hardened under his gaze, she had a mad desire to bite her lips, to…

“Miss Léchuit”? Decidedly, this is not your day! I’m sorry, I’m really sorry. Are you all right? You seem even paler to me than before!”.

Julie weakened under this suave voice, she tried to get up, but her knees wavered. Her lips tended irreversibly towards the lips of this beautiful brunette. Impossible for her to say a word. She must have looked very gourde in front of this Don Juan!

Mr. S, taken aback by the silence of little Julie, extended a shy arm towards the young woman. Julie, suddenly coming to her senses, began to blush and tried to get up with difficulty. She wavered, and had to make up for it with the firm arm of her boss. She felt the warmth and the muscles under her jacket. As she was almost back on her feet, she felt herself leaving again, her ears were ringing, all she wanted to do was to snuggle up against that muscular torso, tear off every button on her shirt, and …

“Take her to the infirmary, she seems to be making us uncomfortable again,” said Mr S., calling out to Lydia and Katia in the corridor.

Every night, he haunted her dreams, his fantasies were putting her in more than erotic positions with her boss, and she took a guilty pleasure every time. She woke up with her sheets soaked, all titillated.

In order to avoid showing her trouble during the day, Julie had been doing her best to avoid the handsome Mr. S. for several days. She managed it well enough, making a detour so as not to pass in front of his office. She finally got to know his habits and schedule by heart. While she was dying to run into him and jump on him to tear off all his clothes, she was reasoning and did her best to have her coffee or lunch at different times.

Even so, she could not avoid the weekly Friday meeting. She settled herself in the room early and put herself in a corner where she knew, her gaze could not linger too long on the muscular body of the beautiful Apollo. The room ended up filling up quickly. She discussed a file or two with a few colleagues.

Suddenly she sensed that he was coming, his smell was so captivating, so sensual. She closed her eyes, took a deep breath, and tried to come to her senses.

He was wearing jeans that looked so good on his muscular buttocks. She imagined herself biting into the tender flesh of her lover. She sighed. A few colleagues turned towards her in surprise. She lowered her eyes and pretended to reread her notes.

During the whole meeting, she didn’t take her eyes off her notebook. When she had to intervene on a file or two, she addressed the assembly, turning away from the handsome brunette.

And yet, despite her best efforts, she still felt as if she was still in awe. She was shivering, all her senses were in turmoil, she could not help but breathe in great puffs of this divine perfume.

She didn’t even dare to imagine what could be going on in the hollow of her thighs…

At the end of the meeting, he announced a professional gala the following Tuesday. Julie smiled, she already imagined him in a black suit, a little tie around his neck… Mmm she imagined herself beside him at the table, brushing him aside at will.

The sound of the scraping of the chairs on the floor brought her out of her torpor. Everyone was already heading for the exit. She got up hastily, gathered her things in a hurry.

But it was already too late, everyone had left the room except her and Mr. S.. Julie felt her nipples pointing into her bra. An unexpected hot flush caught her throat. She carefully avoided looking at him and took a brisk step towards the door.

“Miss Léchuit, may I speak to you?”. Julie flinched, she stopped dead in her tracks. She turned around, but did not dare raise her eyes. She was already feverish, she didn’t want to risk a second malaise.

“Very good speech during the meeting, I wanted to talk to you about the Yapla file, you have a lot of good ideas and I’d like us to work in pairs on their next product launch”.

Julie was shaking, she raised her head, Mr S.’s big black eyes were looking at her. A naughty gleam could be detected, no, impossible, she must have been imagining things.

She stammered at last after several seconds, “With great pleasure…”. In saying these words, she imagined that her work sessions would be much less studious than usual…

He put a hand on her arm and breathed, “We’ll meet again soon to talk about it. Try to get some rest, you still don’t look like you’re on your plate. Have a nice day, Julie.”

She could barely manage to whisper a good day. She was far too troubled by this soft and firm hand that had been pressing down on her arm. She could still feel that warmth. And then, the way she pronounced her first name, so sweet, so serious, so sensual…

She thought all weekend about all the foolish things she could do working in the same room as the bellhop. She imagined her hands, her lips, her arms, her outstretched limb, their bodies coming together, rubbing together, in an explosion of pleasure.

