+18 years

Easy… or not

159, parfois c’est simple… Photo by Dainis Graveris on Unsplash

About ten days after my little adventure, I go out again with a very good friend of mine and her friend P., whom I don’t know very well.

We meet in a small bar in the 11th district, a bit tight, but very cool.

Three girls in their thirties, free and single, we connect quickly! So, yes, we are all three very different, but for all that, we understand each other.

The bottles of wine follow one another, our alcohol level increases, and I feel that this evening still, I am of playing mood…

We leave the bar where we are to join a dancing bar, the café Chéri.

Simple pact

On the way, we challenge each other. We each have to bring back at least one kiss.

It’s a double-edged sword with me… on the one hand, I rarely need a pact to get kisses, and on the other hand, tonight, maybe I did need that.

It must be said that my two partners in crime are both very pretty. Oh, that’s okay, I’m more than used to dating buddies prettier than me. But my recent little disappointments make my mojo a little fragile in the presence of such beautiful plants.

It’s as if in my brain, two voices were fighting: “Humm, look at that one, there… You’re going to eat him alive! Oh look, it’s looking at us, throw your look… ” “He just smiled at your friend, he wasn’t looking at you, you’re not as pretty. Let’s go back to this one… “.

We arrive at the bar to order 3 Gin Tos and as soon as we arrive, a guy falls under the charm of my friend Queen M ! It is far from being surprising. Moreover, all their group of guys seems to be in love with the beautiful redhead. Well, well…

The redhead leaves with one of them on the dance floor, and P. and I follow us to go dancing.

Prey spotted

Just a few steps on the dance floor and the knight in shining armor of queen M starts to attack her and steals a kiss. Considering the face she shows after, we quickly understand that if there is a knight, he is not the king of the galoshes.

Go one on three ! The dogfish won his challenge, now it’s our turn. Strangely, it puts pressure on me. As if I had never done that in my life… But then again…

My eyes roam the room. A rather cute brunette meets my eyes. Our pupils do not let go.

And the two voices in my head resume…

“Is he cute? – Yeah, not bad, but he’s all alone? – Well, he must have one or two friends nearby, right? And then, he seems interested. – Yeah yeah… But he looks like he’s on the hunt – Oh that’s okay, you can be half prey for once! “

As my inner dialogue continues, I lose all track of the brown guy. Too bad.

We continue to undulate our bodies to the beat of the music. My pupils are still looking for prey, when I meet the brown man’s eyes again. In his eyes, the intention is clear. And while he is at the other end of the dancefloor, he walks through the crowd to find me.

Imminent attack

He comes to stand in my back, and follows with his movements the movement of my hips. A little latino music starts, and I turn around to face him.

He is not bad, he has black eyes, a little bit mat skin, and a rather thin nose. But there is something that bothers me a little in his face… I don’t know what. Does it stop me? Not at all, and I continue to dance a little more lasciviously to provoke him.

It does not miss, and in no time his fingers come to catch my neck and his lips come to caress mine. And there… It is the drama, too much tongue, too much drool, the kiss is really not crazy.

I get out a little, and I resume our wild dance. The next kisses are a little better and I try to set my own pace. It’s getting better and better, but there’s something that bothers me.

The night is too young to forget all the other potential prey. It’s too sticky, and my eyes are already spotting the next prey.

Too soon?

I pretend I have to join my friends for a bit. “I’ll be right back!”. P. is still wiggling on the dance floor, she is next to the group of friends of the first suitor of queen M. No trace of the beautiful redhead…

I join the small group. Quickly, I talk to a really hot brunette, but I feel at once that I don’t have an ounce of luck. On the other hand, his blond friend with beautiful blue eyes looks much more corruptible.

P. and I go back on the dance floor. The brown guy is there and he doesn’t wait a second to kiss me on the neck, drool on my cheek and try to resume our teenage kisses.

The naughty one

But I don’t hear it that way, my new prey is all found, and I intend to separate myself from it.

We continue to dance, I look in my mind for stratagems to move away the brown one and to be able to attack the blond one.

Hallelujah, as if the destiny had heard me, the brown has a pressing desire and makes me false company during several minutes. I don’t make me pray and I leave quickly the dance floor. The blond man is there, leaning against a wall, looking into the void.

I approach slowly, and once in front of him, I plant my glance in his and I smile to him. He is not insensitive to my attack. In turn, he smiles at me and offers me a smoke.

New Prey

He has a big thin nose, big blue eyes and a square jaw. I like it. He must be about six feet tall. What I like the most is his half-length hair which reminds me of the pirate of January.

