Brisbane, first steps

Here I am in Brisbane, and I don’t know if it comes from my state of mind or from the city itself but… I am not convinced…

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Bad start for Dark Mymy

Well, here I am, here I am in Brisbane. I was so happy to move, to leave, to see something else. But the urge passed, the dream broke in a few minutes.

After a 4h20 flight, I arrive at Brisbane airport, waiting for my incredible 29 kilos suitcase and my 15 kilos backpack. I go out to get my uber, it’s raining, it’s stifling hot and the air is unbearably humid.

It’s already past 10 pm, I’ll see the city another time. The driver Uber smells of sweat and the air is unbreathable in the cabin. Come on, positive. Brisbane is going to be cool. Plus, you’ll meet Eddie and Mara there, and then you’ll visit a roommate’s room tomorrow. Smile, it’s gonna be fine.

I arrive at the hostel, a horde of drunken backpackers prevent me from entering. I clear my throat. Hum hum, I’d like to pass by. They make a small place for me, but I can barely sneak in with all my luggage. Inside, I call them all names. Dark Mymy is in place…

No improvement

I wait a moment at the reception desk before they finally welcome me. The guy looks like he’s on drugs. He looks at my luggage with circumspect eyes.

My room is on the second floor… Great… He’s checking me out. With his lips, he asks me if I need help to bring my bags up. In front of so much enthusiasm, how to refuse. If as a normal person, I would have been proud, the two floors are right in my warrior mode.

Quickly, he grabs my backpack, smart guy! At the same time, he is hardly stronger than me.

Two floors, lifting my suitcase so heavy, and I arrive in the room. 3 girls in their twenties are sitting on the floor, they barely look up at me and continue their conversation. I see that I am welcome.

I quickly run to the shower. Although the building is new and well decorated, the showers and bathroom are dirty and poorly maintained. I only stay there for two days, no big deal.

I go to bed, the young girls haven’t even had a smile, I put my headphones over my ears. The laughter and the voices continue until 1:00 a.m. I love my roommates!

First Day

The next day, I get up early. Free breakfast, I take. And I leave the hostel for the library, I have my freelance job to finish. It’s cooler than the day before, but the sky is gray… It’s in the colors of my mood.

At the library, I concentrate and I manage to start a lot of work, and almost finish my prose. Finally, I find Eddie at the library. It’s a pleasure to see him, his enthusiasm, his dynamism are almost communicative.

Come on, I’m back to my positive side. Besides, with a bit of luck, the room I visit this afternoon will be the right one.

I leave the library for my visit, I take the train, then the chick comes to pick me up by car. They come in pairs, it’s cute. They seem nice.

We arrive in front of the house, it is not right next to the train either. In front of the house, they start calling someone. A man in his sixties (or even older) comes out of the first floor. He is limping a little.

Uh, but that is to say that I didn’t imagine that I would also live with an old man (I can hear myself… you know what I mean.), I don’t need a daddy walking around the house…

He starts to show me around, the house is clean but old. There are two bedroom options, one without windows, and one without a door. Ok, I don’t think I’m asking the moon to have a door and a window.

I don’t feel this house, I’m disappointed, this was the place I had set myself… I’ll have to find something else.


The second evening, I stay in my room, I hardly eat. I feel so sad and lonely all of a sudden. Tears come quickly. I contact my friends in France, my friends in Perth, I share my sorrow, and I receive their little messages of support. It’s okay, it’s only the beginning, change is always difficult.

Hostel change and visits

The next day, I leave early for Eddie’s hostel, no more unbearable 20-year-old chicks, it’s off to the real Backpackers hostel in the cool part of town.

I arrive there, I put my luggage in the locker room and I leave to visit other houses with Eddie. I hope to find a sharehouse!

The first houses are awful, it smells rotten, it’s dirty and the rooms are shabby. The third house has again a room without windows (But what’s their problem here??) and a superb room. Yes the second bedroom I really like, it’s big, has a nice fireplace, a big cupboard and … a window !

Yes really, I have a little crush on this room of this sharehouse.

The last house is uninteresting and really dirty. No thanks. I’m ready to take the house with the fireplace… Except that, well yes Girl, you don’t have a salary ! And you’re going to have to put down a small file. I give up in advance. Especially since I don’t have the $800 deposit in my account right now. Too bad.

One Lock Down, One !

So my mood is not in good shape. I want a room of my own, but I don’t want to make a three-month commitment… I’m not sure I like Brisbane.

And to top it all off… a case of Covid has broken out in the city, we’re in lock down for three days! Why, but why did I leave Perth? I am demoralized.

