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I was happy to join Cairns, because I knew that I was going to find there a lover whose sensuality had already proved itself.

Sensuality, Alexander Krivitskiy on Unsplash

Remember my failed four-way, and that lover who made me feel so good? 

Well, when my road trip arrived, I planned to take advantage of my presence in Cairns to see him, touch him and explore other facets of  our pleasures together. 

A missed start

After 17 days of camping, I had this stupid idea that I was going to meet him in his beautiful ocean view apartment. He has an important job in a hotel, I was imagining a roof top or a bay window facing the blue ocean. Haha when I think back, I had made a little personal fantasy: imagining myself lying in white sheets, waiting for him lasciviously when he would go to work. 

Well, my little golden dream bubble soon burst. If two weeks before my arrival, he seemed more than excited about my detour to Cairns, two days before it, he was playing dead. The day after my arrival, I send him a little message… Still no answer, a priori the excitement of seeing me again is gone. 

It’s bad timing, because after the torture of those 17 days, my mojo is down. Hunting when your mojo is this low is like chasing a gazelle with only one good leg… A guaranteed failure.

It’s been a month since I’ve slept with a guy, my hormones are on fire but my confidence is at half-mast.  I was so happy to find an attentive lover, a sure thing, where pleasure and self-esteem would be there. It seems to me to be compromised. 

I’m in a bad mood, he might answer anyway. 

Finally, a day later he finally write to me. Too much work, sorry. But he’s available on Saturday. Finally, my dream of a sensual, orgasmic night resurfaces. 

Yes… No… Yes ?

On Fridays, he’s supposed to work in the evening, but he waves me off around 10:30. He’s done. Perfect that, I can already feel the excitement building, the heat invading my pelvis. 

But that’s without counting on his hesitation, he sends me little pictures, then takes ten years to answer. I shower, get ready, hoping to see him later, you never know. He seems to be in quite a dilemma, at the same time excited about my coming, he fears not being able to wake up at 6:30 am the next day to go to work. Roh, come on…

Our exchanges are laborious, he has to give me the green light. I find the male inability to give a clear answer well, he beats around the bush, does not say no, but does not shout a big yes. 

He’s too hesitant, I keep texting him, but I’m heading to a night club with two new buddies from the hostel. Deep down, I have no desire to go out, no desire for another man. I want him, tonight.  But rather than going around in circles at the hostel, I might as well do something with my carcass. 

Finally, a word a little more convincing than the others, I leave the line and jump in a cab.

The newfound sensuality

Finally, I arrive in front of his building, walk around the building to meet him at the entrance. I see his shadow in the distance. He looms in the darkness, I’m already smiling and the excitement is redoubling in my panties. 

Our eyes finally catch, he looks me up and down and we kiss. I love this manly, assertive male kiss. His hands rest on my hips and on my buttocks, umm the rest of the night promises to be most enjoyable. 

He leads me to his apartment. Here, it’s on the first floor. Ah, me who dreamed of making love against a bay window, we will repass. We arrive in a small corridor, we take on the left directly in his room.

It’s after midnight, so I understand he’s in a hurry. But I’m still curious about the rest of his apartment. I won’t have the time.

His hands grab my skin, his lips kiss my neck, my breasts. He rocks me on the bed, pulls up my long dress and starts kissing my legs, his tongue moves up to my intimacy. I tilt my head back, he has lost none of his talent.


The pleasure is almost immediately there. His fingers are expert, his tongue is greedy, and he is both extremely attentive to my pleasure, and full of authority andgrip. My vulva is burning, and I couldn’t have been wetter jumping into the ocean… 

His body is sexier than I remember. His broad shoulders, muscular back, and drawn arms make me want to bite into it, to press my body against his. I had in memory the small bun of the forty-year-old, but not at all, he has an athletic and wide body… in short very sensual.

The fire between my legs only increases, I want him on me and in me. But he won’t give up, and he has only one goal: to bring me to orgasm, the real one. 

We improvise a naughty 69, it’s crazy how his pleasure is linked to mine.Every time I flinch with pleasure, I feel his member stiffen between my lips. My caresses and curious tongue don’t leave him unmoved either. 

But it’s time, I want him. I want to feel his desire swelling between my loins. 

The romp is so sensual, mouths finding each other, separating, devouring each other’s salty skin. We change position several times. He takes the opportunity to devour my fruit again and again.

I’ve met some apricot gourmands, but Jeremy is definitely the greediest. 

I have no idea how much time passes, what time it is. If I don’t have an orgasm, I nevertheless shiver under his caresses, I revel in his greed, I cling to his body, I devour him again and again. 

It is relaxed and embraced that we fall asleep.

A morning all about sensuality…  

His alarm clock goes off at 6:00 am. I feel all sleepy, I have no desire to get up. With a gentle movement, he passes his arm over me, and grabs the device. Instantly, calm returns, he taps on the screen, and puts it back on his side.

Tell me, can we still sleep? He comes to curl up on my back, but I can feel between my buttocks that he is wide awake. His hands begin to roam my body, then his lips, and his tongue. My body, warm from sleep, lets him do it lasciviously. The pleasure rises, my muscles wake up, and my desire for him becomes stronger and stronger.