The weekend was short, and it was always with her burning desire that Julie began the week. Her technique of not crossing the culprit of her troubles proved to be effective. She almost had the impression of returning to a normal life.

However, on the evening of the Gala, she went home early to get ready. She put on a pretty red dress, which highlighted her slim waist. She wasn’t what you would call a sex bomb, but she had her charms. Slender and muscular, she breathed the air of a woman of character. She put on make-up quickly, she was already late. Her reflection didn’t make her wince, and she even found herself rather attractive.

She arrived a little late, she looked around the room and followed the table plan to get into position. Once at the table, she saw Mr. Sabaca standing with his back to her and talking to one of the salesmen. She stared at his back for a moment, and had only one desire… to bite him, scratch him… to whip him, perhaps. He suddenly turned around and turned to face her. He smiled generously and worried about his health. He made her sit on his diagonal. Mmm… she could watch him all evening.

She made an effort to concentrate on something other than the veins coming out of her muscular arms… she had always had a weakness for this kind of details, which awakened in her unsuspected fantasies. As she struggled against her own desires, the aperitif was served, the champagne quickly went to her head and she took an active part in the conversation.

Dear Mr. Sabaca seemed to enjoy her jokes and ideas. She, however, had only one desire: to kiss this Dom Juan on the lips; alcohol gave her another kind of pleasure and food, a way to be patient. She found herself biting vigorously into pieces of meat while staring at him, licking and biting her lips sensually, or eating the grapes of her fruit salad in a suggestive way. As for him, every bite was watched by Julie, who imagined her own flesh under his exciting bite.

At the end of the meal, Julie was frankly joyful. Everything seemed to revolve around her, going fast, very fast. But the desire never left her, her senses were on the living. There were only a few people left at the table and Mr. Sabaca. She pulled her right foot out of her pump, extended her leg. In contact with that of the fruit of her desires, she shuddered, yet she continued to gently pull her foot up along her thigh, to reach her fly. She had not been mistaken, the device had to be at the height, and especially the length, of his hopes. She felt the limb harden under her foot. Mr. Sabaca looked at her for a long time, a glimmer of mystery in his eyes. Finally, he took the wrong foot out of her trousers, apologized and left.

Julie didn’t even remember by what miracle she managed to bring the car back home. The next day, she was not spared a painful hangover.

If she felt ashamed to have attempted such a thing under the influence of alcohol, she couldn’t get that limb stretched under the thickness of the jeans out of her mind. She dreamed about it at night, sighed with desire sitting at her desk.

Several days later, when Julie, who had not seen Mr. S since the evening, was leaving the office at a late hour, she met him in the elevator. At the sight of him, all her senses were aroused, her breasts began to harden and she felt desire flowing between her legs. How she would have liked to press him against the wall of the elevator and grab him by the buttocks, before sticking herself to his shiny chest. She had never before felt such a desire for a male member, she had been attracted to a few, but never to the point of jeopardizing her working relationship and forgetting all reason. He stopped at the first one. He greeted her and left.

Once in the parking lot, she tried in vain to start her car. After about twenty unsuccessful attempts, while she was considering opening the hood, her window was knocked open. She was startled. Mr. Sabaca looked at her, amused. He tried to help her by checking the engine’s condition, Julie lost her reason and pretended to call to get away from this handsome man she was fantasizing about, covered with sludge with a large wrench in her hands.

Finally, he offered to take her home. She accepted, not without hesitation. Several times during the trip, she had to convince herself not to put her hand up to the driver’s crotch. When she arrived in front of his building, she offered him a drink to thank him for his kindness. He smiled at her, hesitated for a moment and finally accepted.

