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Frustration, or the Torture of Chocolate Cake

Going on a road trip with his frustration, uh his sexfriend… Argh, having a chocolate cake in his fridge that you can’t touch…

Frustration at not being able to bite, Photo by Jordane Mathieu on Unsplash

A bit stressed

During the week away from my American, I begin to stress a little. I wonder how the road trip will go.

It’s obvious that we won’t be able to do much in the van. On the other hand, will he be ready to escape in the wilderness, to slum it? I have some doubts about my sex adventurer…

And then, a ten days road trip can also kill desire. On a trip, you get to know people and it’s double or nothing. Would I find him so sexy after 11 days at his side?

Finally, going away with your sex friend is new for me. I know the people I’m going with, and I know that some of them might think as if we were a couple. How am I going to be able to behave like a friend when my hormones are screaming at me to attack him?? Will I succeed in finding the right balance?

In any case, frustration will inevitably be there (and I didn’t think how right I was…), since I’m going to get my period in the middle of the stay, that’s for sure!

The day before I leave, Thursday, I come home from work very excited. I know that my bearded man will surely be back. My thoughts have been dreaming about his fingers on my skin all day long. And every cell in my body hopes to join him tonight.

The return of my bearded man

I come in, he’s there at the entrance, he’s talking with Scottland. Argh, he’s handsome, even in work clothes. His skin is a little more sun-tanned than last week, it suits him.

I approach him, I smile at him, I really want to eat him raw. My fist comes close to his for a check, but he prefers a hug and I don’t mind.

We stay a moment on the terrace to discuss. Then he grabs his guitar and starts to play. Uh, you know my handsome that you don’t need this to get me in your bed. The desire rises in the hollow of my loins. As my eyes run through his nimble fingers, up to his lips, I have to take it upon myself not to bite into this beautiful cake. He’s focused on his music, he doesn’t notice that I’m devouring him with my eyes.

Finally, it’s time for him and me to change. I leave him alone and go to the gym.

We’ll spend the rest of the evening together, chatting outside with Titanic and Pokémon. The discussions are pleasant, I place myself a little far from him to avoid touching him with impunity in front of the others. Titanic leaves with us tomorrow, she retires to pack her suitcase. Captain America goes on, he too must finish preparing his things.

All of a sudden, my muscles tighten, I want you, offer me to come. A few seconds later, my wishes come true. I am welcome to help him pack his suitcase. Hmmm, I’m not just going to help you pack.

One last shot for the road

In his room, he is packing his bag under my impatient gaze. Hurry up, handsome, before my panties explode with envy.

When he lies down on the bed, he takes me in his arms, kisses me but says that he is tired, that tonight we won’t do anything. Uh, okay, I hide my frustration behind an excess of tenderness. As for my hormones, they scream scandal.

But very quickly, he changes his mind. We won’t have many opportunities to do it during the road trip, maybe it’s time to take advantage of it. Ah yes, yes, it’s true ! Let’s take advantage of it !

It doesn’t take me more to kiss him and go through his body with my lips. Might as well tell you that they are not to be begged. They become expert and very naughty.

Ah, it feels so good to find the sensation of his lips on my skin, to feel his expert fingers venturing between my legs.

He hasn’t lost his talent, and our bodies match perfectly. He is wild at times and gentle at others. My pleasure tightens on his, the orgasm comes powerful and welcome. Each skin texture is carried away by desire. It feels so good to feel him in me.

That evening, I fall asleep soothed, my pelvis still on fire.

A very last one, maybe?

This will be the last little blow, before the road trip. When will be the next one? Frustration already points the tip of his nose.

The next morning, in his bed, I try to make him want to do it one last time. I put my pubis on his thigh, I give him an ambiguous look. Unfortunately, we have to hurry up (eventually, we’ll spend a good hour doing nothing in the common room), and then I feel that he’s not into sex. Too bad.

And then, let’s go for the road trip.