He kisses me, I must have the worst breath in the world, but he doesn’t care. His kiss is filled with desire and so much sensuality that it makes me shiver. And his nimble fingers continue to dance across my pleasure button.

This is it, his phalanges are in exactly the right place, they activate again and again. I don’t respond anymore, my body is like electrified by a superb morning orgasm. I kiss him harder, I clutch him so that this long awaited moment lasts again and again… 

It’s my turn to please him, but very soon he wants to be inside me and I don’t mind. Once again, the romp is sensual and greedy. 

After more than two hours of caresses and pleasure, our bodies separate. He can’t put off his professional duties any longer… Too bad, he whispers to me that he would have liked to spend his day licking me… it sounded like a good program. 

An awkward moment…

As he finishes shaving, I decide to browse the apartment. I’m curious, that’s how.

The second reason for my intrusion is that I need the bathroom terribly, but he’s squatting in the bathroom. Who knows, maybe there are other toilets elsewhere?

I step into the hallway, turn the handle on the other door. I step into what appears to be the open kitchen. Dirty dishes litter the sink and countertop, I imagined a more luxurious place. My eyes desperately search for a door that could lead to a possible toilet, I move forward into the room, and find myself in the living room… 

A blonde woman is sitting on the couch, looking at me with surprise. I’m stunned, damn, I wasn’t expecting that. I stammer  a few excuses, and turn to go back, when I emit an impromptu fart. The shame is double, I rush towards the room. Oh boy, boy, boy.

Jeremy is still getting ready. I am embarrassed, is it his wife, his mistress, his daughter? 

He smiles at me in the mirror. So I tell him about my encounter in the living room, of course I leave out the sound part of my visit to the living room. He laughs, it’s his roommate. But then, when you run a hotel, do you really need a roommate? I’m starting to doubt his sincerity.

He’s moving in a month, he’s changed apartments, his stuff is in Brisbane. Okay, okay… I’ll go check it all out. His kisses on my neck make my negative thoughts fly away, and then after all, if he has a wife, kids and so on, it’s not my problem.

Finally he leaves the bathroom, release!

He drives me back to my hostel, kisses me and promises me a little night out at a bar before we get back on the horse… 

Goodbye Sensuality

After he drops me off, I feel light, alive and beautiful. There are those men who do as much good to your body as they do to your mind. The way he looks at me, touches me, but also his words so flattering and free, all that replenishes my confidence, caresses my soul and gives me in this morning, the feeling of being a beautiful, confident and unique woman! 

As the hours pass, the feeling gives way to impatience. After a nap in the sun, (it is that he exhausted me this night), I send him a small message to confirm the time of appointment. Once again the message is late in coming. And the feeling of lightness of the morning is replaced by a touch of annoyance: Old people and technology!

He eventually replied cheerfully, a nap, a shower and he called me to pick me up. It was too good to be true.

After five hours of circling, five unanswered messages, one message on his voicemail, and two naughty pictures, I capitulate, and go to bed, disappointed and bitter. What is his excuse? Is he with wife and children, does he have another lover? Whatever the reason, canceling would have been the least respectful.

In the morning, bitterness turned to anger, no messages during the night. It’s 7:00 am, I can’t sleep, I feel silly, and the sweet feeling of being a special woman is gone. 

I go for a run, walk along the esplanade, past his hotel, then past his apartment. Part of me would like to run into him and confront him, the other part is just trying to forget the affront he gave me.

As I interrupt my footng, my cell phone finally displays Jeremy’s name. His message is spontaneous. He just woke up from his nap. He slept through the whole thing. Truth or lie?

Last chance

He promises to make it up to me, he leaves for Port Douglas that morning for Mother’s Day, but returns later in the day. He looks sincere and is concerned about my schedule for the day. 

Go, one last chance to boost my ego, one last romp in Cairns? One last night of sensuality before I leave?

The day passes, and my throat is tight, I feel like I’m going to leave frustrated. I hate waiting and being in this acidic uncertainty? I almost wish he would have lifted the doubt and not left me with the hope of seeing him one last time.

Late in the afternoon, he confirms to me that he has not returned. That he won’t be back for a few hours, I try to give up the idea, to find a replacement lover, I have 3 under my belt, three ready to take over. But it is him that I want. I want sensuality that I know, I want expert hands, caresses that hit the spot. I don’t have the courage to face the disappointment of a less talented, more demanding or simply less sexy lover.

Finally, I have a pleasant evening and in very good company of my friends from the hostel. I wouldn’t have lost everything. If he comes back tonight, I will see him, if not, too bad. At 11pm, he confirms my fears, he stays in Port Douglas. The bitterness is gone with the jokes and the laughter. He has a life, a real one, here, when I’m only here to pass through.

Drunk, I send him a kind farewell message. After all, he will remain in my memory this careful and sensual lover, who by his look and his caresses, made me feel more beautiful. This time, he answers quickly, and compliments me one last time. 


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