The elevator was narrow, and the presence of a neighbor only made Julie and her guest even closer. He kept brushing against her, arousing a wave of exhilarating sensations in her. When she got to her floor, she hurried to the exit, not without taking advantage of the passage to stick to her athlete’s bust. She crossed the hall and arrived at her door. As she turned the key, she felt a firm hand grasping her hips. Mr. Sabaca faced her, pulled her up against him, and kissed her forcefully. She felt her limb harden little by little, as her tongue searched her mouth with softness and power. He gently raised his left hand on Julie’s body, feverish, who dreamed only of her caresses. She finally managed to open the door, groping around, they found the sofa, where he laid her down … With an agile hand, he slid Julie’s jacket over her shoulders. She contorted herself and gently took it off. He kissed her neck, nibbling it here and there. Julie bent over with pleasure. The male’s hands slipped under the veil top. His fingers gently reached up to the young woman’s frail chest. With an expert hand, he undid the bra.

Crazy with desire, Julie hastily unbuttoned her lover’s shirt. Her hands lingered at length on the beautifully drawn abs, she raised her head and plunged into the burning eyes of the beautiful brown. He kissed her suddenly, with more strength and desire than ever. The hollow of her thighs was on fire, Julie had only one desire, that he possessed her, that he penetrated her, that she finally felt him inside her. With his lips always united, Mr. S was now grasping the young woman’s small breasts. He rolled her nipples between his fingers. Julie sighed with pleasure. He took a few moments to relax, looked at her with passion and a brown of perversity. He gently grabbed the top of the young woman, and gently slipped it over her head. She was now half naked, under the naughty eyes of the brunette. He wasn’t finished with the young woman’s clothes. He passed his hands over her chest, lingering a few moments on the small pinkish buttons, then descended to her flat belly, he skillfully unbuttoned the trousers. Hypnotized by this man so sensual and skillful, Julie shivered with pleasure and let him do it. He quickly slid the pants down and threw them across the room. He suddenly stood up. A glimmer of panic crossed Julie’s eyes, he wasn’t going to leave her like that, frustrated, full of unfulfilled desires.

When he undid his jeans in turn, the young woman reassured himself, he looked at her intensely, a smile on the corner of his lips. He kicked off his jeans with a kick… He approached slowly, passed his hands over Julie’s feet, slowly went up, exerting light pressure with his fingertips. With a firm grip, he opened his legs. He grazed the inside of her thighs and gently caught the light veil of lace that still separated Julie from the nudity. He passed his fingers underneath and caressed her throbbing vulva. Julie bent over further, possessed by intense pleasure. She sighed, her breath was panting, and Mr. S’s fingers were now gently entering her intimacy. Julie closed her eyes, it was even better than she had thought. Little screams were now coming out of her throat without her being aware of it. She whispered to him, softly, “Take me, please take me…”.

At these words, Mr. S smiled, and gently pulled his hand out of his panties. Julie raised her head, she let herself slide to be closer to the boxer shorts containing the object of her desires. In turn, she passed her hand over the dark fabric first. She felt a hard, thick bump. She almost salivated from it. She rubbed her fingers on the protrusion, she moved her fingers up to the elastic band of the boxer shorts and gently inserted her hand. She was finally touching what she had been dreaming about for a good month. She put her hand against the outstretched penis, then gently closed her fingers and made long back and forth movements. She looked her lover in the eyes with a greedy look. He began to breathe harder and tilted his head back.

Suddenly he pulled himself together, grabbed Julie’s arm, pulled him out of his boxers. Surprised and offended, the young woman remained stunned for a few moments. He looked at her, smiled at her, grabbed her and took her in his arms. Thus suspended, Julie suddenly felt as vulnerable as she was excited. He whispered in her ear, “Where is the room?”. She shivered, and had to concentrate hard to remember where her room was. She nodded her head and pointed to the hallway.

She took advantage of her situation to snuggle up against that firm, warm chest. He carried her with surprising ease, his footsteps gliding smoothly across the floor, like a cat carrying its prey into its lair. He quickly reached the room, no light filtered through the room. Julie felt Mr. S.’s hands closing a little more under her thighs. He walked towards the bed and made her slide slowly over the cotton sheets. He lay on top of her and kissed her with the same desire and vigor. The young woman, unable to fight his desire any further, quickly slipped her hand into the boxer shorts. Her outstretched penis raised her excitement to the next level. She began to move back and forth over the erect penis. The more he kissed her neck, chewed her, blew in the back of her neck, the more she bent, the more she rubbed her hand and her body against her hardened member. With a ballast and tender gesture he made the young woman’s panties slide down with one hand, and she immediately waddled away to get rid of the latter, which was hindering her burning desires. He stood on her knees, she slipped her hands on each side of the boxer shorts and began to remove this piece of cloth that had become too cumbersome for her eyes. He contorted himself for a few seconds and threw the boxer on the bedside table.