It’s not going to be a piece of cake

Well, here we are! It is the road trip, it is the small trip that I waited for!

Now, it is a question of enjoying my trip, without making me too much polluted by my hormones… Hehe it is going to be complicated sometimes.

From the very first hours of the trip, I realize how difficult the situation is. He’s there, in the back of the van, and when I turn around to chat with him and Titanic, I can’t help but devour him with my eyes… Ok ok you can touch with your eyes anyway… Friiiiend I keep repeating myself tirelessly. The day, the friend, the night, the lover?

Yes, well, if we can’t do that in the van, maybe the lover will have to point the tip of her nose during the day, right? Just for a few minutes? What’s a few minutes on an 11-day trip?

A little breeze of freshness the first days

The first day, I try to keep my distance. Yes, okay, sometimes I approach him, I put my hands on his body. But friendly? No ?

I feel that he doesn’t respond much to my little touches. Going sometimes can be out of pity, he takes me under his arm in a friendly way. I’m not so frustrated by it, it’s part of the character.

The first night, we don’t try anything. The van is banned from any sex, a mini hug and the first short night of a long series.

The second day, I’m there full of energy. A bit too present for him, in my opinion. He is distant and cold. When he arrives at the beach, he changes, I don’t need words to understand, “Give me my space, woman. ». Well, the sex won’t be for a while, haha.

I suspect that for him, the situation must be strange too. We’re not a couple, but everyone knows we’re sleeping together. They say, thank you who? Thank you Mymy! He is a secret person, I’m an open book. (literally an online book ^^).

Forcedly, there are remarks, we are teased, we are expected gestures, proofs, we are encouraged. A bit uncomfortable, even for me.

I find my balance, finally… I think

We throw ourselves into the water. No, no little rascals, the ocean, still no sex. Bathing and enjoying a walk on the beach allow me to take my distance.

I try to find the right balance between the burning fire and the arctic cold.

Well ok, sometimes the balance is a little off.

Like in this café, and its little literature corner, where I join the intellectual to comment on the rather… random collection of shelves. While discovering a book on the analysis of human behavior, dated from the 80s (we laughed a lot), I mime the behavior of the sexually aggressive woman. It doesn’t take more than my rapist look to light up. Oops, the huntress is back.

Come on, I stop planting my gaze in his, I stop putting my thigh on his. I promise, I’m doing everything I can to put my energy into something else.

Well, he doesn’t help either, he takes charge of the reservation of the campsite. What???? He’s not just a follower? A bohemian without common sense. And shit, this new side “I’ll take care of it, Captain America, at your service”, makes him even sexier.

Encouraged in Kalbarri

Second evening, I walk on eggshells so as not to invade his space, even if globally, I can’t help myself too much. Second night, identical to the first.

The day after, Kalbarri, the national park, beginning of the hike with everyone. Then I leave alone. This is my moment, and my hormones leave me a moment in peace. Yes, yes, sometimes I think about something else than sex.

Then I am encouraged bymy friends, come on, hop hop, maybe it’s your moment to have a little sex! Ok, ok, maybe they’re right.

Yes, except that, first of all, it’s also a time when I like to enjoy my solitude, and secondly, I know in advance that I’m going to break my teeth. He has been icy since this morning, I can feel it, and no matter how adventurous I am, I’m no ice cap pro.

Still, it’s waking up my hormones. Who doesn’t try anything, has nothing, and my period will come any day now, it’s probably my last chance.

It won’t be Kalbarri

So I’m waiting for him. I spend some time walking with him, at the beginning, I remain silent. As much as I love to talk, as much as sometimes when the steps follow each other in a similar nature, I prefer to remain silent.

Then comes the time to bathe, he pauses to change, and to wait for me? Probably not to wait for me. I bathe, I forget. Oh divine water, which soothes the burning of my basin, which extinguishes the fire of my desire. At least for a few minutes…

When I go out, I’m in my bikini, so that doesn’t leave him a lot of clothes to take off. I come to find him, I come to stick to him. The fire didn’t stay out for long. His eyes are fleeting, his arms don’t welcome me as I would like. I cast a last equivocal glance, he resists.

