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Lucas the Brazilian … 132

The first kiss was hesitant and then more intense. It was clear that we both wanted to move up a gear quickly.

Lucas the Brazilian, (Photo by Dainis Graveris on Unsplash)

Faced with Max’s silence (I’ll come back to our last two escapades…), and after a small relaunch at the right time, I decided to meet Lucas the Brazilian.

After all, Lucas looked smiling in his pictures and I was so hungry for sex and maybe also for attention that I cracked. I gave him my number.


We exchanged a few innocent texts, before we started to slip into more intimate and then downright naughty messages.

We had planned to meet on Monday during the day. But on Sunday, at brunch, everyone was drinking, I joined the trend, and you know how I get with alcohol.

After a few drinks, and a few conversations, I was on fire, I wanted to be warmed up inside.

I grabbed my keyboard, and in a few sentences and especially in two photos, I had convinced the little Brazilian boy to come and pick me up in the car.

About thirty minutes later, he was out front. His car wasn’t very young, but the interior was clean.

First impressions

He had a nice smile and a nice face, he didn’t look very tall sitting in his seat, but it didn’t matter, now that we were there.

The first kiss was hesitant and then more intense. It was clear that we both wanted to move up a gear quickly.

The bulge in his pants left no doubt about his eagerness and he parked the car a few blocks away, near a small square in the dark.

Park again

Now an expert in corners in parks, I took him by the hand, driving him, in my opinion, to the darkest and most discreet corner. At the sight of his penis, I was a little disappointed, it was not as big as I imagined. Of course, the comparison with Max is not flattering, but we’ll see what he does with it.

I hid my disappointment behind a burning gaze, and it didn’t take long for our bodies to come together. He was gentle and attentive to my pleasure.

But the mosquitoes gave me no respite, and the pleasure was spoiled by itchy hands and feet.

The car

I was offering to meet him at his car. Once inside, he didn’t take long to finish his assault and we hugged each other, my fingers drawing arcs of circles on the fog of the window. His hug was tender, and lasted a little while, talking, complimenting me.

He will have to progress, but Lucas the Brazilian may be a good alternative to a distant Max, and probably disappeared forever.

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