Their two naked bodies finally touched each other. He lay on top of her and continued to kiss her sensually. His hands ran through her body in long, languorous caresses. They lingered for a long time on her breasts and his fingers mischievously titillated the brunette’s erect nipples, then they slowly descended, much too slowly to Julie’s taste, to her wet lips. Julie hadn’t let go of the penis for a single second, she continued to feel it hardening under her expert fingers.

Finally, their two bodies joined. She felt her penis slowly penetrate her intimacy. A heat wave invaded it, she embraced it with her legs, it belonged to her. Their two bodies seemed to be caught in the same choreography, their movements, slow at first, then faster, coordinated with osmosis. She never wanted to be anywhere else.

Julie didn’t know how long their frolic lasted, time seemed suspended, their hands, their lips discovered each part of the other’s body. Speeding up the movement a little more, Mr. S seemed to be close to reaching orgasm, when Julie felt an intense pleasure in the hollow of her kidneys, she felt like she had no control over her body. Shivers ran down her spine from her feet to the nape of the neck. She closed her eyes and surrendered to this sensation. At the same instant, Mr. S. uttered a moan of pleasure, went back and forth three more times, slower and slower, and let her muscular body fall back on Julie’s body. He kissed her. Their sweat mingled and they stayed on top of each other for a while. Julie’s fingers gently grazed each muscle of her lover. As for him, he never stopped caressing her hair gently, he sometimes twisted his fingers around a lock and let it fall.

It was in this position, under this warm body, fully relaxed and still a bit titillating, that Julie fell asleep.

When she woke up, Julie had a hard time coming to her senses, she wasn’t sure if all this had gone well. He had lived up to her most sensual dreams so much that she began to doubt. She looked for the warm body of the handsome brunette, but nothing. No sign of the handsome stallion. Disappointed and in sudden anguish, she turned on the light. She was all alone, lying under the cosy duvet.

No trace of any sex. Her eyes squinted as she tried to scan the room for a tiny clue.

She was about to start sobbing against her foolishness, when she saw her lace panties, carelessly thrown near the door. Her heart suddenly warmed, she got up, her eyes scanned the room again, she saw the condom wrapper. Her heart was racing, she started to smile stupidly. She hadn’t been dreaming, they had indeed had a wonderful night together.

She laughed, fell back cheerfully on her bed, grabbed her duvet and held it tight. She sniffed it and finally smelled the smell of the male. A beautiful musky scent, a smell of clean sweat mixed with the soft scent of the male…

7h30 !!! Oops, her thoughts made her late. She hurried to get ready, still took care to choose an outfit that would make her look good and grabbed her car keys to leave. Once the door closed, she took the elevator to the parking lot. She walked to her car, and only realized once she was in front of the empty space that her car had broken down in the basement of the company. She cursed herself for not having thought about it before.

She hurried up the stairs and out of her building. She would have to take at least two subways and a bus before she got there. She ran to the nearest subway station, studied the map, and searched in vain for a ticket in her bag. Never mind, she bought a notebook and took the first subway.

It was a long trip and she was immersed in her sweet thoughts, she almost missed several of her changes.

Finally arrived, more than half an hour late, with her hair in a mess and a few beads of sweat on her nose, she took the elevator. She was almost disappointed not to find him there.

Finally behind her desk, she hastily turned on her PC, she has been hoping since this morning for an e-mail from the beautiful stallion. After the past euphoria, it’s now the anguish of never having to go through such an experience again that tightens her throat. During her chaotic journey, she had indeed realized that if Mr S had indeed come to make love to her, he had left without a word or a note, he had run away like a thief. Should she hope to see him again? Or was it better to give up all vain hope?