Well, I understood the message. But here it is, my beautiful friend, the frustration! I feign enthusiasm, I pretend not to show that my ego has just taken a hit.

Frustration, no… barely…

I knew it, why did I still try?

The rest of the hike, I resume my role as a friend. I take advantage of his beautiful body, his beautiful mind and a perched conversation, as I can only have with him.

The only time I forget my role as a friend is when he puts his hands on my back to put sun cream on me… I dream that his fingers go down further, that he feels my bust, that he sticks…. Stoooop you’re hurting yourself, there. It’s not going to happen! Besides, I just found out that I have my period! So, ciao expectations.

Nourished by my frustration, I still enjoy the end of the day. I keep my distance, the message has gotten through. Friend, you will be and stay in the presence of others. Lover, it will be… When will it be ?

The evening is pleasant, and he leaves to look at the stars. It gives me time to confide my doubts, and to distance myself from the emotions of my vagina.

Same quiet night.

The next day, we go to Shell Beach. On the way, he is requisitioned in the second van. On the highway air, he is less distant, I regain hope of a potential…

The sledgehammer blow

Hahaha, you’re not very clairvoyant Girl! Once in the ocean, we walk several hundred meters in the water, talking about everything and nothing. When isolated from everyone, in the middle of this beautiful bay, I cast my legendary glance at him. He moves aside, and announces to me “Nothing will happen between us during this road trip! I decided. ». I lose my speech, I am flabbergasted. I laugh nervously.

He explains to me, I am not his girl (yes well thank you, I know that ! I wasn’t going to put the ring on your finger at the end of the stay). We’re just Sex friends (well for the moment the first part of the word is missing !!), and he thinks I’m behaving as if we were a couple (So my cat, I can tell you that if I was in a couple with you, I wouldn’t behave that way). In short, by not sleeping together, we dot the i’s, cross the t’s and so on. The boundaries won’t be porous. There you have it, the fruit of his reflection.

Uh, do I have a say in this? No because right now I have a huge chocolate cake in my fridge, my favorite cake, and you’re telling me that I’m not allowed to touch it until the end of the road trip ?? Haha, at the moment I have a toothache (my period) so it’s fine, but once it’s over, I’m supposed to resist??

It’s a sledgehammer blow for me. We part with a kiss, “the only thing I’ll get from him”, he goes back to the beach. I need time to digest the news. Sounded, it brings up a certain lack of ego and other worries that my little tortured soul is going through.

Dealing with the news

The water soothes, and it takes me an hour of swimming to try to put a smile back on my face. It’s not even about him anymore, it’s not even about me anymore, the sledgehammer blow has opened the breach of something deeper. But I’m not going to let myself be overwhelmed by nostalgia, this road trip was never a road trip to fuck. It was supposed to be the icing on the cake, let’s hope he’s not the hair on the soup.

On the road to our new camp, I drive, he co-drives me. Okay, you are my friend. Friend, Friend !

We talk, I talk, too much. I tell him about my ex-boyfriends, why? No idea! To make him understand, I confide in a “Friend”! Shut up and drive.

In the evening, if at the beginning, it is no longer on eggs that I walk, but on embers. I end up finding my good mood again, laughing with Scottland and Titanic. My ego is rebuffed by this friendship. For lack of being seductive enough to melt the ice, I’m funny. That’s not the way I’m going to enjoy my chocolate cake, but it’s already a good thing.

At night, my chocolate cake turns my back. Okay, the message is clear. Don’t touch it, even the cake icing.

Is the frustration mutual?

Then the next day, I’m in a great mood. Who knows why?

Mascara, lipstick, and a little bra-less dress. I feel pretty and full of energy and drive. I hit the road and hold it for eight hours!

