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Libido bless America, 140

Oh, that one I’ve been dying for. Months of trying, and I’d almost given up, when desire and opportunity… My libido has never been as high.

Libido reached the sky – Photo by Ferdinand Stöhr on Unsplash


Usually, my hunts only last one night. I track, stalk and devour my prey that same night. Sometimes the prey escapes me, they are faster, too inaccessible, so I am forced to give up and fall back on a prey within my reach.

I rarely chase a prey for weeks at a time, it has to be worth it.

The American was one of those.

Tall, bearded, chunky, sparkling hazelnut eyes, and a verve like no other, it didn’t take me a few minutes to spot him. First night, and I was already hanging on his lips. He spoke philosophy, meditation, travel, and I drank his words, watching him greedily. But I am not an empty shell, and I was enjoying arguing and exchanging myself on these subjects.

The desire to go out was too strong the first evening, and I abandoned him to his discussions, hoping to see him again soon. Missed! I won’t see him again until a full month later.


Finally back, I’m looking for his company. I try to do this discreetly, but it’s as obvious as the nose in the middle of the face! My greedy eyes, my too easy laugh and my desire to go out, especially when he’s also outside, make my move less discreet.

He seems to enjoy our conversations, that’s something, but I have a hard time switching to a more sensual hunt. I feel dispossessed of my fangs in front of him. Panthers don’t attack bears, it’s a futile hunt, but the challenge and this magnificent specimen push me to continue in spite of everything.

I am not helped by my friends here either. One evening, sitting next to my handsome American, talking about … sex, Pokémon and BabyFace mention my number of conquests and the little graphs of my evening of 100. Hum hum my angry looks and my face trying to make them understand to shut up don’t do anything about it, they continue looking satisfied. The worst wingmen on earth! Thanks boys !

After that, it’s complicated, it’s like playing poker after you’ve shown all your cards. But I’m not giving up.


So when he finally mentions his girlfriend about ten times, I start to realize I’m chasing a fantasy.

I wonder why then, at the Spinners party in the middle of a lockdown, I’m going for it all. I flirt, my gaze throws equivocal flames. That evening, we’re all dressed up, I put on a tight black dress, with a beautiful cleavage in the back. I feel sexy, and I intend to show him that I’m even sexier in bed.

At some point, we find ourselves alone on the terrace together, if he doesn’t tip over now, he’ll never tip over. My eyes are all desire, my body is screaming for him to crack. For a moment I think I perceive a desire, a flaw. But he resists, finds an excuse and goes back among the crowd.


That night, I go to bed disappointed, I understand that I won’t get it. Not this time, not ever. There are other fish in the ocean, and this one looks like it’s already been caught.

A few days later, he goes back to work for a few weeks. I’m going back to my life. When he comes back, I enjoy his company of course, but I step back, I don’t want to exhaust myself chasing him, it’s a waste of time.

The gazelle has sown the panther, which is too out of breath to start again.

Then he leaves again, the hostel opens again, the hunt begins again, my teeth are sharp. The weeks go by with more or less success. The lovers follow each other and do not resemble each other.

When he reappears after almost two months, I had almost forgotten him. He gives me a friendly hug. It’s nice to see him again too, we talk a little.


Sitting next to me, he’s tapping his phone. I’m sickly curious, I can’t help looking over his shoulder (it’s a bad habit I have with everyone, oops). And then… I see the Tinder app… uh… but he wasn’t in a relationship?

For the next two nights, I kind of look for his presence. But I’m still not sure if he was released into the ocean. Then several sources, Kurva and Titanic, confirm to me, he’s single again. Really? Hmmm…

Good thing it’s Friday and I’m going out, and so is he. I want him to. Yes, tonight, I do. And I’m going to do everything I can to get him.

Okay, it’s against my principles to sleep with a regular hostel guy, but he’s not the same, I don’t know. I’m willing to take the risk.

We all drink happily. I stay close to my prey, I graze him, I give him equivocal glances. I drink a bottle, and I start a second one when we leave the hostel to go to the Brass Monkey. On the way, I stay with him and my buddy Slowty, I share my bottle of white wine with the handsome woodcutter. I become tactile, and my gaze becomes even more intense.


My dear bear, I will not let you out of my sight tonight, you are far too attractive for me to let any praying mantis get near you.

The booze is rising all of a sudden, and the beer I drink when I get to the bar doesn’t help my condition at all. Still, my purpose is engraved in me. I dance with the others, of course, but I always stay a few inches away from my dinner tonight. I kiss Serial kisser, another girl, and I do it again in front of the fruit of my desire. With this kiss, I intend to awaken his desire, to make him fall down a dangerous slope…

My eyes devour him, my eyes tell him the colour. No one is fooled by my merry-go-round, everyone knows, especially him.

