City Beach, Herisson Island and… My early job search…

I go to the library to print it out, and I’m supposed to hand out my resumes, but it’s 35 degrees, and I feel like swimming. I join Guillaume at City Beach again, where we’ll enjoy the nice sunset before going home, to get out better in the evening!

City Beach (Photo by Lucie Marchant on Unsplash)

Back at the hostel, surrounded again, I still feel like I’m on holiday, yet I’ll have to find a job at some point. During my retreat by the beach, I redid my CV and applied a little. It’s time for me to print them out and go around the bars in the city.

New Energy

Monday, first step, I sign up for gym in the morning. Let’s go to keep a summer body, 24 euros for two months, I’m not going to deprive myself.

In the afternoon, it’s terribly hot, I want to go to the sea, Coralie offers me to go with her. Too bad, I applied online this morning, I have the whole week to do it.

City Beach

So we both discover City Beach, a nice beach, with a very rough sea that day.

In the evening, I take advantage of the last hours of the library to print my CV and continue my RSA online.


The RSA will allow me to work in bars and all places that serve alcohol. After 117 questions on all aspects of alcohol sales and prevention, I have to do a computer simulation. Well, simulation over, I thought I was done with the RSA … Well… (clears throat) No!

I have to make an appointment for a role-playing phone call the next day! I hate the phone, so I’m going to get served…

Short quiet evening, the next day I’m fresh, sports, answers to online ads, and I wait patiently for my call for the RSA.

First interview

Finally, I get a call from a company offering me an interview the next day. I’m happy, then I reread the ad I applied for, I suspect it’s a door-to-door job… Come on, we’ll see!

Interview in the pocket, the phone rings, I’m less nervous than expected, and the role-playing goes well. It’s ok I have my RSA !!!

City beach the return

I go to the library to print it out, and I’m supposed to hand out my resumes, but it’s 35 degrees, and I feel like swimming. I join Guillaume at City Beach again, where we’ll enjoy the nice sunset before going home, to get out better in the evening!

The next day, same routine, except at 12:15 I have an interview, so let’s go. The interview is quick, I understand it’s really a door-to-door job. I’ll have the answer tonight.


I have my CVs in my bag, but my morale that day is not in good shape, I don’t feel the soul of a conqueror and I don’t dare to go into bars to apply. So much the worse. I’ll go this afternoon.

In the afternoon, I post resumes to be a saleswoman in several stores, most of them tell me to apply online. I leave a little disappointed and discouraged.

The river

I don’t feel like continuing this day anymore, I decide to go to Herisson Island where normally I could see little kangaroos. I discover other parts of Perth, I walk along the river…

It’s a bit hard to get to the island but I make it, it’s quiet and peaceful… But still no kangaroos. I’m on the lookout, I watch the movements under the trees…

Herisson Island

I wonder if today isn’t a bad day, and I might see some kangaroos! Still nothing.

And finally… I see something moving, no doubt it’s a kangaroo! Yessss !

I approach slowly, I talk to them calmly. They let themselves be approached. I take a few pictures, I take advantage and I leave.

I’m finally going back to the hostel. It’s good to have everyone back.

Stress before my observation day

I have a call from my interview, observation day Thursday, which is tomorrow!

After one night… Very short. Yeah well, I missed going out… I’m off to the gym, getting dressed for my observation day. I have no idea what to wear. I ask the guy who’s supposed to pick me up for help, he says “smart casual”… Yep, yep, yep. Well, that doesn’t help me much, does it?

Black suit and my white sneakers, and I’m off to catch the train. An hour’s ride, an hour where I’m already starting to have doubts. I arrive at the train station, Jono, an Australian of Filipino origin is waiting for me. His car is a bit rotten, but it’s a bit cooler than outside.

We drive around, we talk, I ask him about the job, he’s enthusiastic and even tells me that he made 7000 dollars in one week last month… It’s kind of motivating.

Yeah, I feel like it’s not for me.

You arrive at a McDonald’s, there are several people there, most of them know each other and all of them are English native speakers. I don’t really feel the atmosphere.

A manager just arrived, she’s putting us in groups. Jono will be the one I’ll be watching. They’re starting in teams of four for the role-playing. They speak fast, they’re good at their speech, and they’re good at their repartee. People are offered water filters (the water here is very chlorinated), the sales teams only offer free tests made by a technician who will try to sell the system. I’m starting to panic a bit, I don’t see myself at all at this speed.

Another manager comes in, congratulates the best salesman of the week, gives a short motivational speech and then everyone gets a map on their phone and leaves.

Longest afternoon of my life.

And here really begins the longest afternoon of my life. Crazy heat, no bottled water and dozens of pavilions. Our method of covering the neighborhood doesn’t seem to be very efficient and the whole early afternoon is just knocking on the doors of absolutely empty houses.

At the end of the day, at 6pm, after 15 refusals, 50 closed doors and 5 signatures, Jono won 350 euros. That’s not bad.

I’ve been thinking about it, but… Money isn’t everything, I have absolutely no desire to do a job like that! I send a message the same night to say I’d rather not continue.

Au Pair?

Welcome back to square one. At night I go out, to change my mind. Friday, I take a break. Sport and beach, I deserve that. Saturday is rainy, sport and rest, Friday night was a bit wet and ended at 5 o’clock…

I’m applying for au pair positions. I have very quick responses and two appointments for the next day. Well, there you go. We’re making progress.

It’s Sunday. First date inconclusive, mom works nights and weekend nights, I want to keep a social life.

The second date is in a suburb farther away, the mom is adorable. The house and the bedroom with private bathroom are very pleasant. The children are cute and end up being less shy. I can see myself playing games and doing activities with them. The mother is Australian and the father French. Here I am, I’m pretty sure the family will say yes.

Scheduled start date is April 6. I’m hesitating, it’s a way to save money, I’ll get paid, and I have the car when I want, which can be great for weekends… But I’m scared, scared of losing my social life here. I have to sleep on it…

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