On one of the highway lots, I feel that Captain America is not insensitive to my outfit of the day. Haha, well so much the better. If frustration could change sides. My chocolate cake is still appetizing to me, but I’ve decided to make my frustration a subject of jokes, an addition of hot sauce in an already delicious dish (the road trip).

In the evening, we are all drunk, my hormones don’t hold much anymore. I provoke my chocolate cake a little. And he, grrrr, he wants to make me goat, he plays the guitar, it’s as if the icing was throwing itself on my fingers, and I couldn’t even lick my phalanges. If I couldn’t lick my knuckles, I would lick his guitar.

Yeah, well, it’s okay, the wine was flowing too!

The ghost of prohibition makes everything even more seductive, my hormones find in the least of his gestures a new sensuality.

That evening, I come closer, I feel that my wings are not going to burn. No, I wouldn’t try to touch you, but you want to play, so let’s play. I’m starting to appreciate this little teasing that finally settles in.

Wise as a picture by day, playful by night

Yes, I’m starting to find this game finally easier to manage than the beginning of the road trip. The next day, in Karajini, I have no more trouble being the friend. We climb with Scottland, and when Captain America joins us, my hormones leave me in peace! Would I have managed to control them?

The rest of the day, my thoughts are focused on the beauty of the place and not on the beauty of my chocolate cake. Well ok, maybe when he started playing guitar after we climbed up, a few neurons went wild, but other than that, I remained of a Gandhian wisdom.

On the other hand, in the evening, it’s a completely different story. The cider helped my business, and looking at it, I feel that the dikes of the young man are breaking a little. He becomes more tactile, don’t shun me with his eyes. Hummm…

As the evening is coming to an end, we go to the toilet, alone. He goes there to brush his teeth… Uh, there is no sink, just a toilet, but let’s pass.

So in this unexpected place, I tell him about my frustration with the chocolate cake. I get closer, my face is only a few centimeters away from his. Perched on tiptoes, I look at him, I feel his warm look. Has the iceberg become a burning fire?

And his lips come to taste mine. Hummm it’s good, and it’s exciting too. This may be one of the best kisses we’ve ever had. A kiss I’ve been dreaming about for days. His hands are more wandering, his breath is warm. And my crotch, free of his indisposition, dreams that his fingers venture even further.

Just a bit of icing

We go back to the van, on the way, we continue to play. Then, looking innocent, we find our friends again, legal distancing.

Tonight, no question of turning our backs. In the narrowness of our perched bed, our lips devour each other, our basins provoke each other, our fingers play with the other’s excitement. And my mouth can’t help venturing under the sheets. I can no longer control my desire, I don’t care if I’m in a van where two other people are sleeping.

My hormones have been ignored too much these last few days, they’re out of control. My lips won’t let go of the piece of cake. But he is forcing me to stop. Tttt you’ve had enough already. My eyes are throwing him flashes of desire and frustration.

I fall asleep with my head on his chest, a wolf’s hunger in the hollow of my loins.

In the morning, my hand ventures out, it finds a chocolate cake in very good shape, hummm. I begin to kiss him, and to play, I have never dreamed so much of putting someone inside me.

But the game stops with a few caresses… The game of frustration is just beginning. Can we change the game ??

Living between teasing and frustration

Finally, this game adds spice to my evenings in a way. On the road, I enjoy my friendship with Titanic. Sometimes, I give the cake some ambiguous glances, I try to remain discreet, it’s our secret.

I feel him more relaxed, more able to play too.

In the evening, he takes a little distance. But I’ve been drinking, and the hunter is out. It’s as if I had to hunt a prey over and over again. And maybe it’s not to displease me.

He reproaches me for having too equivocal eyes. I don’t! What eyes? That one? Yes, that one. I have to stop devouring him with my eyes, that’s it. Okay, okay I’ll try.

How about this one? Is that better? No ??? Roh, but what can I do, my gaze is animated by my panties. Like an invisible flow, my vagina expresses itself through my pupils, that’s what makes it so powerful! It’s too much ??? Yeah, that’s not what the 139 others say.