After long seconds of waiting, her mailbox opened, she quickly went through the e-mails, none of them came from Mr. S. Disappointed, her throat tightened, she began to read the outstanding items, trying to put aside her resentment and her still fresh excitement.

For fear of running into him, she didn’t take a lunch break and began to work frantically as she had never done before.

She almost forgot about the new project meeting at 4:00 pm. Good old Outlook called her to order. Her belly tensed up, Mr. S would be there, what to do, what to say, how to keep her professionalism when all she wanted was to taste the delicacy of her body again.

Penaude, her head down, she walked towards the meeting room, she met some colleagues who entertained her a little. But inside, a real volcano inhabited the young woman.

Mr S was already in the room, wearing a white curved shirt, which highlighted her fabulous muscular torso. With great attention, one could guess her little dark nipples. Julie didn’t lose a crumb, she forgot for a moment the context, the past disappointment and contemplated this wonder of nature. Without paying attention, she put her tongue on her lips. Images of their night suddenly came back to her memory. A huge hot flush came over her. She struggled to look away, but nothing helped, her eyes were as if paralyzed by the beauty of the male.

“All right, everybody’s here, we can begin. I’ll give you a brainstorm first. Then to put you all in context…”. Julie did her utmost to follow the meeting, she came up with several good ideas that earned her a sweet smile from her manager. Unfortunately, her smiles were no sweeter than those offered to others and she was disappointed to be considered a marketer like the others. Where was the fiery brunette who had taken her to seventh heaven? Perhaps she had passed for an easy girl, a woman in heat?

As everyone was bent over her tablet to find a suitable slogan, Julie couldn’t help but raise her head to observe her one-night stand. While she was expecting to be able to observe him without him seeing her, she was surprised to catch his eye. The black eyes looked at her with a naughty look, a deep desire seemed to emerge. The young woman was transported by a heat wave, she felt her back getting wet slowly. Under no circumstances would she let go of her gaze.

Suddenly she felt a presence behind her, or rather her presence, she would recognize between a thousand its musky smell. She felt her two long, sturdy hands resting on her shoulders. She did not dare to turn around, for fear that all this was still a mirage. Her two thumbs were now slowly massaging her neck, she closed her eyes and relaxed. The warm touch of her hands was such a gentle sensation. He bent down very gently and whispered in her ear, “Can you come into my office for a moment, Miss Julie? She shivered again, and without even thinking about it, followed with a muffled step the male figure in the corridor. Like a zombie, she entered the male’s large office and let herself be guided to the desk. With a slow gesture, he sat her down on the icy glass surface. He leaned towards her, looked into her eyes intensely.

Here the walls were not transparent at all and no one would disturb their peace and quiet. He approached her, bent down gently. His fingers got tangled in her hair, she leaned her head back, but with a firm grip he grabbed her by the nape of her neck and brought her to his lips. Julie’s lips split open to let that sweet tongue she had dreamed of so much pass through. She had goose bumps, all the micro hairs of her body seemed to be standing upright waiting for this sensual contact. Mr. S moved his lips forward, he licked Julie’s lips with the tip of his tongue, then gently chewed them. Julie was already shivering with pleasure. His tongue was now sinking into Julie’s mouth, his touch was soft and firm, and she welcomed him with an unparalleled ardour.

The hand of the handsome male left was still clutching the young woman’s neck, while the other one was slowly advancing towards the lady’s veil top. His fingers passed along her muscular belly, drawing every curve, and rising inexorably towards Julie’s small hardened breasts. She was in a trance, her eyes half closed, she felt moist and reveling in every sensual movement of her lover. Both hands of the young woman were unreservedly palpating the pretty little buttocks of the stallion. She wouldn’t have minded biting into it.

The adventurous hand now grabbed one of Julie’s breasts and gently kneaded it, her fingers began to play slowly with the little nipple, then passed over the other breast, probably jealous… He let go of the neck of the young woman to raise his free hand on the bottom of it. Julie flinched, she had always dreamed of doing that at the office, but now that she was there, she was afraid someone would surprise them.

Her long fingers were slowly going up towards the little nymphomaniac’s lace thong. They slipped carefully into it, as if they were afraid that the young woman’s intimacy would devour them. And this is what Julie would have wished, that her fingers would penetrate her, transport her with pleasure, prepare her before welcoming the burning penis of her lover.

