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Max, the comeback

Just outside the Mustang, I get a message from… Max! I can’t believe it’s been two months with no news. Could it be that Max is back?

Magic comeback, Photo by Dainis Graveris on Unsplash

Still starving

After the little Bangladeshi boy, I was still hungry. It was good, but nothing more. Okay, it boosted my confidence a little, but sexually, it’s as if I was only served the appetizer… I needed something more substantial…

The party’s over, my buddies found me, it’s time to go home. Another prey in a club obviously won’t be the answer.
Maybe the solution lies elsewhere…

Max the comeback

It would seem… Just outside the Mustang, I get a message from… Max! Unbelievable, two months without any news, except a brief conversation at the gym, and here he is writing to me… He replies to my story… Uh-huh…

I jump at the opportunity, I warm him up a little. I wait for his answer, with relative patience, when my phone gives up. No battery, nooooo ! Hop hop hop we hurry back to the inn, there’s no way I’ll miss such a nice sex party to come.

Inn, cable, cell phone plugged in, and… Answer from the young man, he’s home and in a naughty mood!
Not one nor two, I walk the two streets that separate us to join him. Pride, in the closet, the libido has spoken.

He opens me in his boxer shorts, he hasn’t changed, his naughty smile and his sparkling eyes light up his face. We kiss at the door. His kiss transmits his desire in a second.
Oh God, I missed that. We walk to her room, her roommate is waiting in the kitchen. I’m sorry, sweetie, but this could take a while…

Once we get to his room, we jump on top of each other, it doesn’t take him two seconds to get all my clothes off. He comes down to take care of me, I hadn’t had much fun with him (parks or the street are not the ideal places to play these kinds of games) and he’s pretty good at it.

Comeback of desire

My desire goes up a notch, I want him on me, in me, I want his hands to continue to touch me, to possess me, to squeeze me to the point of breaking me. I pull him towards me, he shakes his head. “I want to take my time tonight, and take care of you.” Oh… (Laughs) All right, well… Well, so keep going, I move my pelvis to the right spot and let go. Oh Max, you should do this more often.

Then he finally comes up, he grabs me, his fingers tighten on my belly. His lips rest on my body, and then slowly rise up to my lips. He reaches out for a condom and clumsily slips it on.
It’s intense, he’s just like I remember. He has everything Asif didn’t have, he’s intense, vigorous and so male… I get lost in his arms, I bend under his weight, I tend to enjoy myself. He collapses on me, full, breathless and smiling.

Then he rocks to the side and embraces me, in his own way, powerful. He falls asleep quickly. I stay in his arms. I don’t sleep well, but I’m nice and warm and safe.

At 7 o’clock, I duck out, I reach my hostel happy and finally well fed… hoping to see you again Max…

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