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When Desire Meets Canada… 130

He’s fierce and wild, he eats me, tastes me and devours me at the same time. We laugh, we kiss each other, we’re both crazy, both full of naughty cravings one more than the other.

Desire, (Photo by Dainis Graveris on Unsplash)

An unexpected outing… full of desire…

Wednesday, after a few drinks, the Dutch girl pushes me out. Well, okay, she didn’t have to push me too hard!

So we leave with an Irishman Mickaël, who works at the inn, a Scotsman (who likes me I think… But it’s not mutual…) and the Dutch girl. It’s a nice dancing bar, we dance, we sing, we take shots. In short a good evening.

There others join us, including Scott from Scotland that I like but I don’t know why. He’s with a girl, I’m disappointed.

I walk around the room with my eyes. My gaze falls on a big, tall guy, very masturbating, with a very nice face.

I keep dancing, I lose him, never mind.

Spotted prey

Half an hour later, on a sexy latina song, I see him. Our eyes meet, they’re unequivocal. He’s melting down, grabbing me by the hip. My desire rises instantly. My eyes don’t leave his. My hips stick to his, we sketch some pelvic movements following the rhythm of the music.

Naturally my mouth finds hers, and doesn’t want to leave it anymore. The kiss is long, languorous. We have no doubt about the rest of the evening.

The song goes on, another one follows, but the desire of the other one is too strong, I want him to devour me, and he’s just waiting for that. Our mouths separate, our eyes speak for us. We leave the box, we kiss again. We end up controlling ourselves a little and talking to each other… We exchange our names, we laugh about the situation. He’s from Quebec, has a funny accent, he’s really nice and he’s really repartee. I’m all the more attracted to him.

The park

We’re looking for a way, he’s in an inn, so am I. How do we… We decide to go to my inn. But we kiss again, too fast, too hard, our bodies don’t want to wait, we know it, we feel it.

We turn to the park, parts of the park are completely in the shadows. We both have the same idea. We almost believe it, we throw ourselves in the grass, in a dark corner, out of sight.

It’s ferocious and wild, it eats me, tastes me and devours me at the same time. We laugh, we kiss each other, we are both crazy, both full of naughty desires, one more naughty than the other.

The desire doesn’t stop

We do that, many times. At one point, people walk by, I stick my head in the lawn. We laugh about it.

We get up and leave, he’s working tomorrow. But we kiss again, we go back. His big hands are in conquered territory and I groan under his caresses.

I don’t know how long we’ve been in that park. After one last hug and an exchange of our instincts, we part, still inclined to crack again.

I come home with the equivalent of the grass of a football stadium on me and in my bag… But I come home satisfied, with a crazy desire to start again.

We write to each other quickly. We want to see each other again, but we’ll have to find a place, we can’t adopt the park…


We decide on Friday night, he cancels, he’s too tired after work. We decide on Saturday at the gym during the day.

When we go out on Friday, I see him at the pizza place with a blonde girl. I just write him “Vu”, he had told me about her, a girl he’s had his eye on for a long time… He answers me during the evening, we exchange funny messages.

The gym… Desire aborted

On Saturdays, we meet at the gym, he’s as cute as I remember at night. We start the session together, the sexual tension is palpable at times, but it’s neither the time nor the place.

He is physiotherapist, he helps me on my positions, his hands wander around a bit sometimes.

We finish the session each on our own, we meet up, we give each other a little kiss… I leave him, we may see each other in the evening.

A desire that doesn’t wait

At night, we write to each other, it’s raining cats and dogs outside, the park is not an option. I offer him to come to the hostel. 30 minutes later he’s there, he barely says hello to my friends, I don’t give him the time.

I show him around, he kisses me… He slides his hand up my skirt, I take off my panties. I’m a player, I can feel the excitement rising in his eyes, and in his shorts too. I want to show him the future crime scene, before I have a drink and come back…

The scene of the crime: a private bathroom, big enough to do some naughty things. We can’t hold it, the glass of white wine will wait. The door barely closed, he pulls out his gun… The frolic will be wild and sensual.

We share a bottle of wine away from the group while chatting and warming up. It’s already one o’clock, he gets up at 5 o’clock tomorrow, ciao ciao… See you soon

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