We talk a little, but he is very drunk. So I grab him by his velvet jacket and pull him towards me. He understands immediately the intention and we kiss.

Ah here is a good oral symbiosis… The kiss is as I like them, he bites my lips gently, kisses me with power and desire. Then he attacks my neck… I shiver.

It is decided I take him at home!

The brunet goes out, and he crosses my glance whereas I detach myself just from the kisses of the blond boy. His look is hard. His ego has just taken a hit, and his eyes scream “Bitch.” Oops.

Too bad, I go back to the assault of the mouth of the blond. And soon enough, I offer him a ride home.

The worst walk home

I live 25-30 minutes walk from the bar, and I intend to walk with him by my side. But what a hell…

First, he doesn’t walk very straight… Then, he doesn’t stop complaining. The pauses to kiss warmly against the building facades do not help us either to advance, but they allow me to confirm my choice. As painful as the road is, I want him in my bed.

The journey is chaotic, he vociferates, he throws himself on me to kiss me, calls out to passers-by. I feel like I have a ball and chain to drag along.

But each time his lips are on me, an electrifying desire runs through me. Then I advance, I do not lose hope.

We arrive a few meters from my house. Finally.

“I have to pee.” “We’re almost there, come on…”. But the guy doesn’t hear it that way, and he walks away, stops in front of a closed store, and starts to urinate.

Great… As if that wasn’t enough, a big black guy comes out of the next store and starts to yell at him. The two men are not far from fighting. But I try to temporize things, and I pull the blond guy to my den.

Damn, it’s a good thing he’s a good kisser, because drunk, he’s a jerk.

Well… or not

Arrived at my place, he jumps on me, he is on fire, he wants me there immediately. I hardly have time to go to the bathroom, that he is already taking off my blouse.

His teeth nibble every bit of my skin, and stop for a long time on my nipples. He undresses me quickly, and I don’t even have time to give him back the device.

The moment is wild and hyper exciting. He throws me on the bed, takes his lips from my mouth to my intimacy. His tongue starts to attack my clitoris. I arch a little more, and I savor the moment.

His fingers replace a little his lips, and he puts a crazy heart there. I want terribly to feel it in me, I bring it to me. And…

Pom pom pom… Too much alcohol is never without consequences… We’re dealing with a beautiful family half-breed… Here we go.

Come on, let’s try to toughen this up, it’s my turn to take care of him. I give it my all, I get my hopes up. But it only gets harder and softer when I grab the condom… Classic.

Too bad, I’m tired, we’ll do it tomorrow morning.

The man who never gives up

And as I’m about to fall asleep, and leave our desires for the next morning. Mister has decided otherwise. He wants to give me pleasure, so he activates his fingers in me and on me like crazy.

It is good, the pleasure rises, but it never reaches its apotheosis. I start to get tired, I want to sleep, and he keeps on going like crazy. After several physical attempts to show him my tiredness, I end up telling him in person.

He is almost offended, but too bad.

During the night, he wakes me up several times to touch my forbidden fruit, but each time, his fruit does not manage to wake up and we end up going back to sleep.

Sweet morning

It’s been a few hours since he slept and he let me sleep at the same time. I am excited, and I want him. I observe his body under the comforter. He is rather stocky, he has a small bun of thirty-year-old, a beautiful chest and full of tattoos. I start to caress his tattoos with my fingertips.

He grunts a little, turns around and hugs me. His hands also start to caress my body, and his caresses make me feel like a beautiful panther between the sheets.

The caresses become less and less tender and more and more sensual. Our mouths meet. I’m not usually a fan of morning kisses… but here it goes.

The excitement is at its peak, he resumes his little fingering, and I feel that his desire increases too. Unfortunately… Still not strong enough for a proper attack. We give up and we start again to paw each other while talking.

It is soft, and so contrasted with the savagery of our kisses of the day before. We remain there several tens of minutes. We hardly discuss, only our bodies speak really.

Then, as if tired of so much tenderness, our fingers start to shake and desire takes over once again. And this time it is the good one, Mister is at the appointment. We do not make ourselves pray! A small piece of latex, and hop!

We cling, we eat each other and he penetrates me like a release of this night of waiting. It does not last very long, but it is very good. Almost saving.

He collapses on the side, gets up to clean himself and comes back to paw me while hugging me.


Here we are, the morning is coming to an end. We talk a little, petting each other.

But I know that I will not see him again. I didn’t like his attitude of the day before. And then, without even knowing each other that much, we feel each other that we don’t have much in common.

He finally gets dressed, he heads for the door. No number, one last kiss on the lips and… Next.