The sweetness of compliments… 153

You can never have enough compliments, they can feed a wounded ego, heal an overly flayed soul and caress a growing mojo.

Compliments and tuto, Photo by Alexander Grey on Unsplash

That night, I didn’t want to put him in my bed, but he ended up there!

Second birthday, same target

When I arrived, the one I wanted to see, with whom I wanted to defuse things, was not there. I drank happily while talking to Innocent’s little head.

Then he arrived, we greeted each other. I immediately sensed that the stares would continue to be elusive, and that no discussion or more would take place.

He hasn’t lost his cool, but he’s avoiding me. Too bad.

Let’s change the target.

Beautiful Italian

Black almond eyes, a wide smile and an immediate sympathy, Valerio is Italian, a bit short, but quite to my taste.

I speak to him in a mixture of English and Italian, he is charming, and I can see myself ending the night with him.

The only drawback is that he does not devour me with his eyes, but the pretty brunette with curly hair and big blue eyes. Fair enough, he sleeps at her place, he must have an idea behind the head.

She has a guy, she gives me the green light, I try a more “aggressive” approach, but I see that it does not take.

Because deep down, his prey is elsewhere, and mine too, finally…

No sex for tonight, too bad.

Come on, too bad. I still have a good evening. Do we still need to get laid to be happy?

Haha joker!

Arrived in club, I try a little to the right and to the left, but niet. So I dance, I talk to strangers, and I give compliments to those who deserve it.

One of the girls of the group dances really well. In a very sexy way too. Inside, I’m a little jealous of her. Frankly, next to her, I feel like I dance as well as a fat phasma.

I feel that He looks at her in secret. Grrrrrr…

A moove I didn’t see coming.

And then the Innocent One comes up to me on the dance floor, leans into my ear and whispers an unexpected compliment about my body.

Oh, thank you. I look at him, and I see that innocent, sweet glint of desire in his eyes. After all, he’s cute. He has pretty, clear eyes and an nice smile.

Our group slowly starts to leave the club. I follow the movement, a little disappointed, that all this didn’t end up in a hit night with Him.

But the Innocent One is there, waiting for me at the exit. And I feel that he will do me good. He exudes an innate kindness and gentleness.

So, without any preamble, without any kiss, without any hunter’s look, I propose him to come to my place.

Joy immediately shows in his pupils. He smiles at me instantly, and obediently follows me to get a bike.

Transported by the compliments

We climb the floors in a hurry. Once in the quiet, the curtains drawn, the lights on, our bodies get closer, and our lips end up touching.

I feel that his desire is so strong that it contaminates mine. Then I feel my second self awaken. I grip him tighter.

He pushes me on the bed, and undresses me gently. The way he looks at me is so beautiful. I feel like his irises are trying to remember this moment forever.

And then he can’t help but say, “I can’t believe I’m sleeping with such a beautiful woman as you.” It goes straight to my heart.

And under his eyes, I feel beautiful, and desired in the most beautiful way.

Average performances, but a real well-being

He drank too much and warns me, he is not sure that his mini will hold him.

I find it healthy and sincere to tell me. It is not important, it is not the first, nor the last time that it happens to me…

He starts by taking care of me with his tong. It’s pleasant, it doesn’t make me climb the curtains, but the pleasure is there.

I take care of him in turn, but I really want to feel him inside me. Unfortunately, his predictions were right.

It is laborious, and even if I feel that his desire is there, we end up giving up.

We will start again tomorrow!

Tuto morning

I wake up slowly, him too. We cuddle gently, we take the time to leave the coltard.

He leaves to brush his teeth, I am a little ashamed of the blow of my breath, but so much the worse. We kiss each other, then I put my back to him.

It is stupid, but a spoon a day after a big night, it is a little the facility.

But the Innocent has another idea in mind. His fingers start to play with my forbidden fruit. They are not very precise, and the pleasure does not come easily. Sometimes they are too slow, sometimes they are completely on the wrong spot.

Never mind, the Innocent is attentive and seeing that his fingers do not find the magic button that would make me do good pleasures, he asks: “Can you show me how to give you an orgasm?

Hard to explain, there like that… But I take his hand in mine, I bring it closer to my clitoris, and I print the rhythm.

It’s okay, he’s almost there. Almost, because at this moment, nothing depends on it anymore. It only depends on my letting go, and I can’t.

Tuto finished, it’s time to get to the pan.

Okay, I know I won’t take off with his fingers. My mind won’t let him.

Then hop, I take again the things in mouth. And we end up sticking our bodies against each other. First on top of him, then under him, I finally find the perfect position to enjoy his desire and my fingers, abler than his.

He frees himself in a moan, in a few seconds of my deliverance.

Thank you Innocent.

Thrown condom, quick shower, I forget to offer him a coffee. It was nice to feel beautiful again, and if it was not the hit of my life, it is a good way to start the day!