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Farewell to the hunt, just ask: Harry or Harvey, 135

Hunt to have sex, Photo by Dainis Graveris on Unsplash


It had been almost a month since I had slept with a man, and several months since I had hunted. A buddy of mine, Fanni, talks about Panda Point, a month without sex equals a Panda Point! I almost had a Panda Point… I’m a panther, not a panda, Ok!?!??

One month. Can you imagine? One month, Mymy without sex !!! Those of you who know me well can imagine the state I was in. Like a lion in a cage, full of energy that was devouring me from the inside, I think I was becoming a bit aggressive.

Obviously there was masturbation, but I wanted more, I wanted to feel something more, to feel something other than a piece of silicone inside me.


So of course, at first I turned to Tinder…

Tinder, it’s all very convenient, but it’s boring. Between the guys who ghost you for nothing, and those who turn out to be disappointing in the end, the excitement is really not the same!

And then, Tinder isn’t hunting, it’s going to the frozen food section and buying the first dish you can get your hands on… I’ll put this one in my cart for Friday, and maybe this one for Saturday. We plan, we pay… Oh and no on friday, we prefer to order Uber, we keep it in the freezer, you never know. And then we end up forgetting him…

So no, no Tinder, I wanted to hunt. A real hunt, the old-fashioned way. Yes, I wanted to uncover my eyes, throw it back and forth, spot my prey and eat it raw!

Unfortunately, if the bars are open, you have to reserve them and stay seated… So, yes, with my gaze, I could, from a distance, carry a first hook in the tender flesh of my prey, but I doubt I could carry the final sting…


To tell you the truth, I think that’s all I’ve been thinking and talking about for the last two days.

In the morning, I had been at the pool, without glasses, 2 kilometers, my eyes were completely red, glowing with tears. Tears were streaming down my cheeks constantly. You’d think I’d been smoking pot… or I was in a deep depression. Depression of the Weenie maybe?

Anyway, in this state, in the afternoon in Fremantle, my eyes were looking for prey everywhere: in bars, around the corner, on the train. At the end of the afternoon, my eyes hit the mark several times. Even the red eyes, an equivocal look made its effect.

But the street is not the best place to corner its prey and devour it, and magnanimously, I let them go.


New faces have emerged at the hostel. If it’s a little annoying, because we’re losing space, it’s a great opportunity…

In the new ones, I didn’t have a big crush, but after all, it’s not a crush I’m looking for…

Friday night starts with a bang, everyone’s in the mood, talking, playing and drinking.

The gin seeps into my veins, breaks the last barriers (yes yes, I have barriers, I promise!!). Ready for a deadly hunt.

Loud and clear, I declare to my buddies leaning against the kitchen table, “Tonight, I want to sleep with someone! ». I go out on the terrace.


Once outside, I sit down at random next to an Australian. Kind of short, he’s got a pretty cute face. He’s not a natural beauty, but he’s attractive enough to grab my attention.

I barely speak to him, I stare into his eyes. At that moment, I forget that I’m surrounded, I forget the others and the hubbub, time is suspended. “I want to have sex,” I say innocently. His eyes widen, he smiles, “Okay, let’s go then! ».

Whoa! Uh it’s almost too easy! It’s more hunting here, it’s gathering I’m doing. Anyway, he gets up, I follow him. We go up the stairs to the rooms. At the top of the stairs, we kiss.


The kiss is alcoholic, it must have 5 grams in the blood. But he’s pretty good at it. Not too slobbery, his hand on the back of my neck communicates his desire. It’s a good sign for a rather pleasant sequel.

He follows me to my room, we keep kissing. Standing in front of my bed, he undresses me. He’s drunk, but he’s good with his fingers. I, in turn, take off his clothes. We’re in a hurry to get to the serious stuff.

His fingers run through my body, I feel desired and desirable. My desire increases as they slip under the lace. I push him towards the bed, I want him to take care of me, to make his tongue work…

He’s taking off my last clothes, he’s got nothing left but his underpants. He runs through my body with his lips and stops on my forbidden fruit. But no sooner has he begun, than he stops already! After checking, it was not the smell that repelled him ( I never had any complaint about it, but you never know!). No, Monsieur was too eager, and he was too drunk and lazy to do it right!

He took off his shorts and was about to go home. Roh, but guys !!! Condom, finally !!! You make me tired sometimes !!!

I take out my kit with my 70 condoms, I have a lot of choices. I look at his penis, it’s pretty well cut… I’ll take the Skins, it’s better…

I’ll let him put it on, I want it so much. Roh I’ve been waiting a month for this. He’s coming in. Ah, I feel alive again! Finally!

It’s like eating a plate of pasta when you’re hungry. Pasta and butter. Well, it’s not the best of dishes, you don’t taste it. We eat with greed.


There I devoured Harry (that’s the name I understood after our lovemaking, but I was told his name was Harvey… Mystery… ) ! Several positions, knocked several times by my bed, several rounds, standing, lying down, above, below, I enjoyed, I but no orgasm.

We were interrupted by my sweet friends banging on the wall… But we started again. It was a long time, and he didn’t always come, he was taking breaks here and there. And then we started again. He came three times, and I didn’t come at all. But the pleasure was there, and my need was sustained. I have no idea how much time we spent in that room, we had a good time anyway.

After giving me one last hug, and running through my naked body one last time with his naughty hands, we left the room.

Downstairs, my friends applaud, discretion guaranteed ! I’m smiling, thank you Harry !

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