He keeps telling me it’s too early. No, he doesn’t want to kiss me. No, we won’t go home together, not right away.

My friends are telling me to stop, to give up, to find a new quarry, to leave poor American alone. But like I said, I want to, it’s my night, it’s tonight.

It’s almost (or maybe it is) harassment. I’m not giving up, there’s no way.

So I cast my eyes, I’m tactile, I glue him. And I feel that the levees are starting to break, I feel that the fish will end up throwing himself into the net tired of having to flee.


And that’s the case after a few hours, around 12:30 or 1:00 a.m., when my blood alcohol level is at its highest. He gives in, he gives in to my advances. No kiss, not in the middle of the other people of the hostel, but we go back together to a more intimate place where my desires can make sense.

To be honest, at that moment, I’m very drunk, and my memories are still hazy. I remember that he talks briefly about my blog, but I don’t remember exactly what he is asking me. All I remember is that he’s aware that he’s going to be there. Brave man…

Once we get to the hostel, we quickly make our way to his room.

Like I said, my memories are clouded at this point. I know I enjoyed the ebat, that it was good and intense. But the details are blurry. And by the time I close my eyes, the earth is spinning way too fast. And I’d spend the rest of my night in the bathroom puking.

When I finally feel better, when I’ve cooled down, when the ground has stopped being a roller coaster, then I go back to huddle in the arms of the handsome American. In safety, and torn between the joy of having had him, and the sadness of not remembering him, I fall asleep again.


When I wake up, I’m excited, and so is he. We start stroking each other, giving each other pleasure. The gentleman’s tongue is not only skillful to speak philosophy, it is very agile and a great expert of the female body.

For my part, I apply myself and even discover a new talent that I didn’t think I had yet developed. He seems to appreciate it, and he lets me know.

As for his fingers, they don’t have much to envy mine and know where and how to create pleasure. He’s intense, his kisses on the neck, and his little bites make my desire rise in no time. His hands grasp me, turn me around. His body is powerful and supple at the same time. Sometimes he surprises me, taking convoluted positions, but oh my god, very pleasant.

We multiply the positions, it’s good, very good. There’s no taboo, only a common will to give oneself and take pleasure. His words are flattering and it only adds to the feeling of well-being that I have.


Full of pleasure, we fall breathless on the bed. I put my head on his chest, we talk for a few minutes, then we go back to sleep.

Noon, he goes to the shower, I understand it’s time for me to leave the room. I give him a kiss on the lips, my eyes express my desire to do it again and I leave him to his work.

On Saturdays, the hangover makes me feel limp and apathetic. Tonight I don’t drink. On the other hand, a smile up to my ears is on my face. I’m full of joy… I got Him!

And it was a great sex party. I want to do it again, and again, and again. Ugh, I’m still excited.


When I see him drinking with his buddies in the hostel, I want to join in and purr with him, to make him want to do it again. I abstain for the moment. Contrary to the other lovers I met, I’m by no means cold, it’s quite the opposite.

I meet him, I talk to him briefly, I joke a little, I mink a little too much. He leaves to watch a movie at his friends’ house. My second round won’t be tonight.

In the evening, we plan to go out to a bar. When we leave the hostel, who do we run into? My beautiful lover from last night! He wants to join us… oh but with great pleasure!

Only downside, he’s wearing horrible flip-flops with … socks ! I’m not sure if we’ll let him in with those, but anyway, if it’s necessary to hide him, I’d hide him gladly.


I’m taking it upon myself not to stick him. Tonight, I didn’t drink. If I really, really want to end up in his bed, I don’t want to look like I’m chasing after him.

It’s a bit hard to find the right place without a long queue, so we end up choosing a pub in the CBD. My lover succeed to get into the bar with his flip flops and that’s a little victory.

The evening at his side is pleasant, and this in spite of the few tensions present in the group.

Back at the hostel, Uber Mc Donald late in the evening, and it’s time to go to bed. During our feast, I take some explicit glances at Monsieur. I don’t know how to turn him over again.

Then sleep assails me like a sledgehammer, my eyelids become inexorably heavy. We all decide to go to bed. Without any sign from him, I go back to bed.

Oops, I missed his message, he offered to follow me to his apartments… Ouch, I hesitate, I have a crazy desire to do so, but my body is already asleep. I answer honestly that I’m too tired, and tomorrow I’ll get up at 7:30 a.m. for a trip to Lancelin. That’s too bad. Did I miss my chance? I hope not… our last few messages leave the door open to a potential second ebat.