We get confined at 6pm in the evening, Eddie and I go to the library to work in the afternoon. I finish my freelance, it’s at least a good thing done. We leave the library early, to go shopping, otherwise I have nothing to eat tonight.

Crazy australians

Arrived at Coles, many shelves are empty, including meat, bread, eggs… It’s crazy, people just panicked ! Oh, oh, guys, it’s open during the three days, we’re not at war either !

In short, we still manage to buy some food and we leave to the hostel. I finish settling down. Roh, I am in a top bed, the room is dilapidated, that does not smell very good. I feel sad, I go to bed early.

First days : lock down

I move in a small office near the pool with Eddie and Cassie, his friend, very nice. The weather is gloomy, I imagined Brisbane super sunny…

I’m writing, about all the things I hadn’t written, I’m looking for a job too and a room in a flat share… I’m having a hard time, I decide to take an Airbnb certainly more expensive but without any commitment, without investment, for two weeks from the following Friday.

My Pool office

During these three days of confinement, I oscillate between doubts, fear and sadness, but also good times, I get to know Eddie’s friends and I must admit that socializing makes me feel good.

I look for courage through calls to my relatives, to my friends. I no longer know what I want.

We are allowed to go out to exercise, I go out to get to know Brisbane walking… with an improvised mask. Well Brisbane, it’s a big Perth, a beautiful river that meanders through… The buildings… I’m not transported. At night, with the lights it’s a little better.

The Lagoon

The second day of lock down, I leave to go and see the Lagoon. I expect to see an artificial beach on the river, generally natural, turquoise and I don’t know, I’, expecting something relative to its name, should I?

Ah well, I’m glad I walked here… It’s a big pool, that’s it. So yes, the docks are well laid out, it’s nice to walk around, but… Uh Lagoon, Lagoon, you got a bit carried away with the name, didn’t you?

Brisbane, the lagoon

Cheer up and End of Lock Down

Last day of lock down, the weather is nice, I enjoy the pool and I harass you with Facebook posts. In the evening, I have a good time, I tell myself that life is not so bad.

Tuesday, end of lock down. I was going to get my electric bike and start Uber Eat… But hey, my account is blocked, I have to change city on the app. It’s going to take another week, I can feel it!

Well, too bad, maybe it’s a sign. I print some resumes and on the way to the library with Cassie, I distribute them in cafes and bars. After the library, we go from restaurant to restaurant to sell ourselves. Cassie has experience as a bartender and barista, I only have experience as a waitress… And then, she is American, so necessarily, in comparison, my English…

Three restaurants will call her, me, nada.

Make a living of Freelance and Uber Eat

I finally spend my week freelancing by the pool, exploring a bit of Brisbane, talking to people I like, waiting for my Airbnb.

No news from the cafes, my Uber eat account is still pending…

I feel that Brisbane doesn’t want me, or I don’t want Brisbane.

During my first week here, I’m registering at several sites to give French courses, we’ll see. I don’t think I’m going to stay very long.

Airbnb and good points for Brisbane

Well, I’m still going to end on a positive note, otherwise you’re going to say, uh, you’re in Australia, it’s summer and you’re complaining, do you want us to put our lives in the balance??

So I put a little bit of Dark Mymy in the closet, and I aim for the positive.

I’ve invested my Airbnb and I’m very well installed, it’s just a room in a house, but it’s my space,. my clothes are stored in a big cupboard, my books line up on the desk, my pictures hang on the wall. Yes, it’s my little home for at least two weeks.

I’m still freelancing, and fortunately, today is what puts the spinach on the plate. Hopefully, I’ll start Uber Eat tomorrow, if… Ouhla, I stop Uber is a tense subject to stay positive!

The plan, stay here until February 5-6, see my friends from time to time, and enjoy the quietness of my room to write, for my Freelance and then for me!

Ah, and there are still a few things to do around here, and I plan to take a few days to go and see them! In particular a certain island with… koalas! I want to see my first koala!

After, direction the South, Byron Bay and company. I do not make any more plans on the comet… we remember Perth!

Oh and Brisbane

I almost forgot, Brisbane… It’s modern. It’s a pleasant city to live in, with lots of entertainment, most of it free.

I went running with a running club, I visited a park at night with nice light shows, hum bars and restaurants look nice. The area where I live in West End seems rather cool… The walks near the river are cool.

We can climb on rocks not far from the city center… Ah also, I discovered a small market near my house every saturday… rather nice….

Eh eh, you were waiting for the but… It’s here…

But it lacks charm, old buildings, almost dirt ^^, and especially for me beaches are missing! The first beaches are at one hour, it’s too far… So 3 weeks and bye bye !

So see you in 3 weeks for the Balance sheet !

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