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James, the naked man… 131

He gets a hard-on, I grab a condom from my bag, it’s quick, he gets too excited. I hear an English woman say “oh m’y god, this is disgusting”, so much the worse the damage is done.

James, (Photo by Dainis Graveris on Unsplash)

It starts with a night out with friends

It’s St. Patrick’s Day, we can’t stay at the inn. Out of solidarity for all of you who are confined, I will live for you here!

We’re leaving in a first Irish pub, there are about ten of us, a German, an English, an American, a Belgian, an Australian, an Italian, a Scotsman and me!

The Scot is James, the same Scot I teamed up with at the Times up. I think he’s cute. He doesn’t have the dream body of my ideal man but he’s got a very cute and nice face.

Anyway, we go to a first pub, we dance, we laugh, we drink (too much). The Australian turns around me, and I feel other sexual tensions around me. I don’t know what I’ve got tonight, but it seems to be working.

At first, I’m more interested in Jordan, the English guy with the angel’s mouth, he’s small, but very very, very sexy. But it doesn’t take… Never mind. (I’ll learn later that he’s gay, that explains it…).

The alcohol is rising…

In the first pub, I’m staying good, the alcohol hasn’t had an effect yet, and I’m focused on having a good time as a friend.

Then we change bar, I get a drink bought by an Australian, and the alcohol does its job, the panther wakes up, my eyes are on fire. My new target: a handsome Australian, we exchange fiery glances, but he leaves to get a drink.

I have to shift my gaze to someone else, I turn around, James is there, he takes my hands to dance. My eyes dive into his, he’s trapped. We keep dancing,he finally bends over and shyly kisses me.

Kiss, kiss, kiss…

We split up, we dance with the others, and like two magnets, we can’t help but come back to kiss each other. He’s drunk, I’m a little less drunk.

After a good half hour alternating between kissing and dancing, he takes me by the hand and takes me outside. He’s cute, more tender than sensual. We kiss, he holds my hand, it’s cute, like his face.

He apologizes in advance because he knows he’s not going to be able to do much tonight.

We go to the park, I start to take care of him, but we are afraid of being surprised, we go back to the inn. I was thinking of going to a bathroom, but he takes me to his room.

In his bed…

You get into bed, I’m embarrassed, people sleep in this room. He takes off my skirt, then my top, he kisses me, he touches me. He wants to make me come with his tongue. But I’m stressed out and embarrassed, with all his ears around us. I try to be discreet, he’s not discreet at all.

He gets a hard-on, I grab a condom from my bag, it’s quick, he gets too excited. I hear an English woman say “oh m’y god, this is disgusting”, so much the worse the damage is done. I want him again, but he takes me in his arms and falls asleep. It turns too fast when I close my eyes, I stay awake and warm in his arms.

And then out of nowhere, he gets up, gets out of bed, grabs my skirt and finally leaves it on the floor. And he leaves the room.

The Naked Man

I stay in his bed for a while, and I decide to go to the kitchen to get something to eat and sober up. Seeing my skirt on the floor, I’m relieved he didn’t take it with him, I couldn’t imagine myself walking around the inn in a thong!

And who do I see sitting on a chair in the kitchen, naked as a glass, when I get to the common room? James !

After a little debrief with my friends outside, we finish watching Shrek, and we go to bed. James left a few minutes after I arrived, still naked…

This morning, it’s a little weird running into him. But hey, it was fun!

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