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The panther grows back from the beast, 139

It all starts with a good kiss. When the looks aren’t enough and the lips take over, if the kiss is good, it’s a good omen…

Kiss, Photo by Dainis Graveris on Unsplash

New week and new Friday.

The following week goes by pretty fast, thanks to my double catch last Friday, my confidence is back and my mojo seems to be back.

It’s Friday, and I’m determined to get out. This time, I’m serious, I’m not going to be out with my buddies. No hunting tonight! I promise!

But I still want to feel beautiful, so I’m getting ready. I’m putting on my dress / suit that I bought the week before at Zara’s. It shows off just the right amount, it’s the first time I put it on but I already like it. A bit of make-up and I’m ready to go out.

When I get to the kitchen, I get compliments. It’s crazy how good it feels, my confidence gauge is slowly filling up. And no, I’m not planning to hunt tonight, I can make myself pretty just for fun, right? Roh no, not that kind of fun ! Finally!

Anyway, after two small bottles of wine, it’s time to go out. To the Mustang, same bar, slightly different crew.
I’m tipsy, I can’t stop babbling, I’m in a talkative mood. In line, I talk to an Australian girl in front of us, then I turn around to talk to the three boys in the back.


And then things get out of hand. My resolutions fly away, my instincts take over. My eyes get stuck in the tall, blond, short-haired man’s eyes. The prey isn’t impressed and the desire to bite it isn’t at its peak… my gaze then turns to his buddy.

My pupils don’t let go of him, his seem to be hypnotized by my gaze. After a few seconds of a certain tension, I end up asking his first name, Leonard…hum I am forced to laugh.

I continue to tease him about his style, his fluffy colourful shirt, his cap screwed on his head. Truth is, I like his Australian roots/backpackers style, it gives him a charm. He has a little long hair, hazel eyes and a nice smile. He’s not very tall and not very strong. But just looking at him is enough to wake up my hormones.

The line ends up moving forward and my little team and I can finally get in, so I let my little German boy (yes, I didn’t specify that), promising to meet him inside.


The evening starts quietly, I track him in, but I miss him. So I make a discreet tour of the bar to try to find him.

I find him sitting sipping a beer with his two friends. He’s colder, he’ll come dancing later.
I feel like I’ve been fired. I leave disappointed. Well, the evening’s only just begun after all.

So I start dancing with my friends again. Yes, that’s what I was supposed to do all along, but never mind.

So I dance, I dance, but my senses have been awakened, it’s already too late. I pretend to go out for a drink, just to take a little stroll, and look for other potential prey.
From behind, tall, brown, um, I go for it, eyes on. I start the conversation, he’s open. He’s laughing. I lick my lips in advance… he’s not insensitive to my gaze. We’re heading to the dance floor, I’m about to give him the final stunt.

And then he stops me in my tracks. He looks sheepish, babbling that he has a girlfriend, but he’s flattered and that I’m a pretty girl. Okay, whatever. I’ll leave him with his friends, disappointed, and I’ll join my friends. I forgot to get a drink out of it.


Ah, but who do I see on the dance floor, if it isn’t my little German boy in line. What are you doing here Leonard, it’s dangerous, you know…

I watch him from the corner of my eye, gesticulating to the rhythm (at least I try) of the music. The urge is too strong, I take leave of my friends once again. A few muffled steps and here I am in front of him, undulating from the pelvis and giving him an ambiguous look.
For the first few seconds, he is trapped, then his gaze flees, his pupils struggling to stay planted in mine. I step back a little.
I don’t understand the words that come out of his lips. Broken, not ready. I just understand that right now it’s no.
Except her lips say one thing and her eyes say another.

The Bohemian Rhapsody is in full swing, and the “Mama” part is playing. I can’t miss it with my friends. In half a second, I leave the hunter’s role and go back to Mama’s role that I should have followed all night. It’s a good time and I’m almost on the verge of giving up the hunt for tonight.

But Ale, my friend, points out that Leonard and his friends are not far away. I decide to ignore him, too bad for him. Except Ale doesn’t hear it that way, and invites them to join us. If I can please him after all… I run up to him, my eyes shining with envy melt into his. He’s up against a barrier, there’s no escape. His pupils have already surrendered, but his brain is still struggling.


