Cairns, lightning passage

Cairns ? Uh, I met interesting people, friends, and enjoyed 5 days of sun and relaxation… Too bad, I didn’t see anything…

Cairns view, the only picture I took

I wasn’t really planning to stay in Cairns for more than a couple of days, but a rock-bottom plane ticket decided otherwise. So that’s 5 days I stayed in the modest city of Cairns.

Nothing very exciting to do there

Cairns is as I said in my road trip article, a small town that amounts to a large industrial area and a few streets, a few restaurants, a large pool and an esplanade. Ah and a night market, full of Chinese tourist products… The dream, what…

Bref, I got through it very very quickly.

But if people go to Cairns, it’s not for the city itself, but for all that’s around it. Barrier reef, Daintree Forrest, Port Douglas in the north, hiking, islands, national parks… Yes, there is a multitude of things to do around… When you have a car…

A relaxing city

My little week there, I didn’t feel like running after time anymore, I felt like relaxing and most of all laughing and meeting people.

With no car and starting to run out of money, I couldn’t consider sightseeing tours, just thinking about it made me nauseous.

So I just enjoyed the relaxing atmosphere and the beautiful weather. I made new acquaintances, new buddies, had a good laugh, and relaxed.

Sports, happy hour, birthday party, pool… Nothing exciting.

I mostly met my Sydney guide and friend Andrès there, and lots of beautiful people!

If I could have, I would have done

  1. The Daintree Forest
  2. Cape Tribulation
  3. A walk on a river to see the crocs
  4. Green Island to snorkel or dive.
  5. Fitzroy Island, same.
  6. Walshs Pyramid

We can’t see everything, we can’t do everything..

Goodbye Cairns.

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