The next day, I enjoy the day, yet I am inhabited by the memory of the pleasure of Saturday morning. The anguish of never doing it again is mixed with this powerful desire that makes my pelvis vibrate.

At the Pinnacles Desert, all its phallic-shaped stones only exacerbate the hormones dancing in me. Make Captain America want to have sex with me tonight !

In the evening, we go out to dinner. I’m happy about this outing, but I’m a little afraid it’s going to cost me my little night of legs in the air. It’s not in the common areas when I get home, argh… what to do what to do.


Come on, I’m sending a message, at worst it will be a fail. Yesterday’s offer still stands, he answers quickly, and invites me to join him!

Yes! Ah, I know one (me) who’s going to have a good end of the evening!

I knock, he doesn’t seem to hear. I go in. He’s sitting on his bed, watching a movie, headphones screwed on his ears. He’s concentrating, and it takes him a while to notice me. I have time to detail his face, to admire his profile, his fine nose, his big beard, his captivated eyes. It makes me want to bite into him even more.

Finally, he raises his head and smiles. His pupils sparkle, he pauses. But I feel that for a few seconds he’s still in his film. Besides, the first words he says are for the director of the film. I may know, the name sounds familiar, Terrence Malick, but my brain is at a standstill. My memory only wants to remember one thing: his fingers on my skin.

It’s almost embarrassing, I’m standing there in front of him, we’re talking about my day. But that’s not why we’re here, and it’s as if we don’t know how to tip over again. Then in the middle of one of my sentences, a flash of lightning passes through his eyes, envy, desire ignited, he pulls me towards him and kisses me.


The discomfort is gone. Our mouths bond, and then everything else comes together. If when I talk to him, I sometimes feel inferior, English is his native language and I sometimes have trouble expressing myself. In bed, I feel equal to him, our gestures complement each other, we give each other as much pleasure as each other.

He has the perfect dose of domination and tenderness. Some positions give me cramps, but I don’t say anything and in a few seconds, the pleasure makes me forget the little muscular pains.

Sunday is even better than Saturday morning. After we’ve eaten our fill, we cuddle for a few minutes. I feel asleep, but I start too early tomorrow to impose an alarm clock at 5 am. So I’m about to tell him that I’m going to bed, but he takes the lead. He’d like to finish his movie… uh, okay, um, no worries. I was planning on leaving, but I’m a little chilly about it anyway.

Once I’m in bed, I can still feel his fingers, his mouth, and… on my skin. I fall asleep so relaxed…


On Monday, my day is endless, my thoughts are on a loop. I’ve been horny since the first light of day. My hormones won’t shut up, every fiber of my body is still in Captain America’s bed. I’m raking it in, thinking about the movement of his body on mine. I’m going crazy. I have to do it again, fast, hard, again.

Arriving at the hostel, I forget my freelance job, he’s outside, I take advantage of his presence. We all talk together, he mentions that he’s leaving on Wednesday morning. Wednesday morning ! Already ??? No, but, no !? It’s as if I’ve only had one bite of a delicious cheese cake and it’s already taken away from me. No, this plate, I want to grab it and eat as much of it as I can before it’s gone!

He planned to drink that night. I don’t know if he’s planning to do it here or somewhere else. Control yourself, kiddo, don’t stick it to him, don’t jump on him, you have your life, you have dinner to cook, gym to go. You’ll find him eventually…

My biggest problem is my libido, it takes control of my mind at that moment. My reason tells me not to stay in his paws, he drinks whiskey and talks with his colleagues about his weird job (too complicated to explain for Australian novices! ). I have no part to bring to their conversation – better to watch a movie.


However, my libido tells me to wait, wait for him to finish drinking, wait for an opportunity. My body is screaming at me to leave my dignity in the closet. My pride cries out for me to let go and go to bed.

You can already guess who won… My buddies tell me to wait for him in his room. I hesitate, I can’t, I feel like I’m violating his privacy by doing this. I imagine the worst-case scenario, I’m waiting lustfully on his bed, and he asks me to leave. No, I can’t, I couldn’t bear it…

So, patient, tired and supported by my favorite Pokémon, I sit on the pool table. I chat, tracking a movement from him to his room.

About to give up, he finally enters. After sharing a bottle of whiskey, he’s a little drunk. He’s chatting with Pokémon, who’s running away to give me a free hand. The handsome grabs a glass of water, and I follow him in the kitchen, taking baby steps. His eyes poke into mine. They’re naughty, a little veiled by alcohol, but naughty.


