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To the happiness of the forbidden fruit… 142

Second time after several months of abstinence, my forbidden fruit wants to play, and why not with several…

Forbidden fruit, Photo by Deon Black on Unsplash

The return of my libido was not done with brilliance, the bestiality and mediocrity were more present than the pleasure itself.

A week later, I still have an unquenched thirst, but I don’t intend to make the same mistakes as the week before. I’m going to respect my little forbidden fruit a little more, and offer it a better lover and a room!

A beginning of failed hunt…

After my job at the restaurant, at 10 pm, I join the bar of Nomads (the same one as the previous week). I feel the huntress waking up at the sight of a handsome brunette, long hair, beard of a few days.

I meet his eyes several times, it should not be so complicated. Deep down, I hope he has a private room somewhere.

It is with a buddy of the work that I came. One connects the shots of JägerBomb.

The euphoria of alcohol and a turn to the toilets, and I lose my prey of sight. I also lose my buddy Carley, for whom I am here. And before I know it, the bar is closing.

Oh no… I didn’t catch any prey!

An opportunity…

I leave the bar, and this time I lose my buddy. Well, it’s time to go home. That’s a sign.

Too bad, because I have 5 grams in my blood, and I would have gone on to dance.

I’m just taking a few steps, when a group of 3 men and a couple come towards me. They are all in their 40’s, maybe a little more. They look pretty good. Mature men, why not… after all…

They are in about the same state as me… Well, we’ll get along fine. With good humor, they ask me if the Nomads bar is still open. I answer in the negative. Nope.

They seem downcast by the news, but then get their act together. The couple decides to leave. The three friends turn to me, they decide to order a cab to go to the only bar still open. I am welcome, if I want.

I jump on the opportunity, they are really nice, and not bad at all if you look at them well.

One of them is bald, but very well built, he’s in his early forties, and has very charming little crow’s feet. Look, he has a name I know well. Benoît. He is a quarter French.

Steven has a military haircut, he’s a little rounder but he looks like a doll and is funny. Finally, Jeremy has beautiful blue eyes, broad shoulders and hair a little longer. He has a lot of charm. Well, he looks a little older than forty… 45 maybe.

Some nonsense…

And then, the evening takes another turn. I feel myself growing wings, I am completely drunk and in a great mood. With Benoit, I have an animated conversation. Steven plays the clown to make me laugh, and buys me drink after drink.

It is pleasant, I am courted by the three. Jeremy makes me dance, he is a very good dancer and knows how to make me spin, twirl and counter my legendary clumsiness.

On the dance floor, I kiss him, he gives me back a greedy kiss. Hum, he kisses well.

Then I join Benoît, and I kiss him in his turn. Steven waits, happy to have a kiss too. Come on, no jealousy.

The bar also ends up closing. They invite me to follow them in the hotel apartment they rent for the night. I approve with warmth.

On the way, I kiss them one after the other, I dance, I jump. I feel like having a foursome. Oh yes, I feel like we’re going to have fun.

A four-way… Three… Two…

On the spot, Jeremy offers me a glass of champagne, I walk around, commenting on the luxury apartment. I’m kidding, I’m unbearable.

After having begun my second glass, I sit down on Benoît’s knees and I ask him to unzip my suit. He is not at ease, Steven comes to help him. Then he takes off my bra, under the amused eye of Jeremy who observes from far.

Benoît loosens a little and helps me to remove my lace panties. Then naughty, I get up and I continue my inspection of the place.

I sip my champagne naked, wandering in the apartment. I feel powerful, sexy, alive, and very naughty.

Benoît ends up leaving without saying anything. When I ask the two others where he went, they answer me that he went to bed. Oh well, no! And my four-way plan ???

I join him in his room, he is lying down, dressed on his bed. He looks lost. I start to warm him up with a kiss, still naked. In his turn, he caresses me. Then he stops.

“You have to choose. You can’t have all of us! “

“Why ?” I answer him from the tac to the tac. He is not funny, I leave the room disappointed. Too bad for him.

I still have two of them. Arrived at the living room, Jeremy waits for me on the sofa. Steven has disappeared. Too drunk.

Well, let’s do it the old fashioned way…

A lover attentive to the pleasure of my forbidden fruit…

Jeremy looks at my body with stars in his eyes, he caresses it like the 7th wonder of the world.

He pulls me towards his room. By chance, he has the master suite, with a superb bathroom.

His fingers are skillful, they wiggle on my forbidden fruit. He is rather gifted. Then he tastes me, with fervor, his tongue is agile and greedy. I let myself do it.

However the pleasure has difficulty to go up. His sex is tense, I also want to please him, but he does not hear it this way, and continues to devour my apricot.

I pull him towards me. It is good, it is soft, then more intense.

I make him change positions several times. And we fall asleep with a spoon.

During the night, he wakes me up several times, hyper excited. Unfortunately, the alcohol makes him less hard than he would like. So each time, he gets back into his head to give me an orgasm.

Not the lover of the century, but a great ego booster…

I don’t know how long I slept that night. But in the morning, I feel exhausted but happy.

We wake up again in a sensual way, it is still not very hard. And it will be necessary that one takes again there with several times.

He joined the living room to inquire about what his friends make, and I jump under the shower. A few minutes later, he joins me there. He is soft and very sensual. But still no orgasm.

The other boys have left the apartment, he makes me a coffee. I sip it on the balcony facing the jungle, wrapped in my towel.

He comes behind me and kisses my neck. “You are so sexy. You make me horny all the time. “. I shiver under his kisses, he pulls me towards the sofa.

“You are so hot.” I misunderstand, I think he is referring to my body temperature, and I answer, “What? my body is hot?’ He smiles and replies, that my body is hot, but also my personality, my humor, my cheekyness. The compliment creates a smile on my face that will not fade for a few days.

And he devours me again. He compliments my forbidden fruit, he compliments me, he admires me.

After a last sex session interrupted by a “Housekeeping! “shouted by the employee of the hotel, we get dressed and we leave the place.

He buys me breakfast in a café, and gives me his number. It was their only evening on Noosa. They leave again for the North. I am welcome in Cairns, at his place.


So, yeah, he wasn’t the best of lovers. He didn’t make me climb the curtains like a certain bearded man, I wasn’t as passionate.

But he made me feel beautiful, good in my skin, naughty, important. It was a sensual moment and a breath of confidence.

Sometimes the pleasure of the flesh takes a back seat to the pleasure of the soul.

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