While she was now swimming, her intimacy was hotter than a volcano, Mr. S hurriedly took his hand from Julie’s crotch, pushed it back slightly, looked at her watch with an anxious eye. He cut off the young woman’s desire, his gaze, which a few seconds earlier had been burning her from the inside, was now of an unparalleled professional coldness.

“I have to go? Is your car fixed? (without giving him time to answer, he continued) I can take you home, it’s on my way”. Julie, baffled by his practical questions, simply nodded her head. Her nipples were still pointing under her bra and she could feel her desire gently flowing between her legs. She hadn’t even thought about her car problems, too preoccupied with her own pleasure. “So let’s go!”

She obediently followed him to his car, entered the sedan and tried to control herself and not put her hand between the driver’s legs. Her slightly misty eyes betrayed her frustration and sadness. She thought she had found the man of her dreams, but he was becoming less and less warm.

The ride was silent, a radio station in the background was playing 80s hits, and the car soon stopped in front of Julie’s building. “Thanks for the ride,” she whispered confusedly. She opened the door, put her foot down, convinced herself not to turn around to keep her face.

Before her second foot reached the asphalt, a hand grabbed her wrist, she turned around hastily. The flame in Mr. S’s eyes was rekindled again. He whispered in a breath, “After all we’ve been through, we can be on first-name terms, right Julie?”. Taken by surprise, she stuttered an affirmative answer, not knowing whether she should hurry back to her apartment or stay and jump on him. “Call me Alessandro, too. Have a nice evening.” She stared at him for a long time, closed the door and quietly went back to her apartment.

Alessandro, Alessandro, but what a sensual name, with two “s”, “s” for sex, as in sensual, as in wild, grrr. The beautiful Mediterranean haunted his mind and his dreams all night long. She woke up burning with desire, the sheets and hair soaked in sweat.

The next day, after long minutes of erotic dreams in the transport, she finally arrived. She ran to catch the elevator.

Alessandro smiled at her as she rushed in. The elevator was almost full and she made a small place for herself in front of Mr. S. She felt her buttocks touching the crotch of the handsome brunette. She shivered, her mind was struggling against her burning body not to stay in this awkward position, when she felt a big hand discreetly touching her bouncing buttocks. Without even realizing it, she was holding out her rump to her beautiful lover.

The elevator doors finally opened, Julie put on makeup and rushed to the exit. With a quick and easy step, she reached her office.

She turned on her computer, her mailbox and tried to start working. But drunk with desire, she couldn’t concentrate. She took a look at the surrounding offices, only a few people had arrived. She hesitated, then left her office.

Once in a toilet cubicle, she leaned against the thin wall and let her hands take over her privacy. Slowly then frantically, she titillated her clitoris, until she had a small orgasm in a muffled cry.

Red with pleasure and shame, she wiped her hands with the toilet paper, quickly put her clothes back on and walked out. As she meticulously washed her hands, she was surprised to see two of her male colleagues enter the room. She turned her head and saw the urinals on her right. Julie immediately applied makeup. The two men were now staring at her with a smile on their faces.

What excuse could she possibly have found. “There’s no more water in the women’s bathroom…,” she stammered before rushing out. She didn’t wait for their answer and quickly returned to her office.

But what had gotten into her? Masturbating at work? Certainly her desire was now calmer and more diffuse, but where was her pride, couldn’t she control her sexual impulses a little. She took it out on herself and went back to work.

The morning passed quickly, she was very busy and was able to put aside all her thoughts of the last few days.

The lunch break came quickly and her colleagues invited her to share their table. Anxious to catch up with them and to avoid being seen as the outcast of the service once again, she accepted.