He repeats it, he’s just broken, he’s not looking for anything or anyone. Tactically, I tell him I don’t want his heart, just his penis. He opens his big round eyes in surprise. Yes, kitten, you’re not used to us being so direct, Mylène enchanted.

His whole body is screaming at him to crack, to let go, but he repeats his words, no. (#metoo for men??? Feel free to testify). The “No” is followed by three seconds of latency, then he bends over and his lips touch mine.

His body won. We kiss for long minutes. The kiss is intense, wild, terribly full of desire. He nibbles my lips and I love it. Our hands begin to feel our excited bodies.

It’s time to escape, we won’t be able to resist for long. Yet we go on and on, the desire rises to its peak.

I slip a few words in his ear, he smiles, takes my hand. A brief greeting to our respective friends, and we leave the bar. Just a few steps outside, and our mouths jump on each other again. He puts me up against the wall, devours me. Half-word, he tells me he’s a roommate, that we can go to his place.


We somehow manage to untie ourselves so he can order an Uber. The wait seems to last only a minute, our mouths are one, all that time.

As we get into the Uber, I don’t know what’s gotten into him, but he gets in the front. I laugh, I tell him it’s not going to be practical. He shrugs his shoulders, then starts stroking my thigh. I was right, it’s not very practical. He wants to touch me more, to kiss me more, but he’s in front, and I’m too far away. The driver of the Uber laughs at my taunting, and suggests that the young man stop so that he can get behind me.

Finally we kiss again, the desire hasn’t left us and the journey seems so fast. We stop in front of the house, a brief greeting to the driver, and he grabs me by the hips and pushes me in. The corridor is narrow, and caught in our rush of wild kisses we bump into most of the walls. We finally find the door to his room.

He pushes me towards the bed, I throw my jacket and bag on his dresser. I pull him to me towards the bed, his lips eat mine and I have only one desire, that he takes off the rest of my clothes.


But he doesn’t hear it from this ear, and he stands away for a moment. He offers me to have a beer on the terrace and smoke a joint. Ugh, that’s so sweet, but now… Are you sure? You’re sure? Well, all right, then…

I surrender, and we have a good time chatting, smoking (barely on my side) and sipping a beer of which I would only drink a small half. Yes, I’m enjoying the moment, for sure, but my eyes stare relentlessly at her pupils and lips. My mind is already in his bed and I control myself so as not to jump on him, turn off his joint and pull him by his underpants to the bedroom.

But everything comes to those who know how to wait, and at last he gets up, his eyes sparkling, takes me by the hand and does what I’ve been burning to do for half an hour already… When I get to the room, the clothes fly quickly. The ebat is like the kisses: passionate, full of desire and wild. He grabs me in a way I like, his kisses in my neck take me up to the ceiling.


There’s not so much room for foreplay, we’re hungry for more. I’m enjoying myself, but the orgasm doesn’t come. Still, I don’t know if it’s the joint or something else but I’m soaking wet. Or maybe I drank too much? The only downside is that it takes a long time to finish, too. If the frolic is intense, I start to get tired. Of course, we vary the positions and his kisses put me back in every time. But I have to admit that at the end, I want it to end.

And then suddenly the man becomes a little too wild. With a spoon, he squeezes my neck, I like this feeling of being possessed in a certain way, except that… Uh, um, I can’t breathe anymore. Oh Oh, Leonard, it’s time to loosen up now, or else you’re gonna have a corpse in your bed… Ahh… Damn, almost scared me, here. He’s trying to do it again. He seems excited. If I let him do it, I’ll put my hand under his… That’s not all, but I don’t plan to end up six feet under the ground tonight!

Shortly afterwards, he ends in a rant. He cuddles up against my back and falls asleep cuddling me. I feel good, and I’m a little relieved that it’s over. Warm in his arms, I fall asleep.


In the morning, I wake up, put on my clothes. He’s still asleep, I slip a kiss on his lips, he smiles at me and goes back to sleep. I try to find a pen and a piece of paper to write down my number. It was a good little sex and I’d do it again… I’m going white, too bad, I’m leaving without a trace.

Goodbye Leonard, we may or may not run into each other again… or not.

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