He’s going to take a shower, but I can wait for him in his room if I feel like it… uh, like it? Me feel like it, pffff, so little… of course I feel like it !! My envy is to envy what the ocean is to your glass of water ! My eyes must communicate that to him.

I wait in the room, I lie down on the bed. At the beginning, I take a sexy position, then the shower is a bit long so I take a more comfortable one, always with an eye on the door to go back to the initial position.

He finally comes in, he’s freshly showered, smells nice and is still a bit wet. Oh, he put his shirt back on, but I’m going to take it off quickly. This time there is no discomfort between us. He kisses me quickly, desire is at its peak. His fingers remove the clothes that cover my body, and mine fight with the last bits of cloth that hide his intimacy.


Even more than the other times, it is sensual and intense. His lips run all over my body, greedy, eager to give me pleasure. But mine are not left out, and they are busy giving him this delight that enlightens his pupils.

Eager to find each other, our two bodies fit together. Feeling it in me is so good, I lose the notion of time and space. We make love passionately, for a long time. On him, eyes in his, under him, legs up, deliciously crushed on my belly.

The minutes go by without me being aware of it.

Pleasure radiates from my body several times, and when our shaken bodies separate, a smile of satisfaction is engraved on both our faces. With my head on his chest, I realize that I haven’t had such a good sex in a long time.

But what time is it in all this? I check the time on my phone when he goes to the bathroom, 3 o’clock !!! 3:00 in the morning ??

Huh ? Wait, does that mean we’re past ? Whaou ! Usually I don’t like it when it’s too long, but that was… wow.

He comes back, we fall asleep in each other’s arms. He starts snoring a little bit. It takes me a while to fall asleep, less than two hours later, I leave the room, light-hearted.


The day after is worse than the day before. I have a fireball inside me. Thoughts come flooding back to me from the night I’ve just spent. He’s leaving in less than a day, but I want to press my lips to his body one last time. I can’t get the beautiful bear out of my mind.

During the day, I write to him, I tell him, I have to be honest sometimes. Yeah, I tell him I haven’t had such good sex in months. The months may even be years, but never mind… his reply leaves me a door ajar for tonight.

I don’t plan on missing my last chance before he leaves. Once at the hostel, I’ll have a little chat with him. His buddies are coming over for a drink, so I have a feeling it’s going to be hard to find him tonight.

My earring is missing, maybe it’s in his room. My message sounds like an excuse, and if I want to find my earring, I especially want to find the warmth of Monsieur in the hollow of my loins.


I take advantage of seeing him leave to pack his bag to join him, to fetch this tiny piece of metal. He’s focused on the business he has to pack. From the very first seconds I walk in, I know that it won’t be now, that it won’t be the right time. I still start looking, on all fours, on the bed, under the bed. Cambered, I offer a view of my buttocks, hoping to wake the sleeping bear.

Unfortunately, the man is in a hurry and he doesn’t have time to blow a wind of pleasure on me at this moment. I’m ready to give up, to make a cross on this last frolic that I was waiting for so much. But my hopes come back when, after having explained the program of his evening, he asks me for mine, and offers to meet me again after… hallelujah! My body is screaming thank you in advance.


Finally, he comes home early from his Korean barbecue and I spend part of the evening on the terrace with him and other people from the hostel talking. Around 10pm, he gets up and says good night to everyone. Uh… but uh… didn’t we say that? My hormones are boiling, he’s not going to do this to us anyway?

Troubled and not knowing which way to turn, I get up too, I go wash up and we’ll see. It’s a roller coaster in my pants, a message is coming to tell me to join him in half an hour! Perfect !!! Ah, my libido is relieved !

I join him in his room, I don’t have the discomfort of a few days ago. And we come straight to the point.

Damn, what good is real, great sex ! Ouch, the next ones are going to have a hard time competing! I’ve already said everything, and this time it’s still good. His fingers, his tongue, his penis, his body, his teeth, are working to increase my pleasure again and again. For my part, I no longer think, I am a ball of sensuality serving the desires and pleasure of Monsieur.


I have never loved America so much…

This moment of enjoyment lasts less time than the day before, but it is no less enjoyable…

The burning skin is still wet in places, so we rest against each other. Tomorrow, we both get up at dawn, no second round scheduled, it’s time to sleep. My belly makes suspicious noises, I’m a bit ashamed, it shouldn’t spoil the moment… Fortunately, he falls asleep, looking serene.

When his alarm clock rings, we stay a few more minutes in each other’s arms, and I feel the envy growing relentlessly on my upper thighs. We don’t have time… we’ll have to wait…

Will I taste the delights of the new continent again? I hope so.

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