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The Swedes have a small pecker? 136

Men are like potato chips, you eat one and you crave a second… Who’s it going to be tonight? Maybe the swedish over there ? A small pecker…

Small pecker, Photo by Charles Deluvio on Unsplash

Sustained by my little prey of the previous day, I hesitated to go back to Harry, or to behave. I wasn’t really planning on multiplying the prey in the same weekend.

Not that I mind, it wouldn’t be the first time I slept with two boys in two days, I’ve done worse, but let’s just say it wasn’t premeditated.


Still intoxicated by the gin and tonics that I have happily chained together, I begin to perceive that desire is rising within me. I want sex, again, again.

Harry’s busy, and I’m craving something new. It must be said, too, that I was a little cold to poor Harry this Saturday. He looked at me, I didn’t know it, he came up to me and took me in his arms, I ran away… I’m sorry Harry, but you were my Friday dinner, I don’t eat the same thing two nights…

Um, who would I sharpen my fangs on?


Another girl, an Austrian girl, used to rub up against all the guys. Pretty enough, she used to go through the motions, touch them, twirl them, sit on their lap. She’d go around and around, trying to get their attention. She had it! And I think several of them had their crotches tight when she approached them… Yes, but by running after several hares at the same time, we lose them all!

Young girl (well, she was my age…), you will learn that if you really want to bring a man back to your den, focus on one and only one prey…


Johan, the Swedish guy, a blond guy, blue eyes, is one of the ones left in awe after the Austrian tornado. I didn’t have to do much, the sweet had already pre-hunted him for me, already warmed him up, ready to be eaten.

I’ve never slept with a Swede, this is my chance. And then in the afternoon, I had the opportunity to observe his beautiful back and his bare chest… He came out of the shower, in Chinese pants, and was walking around with his upper body at the mercy of my greedy eyes. He had aroused my interest.

Sitting on the terrace, I sat down next to him. I start to talk a little. I come to mention my “competitor”, and I tell him that she is the kind of girl who will warm you up but never eat you… he nods at the chef. My eyes are already in action and planted in hers, they make her understand that if she is not hungry, I, on the other hand, am a little peckish…

Then my words complete my look, I’m not the kind to tickle his desire to let him cool down on the terrace. He gets the message. He offers me a lift.

Roh perfect! But what an easy weekend again! The rabbit commits suicide by throwing himself into the fox’s mouth ! Good, I felt the alcohol would attack my ability to hunt effectively.


In the middle of the stairs, he kisses me. The kiss is really good. I’m very pleasantly surprised. He’s less drunk than Harry was the night before, and I can feel it.

We grab hold of each other, he’s excited, I love it. It’s one of my favorite moments, when desire seems to sweat from the pores of our skin, when we want to devour each other but we’re still only having drinks…

In the corridor, he follows me, he sticks his pelvis to my buttocks, I almost run… Grrr Catch me if you can.

We arrive in the room, I put my canteen outside (code between my roommate and me to say we’re busy with a guy… ) and I push him inside !

The kisses get more and more intense, the shirts fly, the underwear too. I hurriedly grab the condom pouch, it falls to the ground. The little colored squares spill out onto the floor.


Lying on his back, he’s there in front of me… His little pecker stretched out towards me… Oops, I drop the condom, and I take the smaller ones, those that hurt well-hung men… No problem for Johan, I think.

Funny, I’d have imagined the Swedes had big ones. But not this one. It’s not really the length, which is certainly rather short, but it’s the width… Yes, it’s the size of a carrot, I’d say…

Anyway, once the surprise passes, we kiss again when he finally comes in. And I don’t feel much… Oops. I try to weave my fingers between his pelvis and mine to elicit my own pleasure. But he’s stuck to me.

I like that on one hand. It reminds me of the way Kiki, an ex-boyfriend, used to make love to me. He grabs me, squeezes me, I’m crushed by his weight and desire. Yeah, except Kiki, he was a little better hung… and then I was more excited? I don’t know… but this is really not happening.


He’s getting up all of a sudden. I don’t understand, he brings his pelvis towards my face. Uh, what are you doing, young man? Splash, I didn’t even have time to back up, his semen’s already splattered all over my neck.

Thanks, but if I could just avoid getting red eyes again… Really? I can’t believe it! I thought he was innocent and a little shy, and he just tried to give me a facial without a preamble? Wow, wow, wow.

I wipe myself with my sports towel. Remind me to clean it tomorrow… And then I laugh, he laughs too and apologizes with his lips. I really wasn’t expecting it.

He’s embarrassed now, he can’t take responsibility for what he’s done. Well, that’s not all, but it lasted 3 minutes… How can I say it, I usually have a good appetite, so I can’t be satisfied with a peanut.


We cuddle, he’s got friendly arms and I’m good. But we’re in a girls’ dorm, so it’s best not to stay too long. Unless it’s to really use our time here…

I try to rub my buttocks, magic recipe… But his little pee-pee is asleep… and he doesn’t seem ready to wake up.

Tough luck! I say we have to get out of here fast, that it’s really risky what we’re doing. I start to get dressed, he looks at me a little sharp. Chop-chop Blondie, back to the party!

I’m off to wash up, that’s not all, but I’m not going to walk around with your sperm for a necklace.


When we get downstairs, he’s already on the terrace. I stay inside and we debrief with my friends. Poor thing, I’m drunk and the last secrets of decency have been shattered. I could have refrained, it’s true, from telling everyone the size of his limb… But I couldn’t help myself…

No, on the other hand, my friend Eddy could also have refrained from saying it loud and clear… on the terrace in the presence of the interested party… Poor thing. He must have hated me…


Well, he doesn’t seem to hold it against me after all. A little hour later, he walks by and blows me off that he forgot his wallet in my room. I shrug my shoulders, don’t worry, he can go get it…

He takes my hand and looks into mine. Haha yes, I understand now, am I stupid… He prefers that I come with him. Naughty little Swede.

I follow him down the stairs, he kisses me again, makes me feel again, my desire awakens. We almost run to the bedroom.

Bottle of water, door closed, clothes gone. Condoms are still on the floor… A little pink for little Kiki, I change position, I try to take one where I’m sure I can make do with myself just in case.

Well I hope that this time, you’ll take your time my little blondie. He’s banging his head, it’s a bad sign…

My fingers are tapping on my anatomy, as long as he doesn’t come too fast… I can feel him reaching behind my back… Not already??

He comes out and sticks to me for a cuddle… Ok Blondie, you have a small pee-pee, let’s move on, but at least be a little tough…? Argh!

Well I feel like I’m going to be a little hungry tonight, he doesn’t seem to be using his fingers very well and he’s trying in vain to get my pleasure out of the way… without success.

My cell phone is on, my roommate wants to sleep, perfect time to stop our hug and go back to partying, since he couldn’t do mine…

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