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The magic of pheromones

The magic of pheromones, Photo by charlesdeluvio on Unsplash

My little bucolic adventure last month did not leave me indifferent. It woke up the beast that was sleeping, and all its pheromone friends.

It’s quite simple, since that evening, not a night goes by without an erotic dream coming to disturb the quietude of my dreams.

It is enough to look at a man, an element of his body which attracts me and my pheromones are set in motion. They are agitated, hungry, and make turn in loop of the not very chaste images in my mind.

I’ve been in this state for almost a month now, when finally… finally I get out. After the vacations and weekends with my family, it’s time for the panther to sink its fangs.

No need for claws when you have your pheromones

I arrive at the bar for my buddy’s 31st birthday. It’s like I feel all my little hormones floating around.

Yes I feel like hunting, but for once, I have no doubt that I’m bringing someone back. A man that I would have chosen, not a second rate lover like I have brought back in the past.

Today, I have more than just mojo, I have nature working for me. Nothing calculated, it will be animal, chemical, of an obvious simplicity.

I chat, I feel good, I scan the crowd, looking for my victim tonight.

There he is. Not my type, but handsome. A blond guy, rather tall, well built, with half-long, straight hair. He has the look of a surfer in winter, a modern pirate. His hands have several silver rings on them. His black sweatshirt highlights the pretty blondness of his hair.

A single prey.

For once, I force myself to focus on just one prey.

I have a confidence that is beyond belief. No, I haven’t forgotten all my complexes, I don’t think I’m Nathalie Portman, I know I’m not the brightest pearl in the crown.

But one thing is sure, if Mister is receptive to his animal side, he won’t let me go home alone.

All it takes is a look and a smile. It is him who ends up addressing me. I do not look at him, I devour him with my eyes. A sensual energy comes out of me.

He invites me to dance with his friends and I dance a little. I want to kiss him. He wants to take his time. Grrrr me, I don’t have time. My hormones have been waiting for a month for this. Give me your lips my darling.

He offers me to come to the smoking room so we can talk. I have something else in mind for our two languages, but it’s a good idea to isolate ourselves.

The flop

As we start to talk a little, I feel that he starts to feel all the little hormones that are approaching. In short I feel him more and more receptive, I approach slowly. And whereas I am close to carry the last blow, a big guy arrives behind him. He turns around, and both of them throw themselves in each other’s arms.

It’s laughing, it’s joking. And I’m just standing there watching the scene. I’ve literally disappeared. He has totally forgotten I am there. I try to bring him back to me, but I see that it’s useless.

He quickly introduces me to his buddy, and goes off into a fusional bromance. Ok, I get it.

I leave the smoking room disappointed. Come on, you’ll meet him later. Why don’t you go join your own girlfriends?

A glimmer of hope

It doesn’t take me long to get back to my friends. A small round of shots later, the blond boy is almost forgotten.

All the more so, that a handsome brunet starts to tease me. Oh yes, this is really my type. A good meter ninety, laughing almond eyes, a nice smile and beautiful brown hair a little curly.

I couldn’t have asked for anything better. My girlfriends went back to dancing, and I stayed to joke with him and his friends. It’s simple, it’s complicit.

In addition, to be hyper beautiful, he is hyper nice and funny. It is not in my bed that I will put him, but in my family book, if it continues.

I have a terrible urge to kiss him. I lean towards him, and I slip in his ear that I would like to put my lips on his. A frank laugh comes out of his throat.

Uh, I missed an episode, didn’t I? He laughs even more when he sees my face, and answers me with a big smile, that it would have been a pleasure… But he likes men, and he is taken.

Ouch it was too good to be true. After a last collective hug, I go back on the dance floor.

The blond who responded to pheromones

And here I am again, dancing and looking for a potential target. For everyone’s sake, I really need to end my month without sex.

While I’m dancing, I meet again the eyes of the beautiful blond boy. He smiles at me, and I come closer. We dance a little, and he suggests again to go to the smoking room.

Go on, my little one. But you’d better not leave me in the water. I’m telling you that.

We talk a little, but his words don’t seem to make their way to my brain. My pupils stare at the movement of his lips. I have only one idea in mind: to taste them.

He offers me to leave, to go home. My hormones have finally bewitched him. Ttttt a kiss first, you never know.

I lean in, and finally I feel his soft lips on mine. His breath smells of tobacco, but the kiss is sensual, neither too much nor too little.