Once her tray was full in the canteen, she followed the small troop of males in suits to find a table. Some of them were not bad at all, sporty appearance, natural charm, she had sometimes fallen for one or the other of them. Besides, the drunken Christmas party had led her to sleep with Paul, but well, that story was long gone…

Blindly, she settled down, started chatting, nibbled here and there on the vegetables on her plate. Suddenly, she saw him approaching, with his feline look, he was moving in their direction. The arm stretched out under his tray let a few veins and his beautiful muscles protruding. Julie let go of her fork and didn’t even notice it. What a sensual gait… She could easily imagine her pectorals moving under the blue flannel shirt, and her abs, oh yes, her abs, had to contract slightly with each step. As for her buttocks, she closed her eyes for a moment to imagine the beautiful muscles tensed under her trousers…

Obsessed by this moving body, she hadn’t realized that he was now facing her and had just sat down beside her. She began to blush more beautifully.

The other men at the table didn’t notice Julie’s confusion, too busy talking about the previous day’s match. Alessandro entered the conversation without too much difficulty. The subject came at the right moment, Julie had no opinion on the matter and could only nod her head and imagine Mr. S in a pair of tight football shorts… Mm… As her mind wandered completely, the subject became more general and the men quickly turned to Julie for a female opinion. So she had to leave her sweet dreams behind and bring her contribution to the conversation.

The discussion was going well, and she was very pleasantly surprised by Alessandro’s humour. Not only was he a stunning beauty (literally for Julie), but he also had a great sense of humour. She was surprised to tease him and use verbal jousting with him. For once, his trouble had dissipated, and his senses were giving him some respite.

Of course the disposition made things easier for her, she could take part in the conversation without turning to him and seeing his Apollo-like physique. The scent of his perfume sometimes aroused a slight warmth in the hollow of her loins, but she tried to breathe through her mouth as much as possible to avoid any attempt by her body to regain the upper hand.

Everyone was at dessert when she suddenly felt a firm hand on her thigh. She turned back to Mr. S, he continued the conversation without flinching, there was no sign that the handsome brunette was slowly raising his hand towards the young woman’s crotch. She looked at him disconcerted, but could not prevent his legs from opening up again. She pretended not to care, and tried to follow everyone’s cues and respond appropriately, but the higher the hand went up, the more confused the young woman became.

Without warning, the handsome Italian stood up and wished everyone a good afternoon. Julie widened her eyes, and took it upon herself not to shout at her lover not to come back immediately to finish what he had started. Her colleagues didn’t notice the young brunette’s burgeoning rage.

Back at her office, she was surprised to read an e-mail from him. What exactly was he playing at? He offered her a first meeting on the new Yapla campaign at 8 p.m. that evening.

The afternoon seemed interminable to Julie, although busy, her thoughts wandered and she lost herself in the hope of that meeting.

At 8:00 pm, she showed up at Mr. S.’s door. She had started to make herself beautiful again to make him want to go further. Julie was feverish, both excited and anxious, she feared a new frustration.

She knocked a little too loudly at the door. He opened it almost instantly. Taking a lesson, she did not know how to react, she had imagined taking a lustful pause on the door jamb and instead she was planted one hand along the body the other still pointed at the door.

He grabbed her wrist and slammed the door shut. He squeezed her with warmth. His hands slipped over Julie’s milano dress, he blew slowly into her neck. Julie’s excitement had suddenly increased, the gestures became more abrupt, wilder. He abruptly took off her dress and didn’t give the bra time to strut its stuff, he took it off with an expert hand.

Burning with desire, Julie pulled on each side of the shirt and blew off all the buttons, he got rid of them with a sharp blow. With the same impulse, she challenged his leather belt and unbuttoned his jeans. The shoes waltzed, and in a few seconds they were back in thong and shorts. Like hungry animals, they jumped on each other greedily. He sucked her breasts, while she contorted herself to titillate with her tongue the nape of her neck and with her fingers her stretched phallus.

The underwear didn’t last very long, and soon he pressed her against the door and entered her. With his hands on her breasts, he held her tight. She was entirely at his mercy, and that made her even more excited. He withdrew, took her in his arms and put her down suddenly on the desk. No more thoughts filtered through Julie’s mind, she was a body in heat, finally tasting the forbidden fruit. He lifted her legs and put her back on the desk. The cold surface of the glass contrasted with the intense heat radiating from the young woman, a slight layer of mist formed on the surface. Its taut limb was moving rapidly into the young woman’s vagina….

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