That evening, the game continues as it did the day before, in the heat of the alcove, the adventurous fingers will once again be stopped in their tracks and frustration will serve as a lullaby.

Nothing better than seasickness

Uh, we can even be sexy with flippers ??

Let’s go for our day at sea, to see the whale shark. No way my hormones will take over, it’s an experience for my heart and I don’t want to be polluted.

So I crack a little bit when I see the beautiful Captain America so comfortable in the water. The way he beats his fins to dive, his confidence makes him sexy to a point. But I move away, I’m living my moment.

Even on the boat, I avoid looking at him. Finally, I look at him as a friend, no more like a piece of meat, like a tempting pastry.

And then comes sea-sickness. And here I can tell you that the hormones are in the cupboard, that the presence of the cake a few centimeters away on the deck does not make me hot or cold. I would like to die, to lie in a bed under a comforter, alone.

The days follow one another, the game goes on

So, the game continues, every night I look for him, he answers, the fingers venture out and stop. During the day, apart from a few glances, we stay in the good old circle of friendship.

Okay, when I apply sun cream, I linger a little longer, I massage him with ideas in mind. And when he rubs cream on me, I get wet before I even get into the water.

Every evening, I try a little more. The night before last, I kiss him, I am even more adventurous than usual. Not tonight, not yet, maybe tomorrow, the last night. He’s tenacious, he’s stubborn. But so am I.

The game is getting long, but the night before the start, I still enjoy the excitement.

Last day, last night

I am enjoying the last day. My hormones shut up, I enjoy this beautiful bay, games on the beach, a long swim, friendship.

He still manages to offend me. Having left to snorkel with him, I approach in the water to follow him. Like a child ready to bite into a forbidden pastry, he shouts at me. Woman, what are you trying to do by coming so close to me?

Well, nothing! And really, nothing, my desires are suspended in this ocean, I was just there to enjoy the beautiful corals in the presence of a friend. Haha ok I’m going to enjoy it alone! I swim offended and I finish my exploration alone. Yes, I can be something other than a burning vagina.

When other girls approach him that night, I’m jealous. If he had sex with them tonight, my frustration would go up a notch. It doesn’t matter if he sleeps with others, but not after making me wait… ten days. No girl is going to bite into my chocolate cake until I get a taste of it again!

In the evening, he is cold. It’s the evening too much, the game doesn’t amuse me anymore. I don’t even try to come and warm the ice cube. I made myself beautiful for nothing, I go to bed. My fingers will stay under the pillow tonight.

Cold, Warm

The next day, I think I’m the one who’s cold. I’m tired, hung over and sick. And I’m frustrated. You add to this that yesterday was the day too much, the day the game messed with my ego.

So it’s freezing wind between us, from my point of view.

The hours and kilometers end up warming the atmosphere, but once I arrive at the inn, I don’t expect to be able to eat my chocolate delight at all.

Another micro hope is there between my two thighs, yet it really tends to dry up. And then miraculously, the refrigerator opens, the chocolate cake will be eaten tonight.

Yes, I am invited to join him in his room after a little shower anyway.

Best cake ever

Finally my lips rest on his, my body sticks to his. The comfort of the room allows us to do everything.

I literally devour him, he devours me too. Haha he too got frustrated during this trip!

Our bodies look for each other, turn around, our lips don’t want to give way to our forbidden fruits, they want to give pleasure to the other again and again.

But I have never wanted so much to have a penis inside me, never wanted so much to be possessed by someone. I want him to take me, again and again. I want him to stay inside me for hours, to make me climb to the ceiling.

Oh yes, it’s good, it’s delicious, I appreciate every layer of this chocolate cake, I appreciate the mousse, the icing, the sweet sponge cake and the crunchy chocolate chips. Hum this piece of cake takes me to seventh heaven.

My skin is burning with desire, our sweats mingle, we cling, lick and bite each other.

One can say that the game was worth the effort…

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