Of course, nothing to do with the chemistry of last month, but it’s not bad either.

The cab of hell

After five big minutes, stuck to each other like two teenagers, we leave the bar, with very unchaste ideas in mind. He orders a cab, and we get into it, more than greedy.

The driver vanquishes us a little, and the small pirate warms up a little, his hands are more and more wandering and it is not to my displeasure.

Unfortunately, it’s impossible to fully enjoy the moment… My head is spinning terribly. The nausea comes quickly, I really don’t know how I’m going to hold on.

I smile at him, he goes back to kissing my neck. I try a little rotary breathing. Breathe, don’t think, it’s okay. Only a few more blocks.

Damn, I’m going to throw up for sure. He kisses me. The taste of tobacco doesn’t help my case. Be strong, girl.

Finally the cab pulls up in front of my house. Hallelujah.


The nausea is still there, but I want to fight so badly that I don’t really care anymore.

We go up the stairs four at a time, my fingers grabbing my keys and I try to open the door as quickly as possible while his lips attack my neck.

He arrives in my apartment. His eyes circle it quickly. I sense a hint of judgment about size, but I don’t let him think too much about it.

The coats are tossed on the chairs and I pull him towards my bed. Come here beautiful surfer…

There is no time, our gestures are hurried. The clothes fly much too quickly. It is hardly if he notices the superb sexy bodysuit which I had put on. (It is well the sorrow to have had snaps which entered me in the shell all evening! ).

His lips, then his teeth go through my body, I let myself do it, I stare at the ceiling while shivering. He is a little brusque, but arrived on my forbidden fruit, he shows all these talents.

Your turn

Me too, I want to please him, and especially I have an irrepressible desire to have him in me. I pull his head towards mine, he lets himself do it and tastes my lips again.

I take again the top, and it is in my turn to traverse his body with my kisses. He says nothing, we say nothing. I gently take care of him.

Honestly, my pheromones control me completely, and at this point, his pleasure is secondary. I only think of mine, and soon enough, I grab a condom and slip it on him.

And bim… the piece of latex has a small counterproductive effect on his desire. Oh no, really? I give it my all, my lips, my fingers and my hips bring him back in line.

He has a beautiful instrument that I intend to use and abuse all night. When he is finally inside me, I feel all his weeks of sexual tension disappearing little by little, I let my intimacy express his gratitude. And very quickly, comes a beautiful orgasm.

On his side, it is not so simple, and after several minutes, several positions, he finally makes his voice heard.

“I drank too much, not sure if it works”.

After a sweet break in his arms, we start again a last attempt to release him from his tensions… Mission accomplished.

A well deserved rest or not…

It’s time to cuddle up and fall asleep… I’m warm in his arms when… I feel nauseous again. My head spins horribly. The Teq pafs were too much.

I try to get up quietly, he asks me if I’m okay. I grumble an unconvincing yes.

And bim, first small vomit of 2023. I wash my teeth and come back to the warmth. This little dance from hell will last for an hour.

When I finally come back to the warmth under the sheets, he is turned towards the wall, and by the sound of his snoring, he is undoubtedly asleep. Too bad, I really wanted a second round.

Cuddly morning

His snoring has kept me up a bit, but I don’t want to put him out right away.

He’s still asleep when my fingers start to run down his back. He has a big tattoo on his arm, my phalanges are having fun redrawing the pattern. His mouth lets escape some small moans of contentment.

I continue my pampering with application, whereas my pheromones wake up voracious. My caresses become more and more naughty, and I try an exploration under the comforter to see what it is of the good man.

Well, he is far from being insensitive. If his eyes are still closed, I know a part of his body that is wide awake.

And what better way to start the morning, after all. I step over him and take care of everything. My lips rest on the back of her neck and my pelvis gently undulates.

It’s almost like I’m giving myself an orgasm. He grunts, he too has finished. We collapse into each other’s arms.

And as if nothing had happened, I continue my pampering. We try a discussion, but it does not take. I know that I will never see him again after this night.

It’s like that, like a tacit agreement, we both know that we have nothing in common. So when, a little before noon, he leaves the bed, puts on his clothes and heads for the door, I don’t even ask him for his number. A last kiss on the lips and goodbye.

It was a beautiful night (well, without the vomit, it would have been better…), but wasn’t it so because it was unique?