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A little wild return… 141

My libido came back, and it didn’t not go in for half measures. But when you don’t have a home, where do you do it? The street?

Libido’s return… Photo by Deon Black on Unsplash

The story of this night when the libido finally came back will be a bit short…

Indeed, my memories remain a little confused by alcohol, and let’s say that this evening, I didn’t make lace, even if I wore some…

Stronger Libido than ever

So here we are on a Thursday, 3pm, I’m not working tonight at the restaurant. And… my libido is back. I’m grieving, and it’s stronger than ever. Thank God I won’t become a nun!

So tonight I want to, tonight I want to end the two and a half months of abstinence. No matter what…

I’m hanging out on Tinder, unconvinced by the profiles I’m matched with. Oh well, this one is not so bad. I warm him up nicely, but surely…

Oh, and real life is better, I drink some white wine at the hostel, and I join my friend Marco and his friends at the bar.

Uh… It’s funny, you look like Sebastian from Tinder…

When I arrive at the bar, it doesn’t take me a second to realize that the man sitting in front of Marco, with whom he’s laughing happily, is none other than the Tinder match I just teased… Oops.

He turns around, he stares at me, he introduces himself. No more doubt, Sebastian is also called Sebastian in real life. He smiles mischievously at me. Well, it looks like I found my cookie for tonight.

It was too easy to be true, after several pints, he leaves us, he leaves to work. We decide to go to drink and to eat in his bar… that suits me very well.

The evening continues, the glasses empty the ones after the others, the beer makes place to the margaritas, then to the red wine.

Too bad… You missed your chance.

We leave the restaurant of Sebastian to join the bar of my former hostel. It is not my favorite bar, but it rains, I have 5 grams of alcohol in the blood, and we join a good friend there.

Sebastian promises to join us. He will never come.

I do not even know what I drink any more, I have the impression to have 20 years. In the toilets, everything turns, I speak to my reflection in the mirror, I laugh… The hangover of tomorrow is gonna be hard.

I try a karaoke on “I will survive”. Small failure, the ridiculousness does not kill.

Let’s dance… Let’s dance…

And I decide to dance, again and again. I love it when a man makes me dance, when he makes me turn on myself. Beware, I am not a very good dancer, I don’t want to follow, I stomp. But if my partner knows how to tame me, then it is a pleasure for both of us.

That night, I think the beast was absolutely impossible to tame. My two riders were the ones who paid the price.

I can see that Brazilianos (it’s a pseudonym, don’t get carried away!!) looks at me with desire, envy. Well, he didn’t manage to tame me on the dance floor, but after all. Still no sign of Sebastian, I consult my phone. It is too late for him… Too bad.

An urge a little too strong

Facing the greedy face of Brazilianos, I kiss him. He returns the kiss, passionate. It is very clear that he wants it. His kiss is pleasant and powerful.

He is tall, sturdy, a little round. A nice smile lights up his face. He is bald, not quite my type, but okay.

I slip in his ear that I want him, right now, right now. He looks at me disconcerted. Uh, now… but… My actions leave him no choice.

My libido has taken control of my brain. I pull him out. We cross the street.

He doesn’t know what to do, he grabs me, he kisses me. We can’t go to my place, I’m in a dorm with 5 girls. But he has an apartment, let’s go.

No, we can’t. The reason is as blurry as my eyesight at that moment. He persists, we can’t go to his place.

Yes, but I really want to, and I don’t intend to wait. It’s tonight or never!

The old way…

So we do it, right there on the sidewalk, in the street. We’re not even out of sight.

My modesty is with my dignity, far away, fleeing the fury of my libido. Too bad.

It’s a pretty mediocre sex episode. He’s had too much to drink, he’s trying, he even takes care of me, lying on the pavement.

Too much alcohol, a hazardous terrain, and even a passer-by who will have seen too much. This resumption of a sexual life, is a bit mediocre, but at least, I could only get better…

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