+18 years

Nonsense Time

Crazy time, Photo by Charles Deluvio

It is decided, my period of great nonsense is over. Well, for a while at least…

I’ve been doing anything for a month now. I was 20 years old, I was again an Erasmus student, only the party, the craziness and the one night stands counted. I kissed a lot, slept a little… and I made a privileged place for my “evil” night double, the one called My-lourd.

Kisses without consequences

After this wave of compliments, I felt rejuvenated, ready to take on the world, or at least men…

However, it’s not so easy to get a man you like into bed. Already, we have to go out, we have to hunt, drink just enough, get waxed before (I don’t know why, I still have a block on that) and find a free man who makes our hormones vibrate…

The following week, I go to my company seminar. I have only one rule in life, which I don’t want to break: No zob in job. No question of doing anything with one of my colleagues.

But I didn’t count on My-lourd… The first night, she was already sticking her tongue in the mouth of one of them. Second night, again, not with the same one of course.

Of course, it doesn’t come from nowhere, I like both of them, each in their own way. But no, a rule is a rule.

I can tell you that I fought against my instincts these two evenings, and no zob in job was respected! These kisses will remain without consequence, or almost.

Kisses with consequences

Two weekends with family or friends, without going out, so I was on fire the following Thursday.

My-lourd had kept a low profile for two weeks in a row, she was counting on getting the best of me that evening.

It didn’t fail… Not one, but six boys shared the taste of my lips. Of their faces, I have only a vague memory, of their first name, absolutely none.

Why didn’t I put one of them in my bed? It’s a pity, the cutest of them all seemed to be up for it.

Well then, where is the consequence? Hehe, good question… Kissing six or more men in the middle of the 8th wave… Bim, who caught the covid?

The desire to want

When I left my covid, I was in a bit of a state. I felt like hunting, but for the wrong reasons.

There was this one night, just out of my week of isolation, where I wanted to enjoy my friends. Except that I wanted to prove that the hunter was back in the game, without much conviction.

Verdict, the two targeted preys were already domesticated… Too bad.

The next week, I spend a great evening with my friends. The waiter is beautiful, but obviously out of reach. He was the one I was dreaming of.

We go out, I don’t want to go home alone. Tonight, I bring back a man. But good not any one either.

We arrive in a night club. The places give off an unhealthy atmosphere almost, I could not say. The floor of the top is half empty, people seem pallid and unhappy. But who brought us here?

I’m at this point, I hate this place, but it’s my only chance to bring someone at home. Except that’s not what hunting is all about!

Nope, I don’t usually net fish, I target, dig in, and if it takes, I close.

Kissing rounds are for fun, but to bring a nice carcass back to its den, it’s better to concentrate on one and only one prey.

Plenty of fish

I quickly go down to the basement, where the dance floor is. Friends, and friends of friends are still upstairs, I don’t care. It’s your time My-lourd, let’s go.

I spot a small dark-haired man with a dark look. Go, neither one nor two, I approach, I plant my glance in his, and I begin to dance in front of him. He is far from being insensitive, I lean, he imitates me and our lips touch at last.

The kiss soon becomes too much, too much tongue, too many wandering hands, too much drool. But it’s as if I had no time, as if I was in a hurry to get it over with. I whisper in his ear that I want to go home.

His eyes look at me dumbfounded, and a large smile is drawn on his lips. His look is victorious, he heads for the locker room, I follow him. Unfortunately, he has time to say a few words.

I freeze, ah damn, he’s a jerk. Note for the future, My-lourd, talk to them a little before kissing them!

So yes, he’s not bad at all, but he barely has four words of vocabulary. Whereas he is busy to recover his jacket, I make him false company and I leave on the dance floor.

I spot a tall brown guy at the bar who looks ripped. I approach him and start joking with him. He is very drunk, but very nice and looks to me all in all a good guy.

We chat a bit (if you can call it chatting), then he offers me a drink and invites me to dance. Ah, I believe that I finally hooked the right one.

Karma is a bitch

Behind us, the first prey is looking at us in fear, his jacket on his back. His eyes hate me and desire me at the same time.

The big joker starts to look at me more and more intensely, it’s a good thing, I’ve been putting all my hormones in my pupils for a few minutes.

I grab him behind the neck, run my fingers behind his temples, and bring his face to mine. Our tongues tangle, our lips devour each other. He’s a much better kisser than the one before.

It is decided, it is you that I would put in my bed.

We kiss, we dance, and it is so natural that I almost find it suspicious. Until he excuses himself to go to the bathroom.

He never comes back.

I wait, full of hope, I look for him, I vaucify, and I end up giving up. Too bad, we’ll have to find another one.

You played the man in the leather jacket, this is your reward, you too are left with a watery mouth.

Redneck’s Night Club ?

My-lourd does not intend to return alone this evening. I consider for a moment the dark-haired man and his jacket, but I change my mind. Follow your instinct, we said!

