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When the hunter loses her rifle…

But Friday comes, and then I get the urge to hunt again. Especially since bars and clubs reopen this Friday, hunter ready.

Rest for hunter, Photo by Uriel Soberanes on Unsplash


After the moustache, I felt like I was full. Of course, I wouldn’t have said no to a small easy prey, but I wasn’t in a hunting mood.

Except that, two weekends in a row of intense hunting, that’s what makes you feel good. And on Saturday night, a couple of my buddies at the inn started putting a little pressure on me. Well, pressure, I exaggerate, but that’s how I felt.
Of course, it’s not a real pressure: whether I get it or not, they don’t really care. Yes, but that night, I felt like I had to prove that I was an expert, that I could have such a boy on command.


So on Saturday night, I look for a prey to please, as a challenge, but I’m not convinced. I don’t want to hunt in our own pack, Spinners is a big family, and I don’t want to commit incest, little backpackers passing through why not, but if they stay I know it’s going to get complicated. Yes, I know me, blazing fire in the evening, ice in the morning. No, I don’t want a story.

So I start an approach, but I’m not in it, and especially I have 4 guys looking at me and filming me behind … Okay, I give up. That night,my morale is down,and I feel my confidence slipping away. For how long?

The week goes by, nothing to report, I work, I don’t really feel like butterflying, I live my life quietly.


But Friday comes, and then my desire to hunt comes back. Especially since the bars and clubs reopen on Friday and I plan to extend my hunting ground beyond the inn.

So on Friday night, the urge is at its peak and I have a playful spirit. So I’m throwing a bet to one of my buddies. First one who catches it wins. I’m gonna win, that’s for sure… Or I won’t…

I’m getting ready, no fancy finery, just black jeans and a red bodysuit, I feel sexy, that’s the main thing! I start drinking… a little too much… and I have the good idea to eat a Space cookie, well, three quarters of it. But it’s already too much. You’re making a rookie mistake, young lady. You’re gonna be in for a world of hurt…


I’m starting to become more and more incoherent and the effects of the magic sweetness are already starting to show through my pupils… A few people are worried and offer to take me back as soon as I’m not feeling well.

Don’t worry! I’m fine, I want to go out, I want to dance and not so much more. On the way, I’m completely elsewhere. Strangely my mind is more conscious than when I’m just drunk. Except that my body doesn’t respond to it as usual.

In the street, I fall down, in line to get into the bar, I’m rocking, my mouth is pasty and I’m terribly thirsty. My body is both aerial and terribly heavy.
I feel my eyes go all over the place, but I have such a desire to touch, to kiss, to … I glance around the bar, I can’t concentrate on any one man, my pupils shift from one to the other, I can’t tell which ones are edible, so I glance at them randomly.


And, uh… (Clears throat) Nothing, not a smile, not a glance back. I lose hope, I complain to a friend of mine. Why isn’t it working tonight? I feel like it, why is my look broken? He’s laughing and laughing at my look tonight. At first glance, my eyes go all over the place, the look so powerful usually turns into a flutter of eyelashes, eyes rolling back and a silly smile frozen on the face.

After this revelation, I let myself go to the latency of the product, I get high, and I give up the hunt for tonight. And dark thoughts invade my mind. Insecurity creeps in, the feeling of being sexy has evaporated.
The rest of the evening will be complicated, if no one has to bring me back that night, my company will not have been the most pleasant.

Let’s hope that the next outings will be happier, and that the hunter will regain some hair.

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