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Ego Boost

A penis for your ego boost Photo by Dainis Graveris on Unsplash

There are men like that who mark out our life. Some destroy us. Others make us feel the worst and the best. There are also those who make us cry, those who make us laugh. And then, there are those that reconcile us with who we are.

The lawyer is one of those.

It’s not new, it must date from 2018 at least. 96 if I remember correctly.

The first date

It was at the Memphis, an emblematic nightclub in Paris, that I met him. That night, I didn’t grab him by the collar to bring him back to my den.

However, a glance, an exchange of phone numbers, and the tall thirty-year-old was turned upside down.

He writes me, we agree on a first date. The moment is great, a pint, two and then three. Forty minutes of subway, and I discover the delicious talents of its language.

We start a light relationship. Once every month or two, we spend a long evening of pleasure and desire.

There is nothing more. I later learn that he has had a girlfriend for 6 years. The damage is already done, so why stop? In addition, his defense is one sentence: “I find you beautiful.

How to resist, especially when it is followed by “I want to lick you so much…”.

I leave the guilt to him. I leave for Australia a few days later. Hasta luego, avocado!

Who’s showing his face

And then, while I’m still as comfortable in my skin as in a latex glove, I receive a message.

It takes from my news. Am I back from Australia? Obviously, for more than a year now, you big dummy!

Two missed appointments, and it is with the nostalgia of the end of vacations that I invite him in this Friday evening.

I’m apprehensive, I’m afraid that I don’t like him anymore, that I feel obliged. I am also afraid to have changed and not to see in his eyes this envy, this admiration, this soft emotion that one has in front of a body that one finds beautiful.

Just back from the train, I do some shopping and I cook 4 appetizers. Then I run under the shower. I put on a small light dress without bra, and a small lace panties.

No perfume, no make-up. It is in the natural that he always appreciated me.

9:30 pm, he is right on time.


He hasn’t changed much. Maybe a little fattened up?

He is still jovial, and generous. He puts down two bottles of wine. I had one in the fridge, we’re not going to miss…

His glasses give him a naughty side, strangely enough.

We have so much to talk about, two and a half years have passed, our lives have both changed.

It’s silly, but it’s as fluid as before. There is not a single blank in the conversation, he is hyper interested in what I tell him.

Not only does my ego swell from the longing looks he gives me. But also, my complexes of failed intellectual dry up. If for others, I am not interesting enough, he drinks my words, and finds me witty.

The drinks follow one another as quickly as the questions. It is more than midnight when slowly, he comes to kneel down at my feet and gently pulls up my dress.

The pleasure is back

It couldn’t have been worse than my previous experience, and he turns out to be just as good as ever.

Thank you, thank you for sending this message, and for ending this sexual curse.

The lawyer covers my thighs with kisses, caresses my legs without stopping. It feels so good. He celebrates my body in the best way.

Gently, he removes one by one the buttons of my dress and lets discover the pearly skin of my chest. It does not need more so that his hands go down gently the last rampart to my nudity.

Then they grab my breasts, and her mouth starts to work.

I had almost forgotten how good it is. I let myself go to this pleasure that I had missed so much. Hallelujah, so I’m not lost for sex.

He then escorts me to the bed. I get rid of his clothes, and after celebrating each other. I grab a square of latex, and slowly he restores the blazon of this scorned body.

His member is bigger than I remember. The romp only lasts a few minutes, but it’s good. I feel the paroxysm of his excitement in his eyes. My iris tells him not to hold back.

With a moan, he comes and collapses on the bed.

Sweet cuddle

The air is hot and heavy in my apartment. I snuggle against his body dripping with perspiration. Too bad, my skin is sweaty too.

We stay there for a long time, cuddling and petting each other. I’m starting to get hot. But this cuddle makes me I believe, even more good than his tongue on my clitoris.

I forget sometimes so much tenderness, that a single gesture makes me waver.

Tiredness hits us, it is 3 o’clock past, and it is time to decide. He stays or he leaves.

We have never slept together (because of his ex – yes, they have separated), but we have a lot of fun together.