Spending Christmas in Australia

Ah yes, it’s the first time I spend Christmas in Australia… It’s unusual, that’s for sure! But it was a nice party…

Christmas in Australia … The little family

Here is for the first time, I did not spend Christmas on our good old French territory! Worse, I spent Christmas more than 14,000 kilometers away from my little family and in the southern hemisphere!

What’s up? How does it feel?

Well… It’s like eating a raclette on a white sandy beach at 40 degrees… it doesn’t make much sense.

It must be said that the days before Christmas and Christmas, it was a good forty degrees… So the poor Santa Claus and his big coat, I don’t quite see what he’s doing there.

Well the fir trees… we’re talking about the tree that is too hot in your living room, then the one that is under 40 degrees, you can imagine… As a result, Australians are quite creative in terms of fir trees, I let you admire the beer tree…

Christmas’ Eve

So, yes, I did celebrate Christmas, not so much out of need or envy, but it was a chance to get together and enjoy many of my favorite people in Perth.

We celebrated at Val, Alexis and Max’s house. Everyone cooked or prepared something. It was a nice, fun evening, with a great gift opening. In short, an evening of secret Santa like you can do everywhere… But rarely on Christmas Eve.

Christmas Day!

On Christmas Day, direction the beach. I don’t have the head to socialize, I prefer to splash around for hours. I still lend myself to the game to take some pictures…

On the evening of the 25th, it is Christmas Eve at the inn. And it’s… Rubbish! The food is that of a children’s buffet (nuggets, sandwiches, pasta salad… ) and there are too many strangers who come to spend only a few days in Perth. Yes, I shout it out loud, it was rotten. Too bad, I had already had my Christmas anyway!

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