The carbon copy of the first one starts to approach me, I flee, I take refuge with a mixed group. One of the guys comes back to me. But it’s not hunting anymore, it’s shopping at the supermarket.

I don’t like it, I feel like I’m not the hunter anymore but the prey. Come on, this has gone on long enough, I’m tired, discouraged and strangely enough this overflow of unwanted solicitations is spoiling my mojo.

It’s probably a box of cassos, we won’t come back there anymore.

As I move towards the exit, he smiles at me. He is not very handsome, charming at most, but he looks deeply kind.

Then I stop and I begin to speak to him, I show him all these men ready to devour me. My-lourd leaves the place to Mymy for a moment.

It’s his evil version of him who ends up leaning over me and kissing me. His breath smells of cold tobacco, but past this unpleasant taste of ashtray the kiss is rather nice.

Come on, I step back, I look at him again. I focus on his glowing black irises, detach myself from the potential flaws, and decide to take him home.


He suggests I go to his place, it’s closer. I prefer to play house, sorry. When he adds that he lives in an 11m2, I confirm the direction, we go to my place.

11m2, he is 35 years old at least. I wonder, what does he do in life to still live in an 11M2. Ok, who am I to judge, I have hardly the double, but nevertheless.

I observe him on his bike, in his clothes too big for him, with his disheveled look. I don’t dare to imagine the state of his 11m2.

So I ask him, 11m2 is not much, what does he do in life. Night watchman in a hotel, 3 times a week. Do you write? No. Do you make music ? No. Art. No.

I’ll stop the interrogation here. Come on, you’re not going to marry him, just have an orgasm with him. Okay, you think deep down he’s a loser, but after all, you don’t know what got him there.

Eyes bigger than your stomach
We arrive at my place. I kiss him again, I have to get back into it. I almost lost the desire with his stories of night watchman.

That goes, he kisses always as well, and his breath of ashtray almost disappeared.

I take a quick trip to the bathroom, and when I come back, I don’t know what’s going on, but I feel like he has a huge belly.

His huge tshirt, the way he holds himself, in short it’s an optical illusion. But in one look, I feel almost disgusted by him. He comes closer to me, puts his hand behind my neck and kisses me again.

No, but I would have seen, no? It’s not possible? How do I back up now.

We move towards my bed, he takes off my dress, and looks at me with greed. I swallow my saliva, I have to be sure, I pull on his shirt. The skin is revealed. A bun of thirty-year-old takes shape, nothing more.

A priori, I hallucinated. Phew. I can resume my ardor. The foreplay is abrupt, and he is less gifted with his tongue when it comes to my forbidden fruit.

When the time comes to put on the condom, he almost instantly unzips. Sorry, it is with or good night. One tries with several times, it is laborious, one ends up saying good night.

Night awakening

In the middle of the night, while I am sleeping soundly, his hands wandering around my body start to wake me up.

His mini is also wide awake. I am in total lethargy. But the desire and the excitement are born in the hollow of my loins. I want to provoke him even more, I stick my buttocks to him. His gestures become more pushed, more brusque, his lips then his teeth devour my nape.

I feel that he grabs his device. Tttttt say thus, you would not forget something? I search under my pillow, I catch a condom and I give him. Mini me gets a little stiff, but my pelvic movements get the better of his aversion to latex.

And here I am, still drowsy, finally taking pleasure tonight. The spoon of the lazy ones remains a very effective means for the nightly frolics.

He finishes in a twitch and gets up to go to the bathroom. I hardly hear him banging, I go back to sleep soothed.

Morning not cuddly

The day pierces through my curtains, I turn over slowly. His eyes are wide open, he smiles at me.

Ouch, this morning, I find him much less charming than yesterday evening. Yet, strangely, I still want him. Just one last time.

It’s a good thing, he seems ready to do it too. No condom under the pillow, I grab one from the drawer. He is on the verge of making a face. I put it on him, the famous half-soft is back.

The lava takes hold of my body, I am burning with desire, and I transmit my desire to him. Oh miracle, his tool is finally ready to be used.

To be honest, this desire didn’t come from nowhere. I had a hot dream with the waiter the night before, I woke up all tingly.

The romp is short, after all. It’s ugly, but I only need one part of him and my fingers to make me cum. My eyes stay closed, and my mind wanders away from him.

I’m done, he’s not. That’s the way it is, I don’t feel like it anymore. The molten lava has become ice. For pity’s sake, understand the signs, watch my cold gaze. He tries to hug me, I get out of bed.

It’s good, he understood. 5 minutes later, he gives me his number and leaves my apartment.


Time to hibernate a bit
I love to seduce, it’s true.

But the last two dates, I felt like I was losing myself a bit. Doing it more for the challenge than for the desire.

So I’m going into a little hibernation, letting My-lourd sleep for a few weeks, and I’m going to take advantage of it to live things differently!