Esperance, The bluest Water. (2/2)

Direction the beautiful beaches of the south in Esperance and its water so blue. Really beautiful landscapes…

Esperance – Lucky Bay

Albany – Esperance

The next day, I promised to let them goof around. We have however 5 hours of road… And I would have liked to stop on the way to enjoy the beach… But I don’t want to pass for a dictator.

Finally, Hugues and Ale wake up more or less at the same time. Breakfast is included in the room rate, we revel in delicious pancakes.

And then I begin another episode of waiting. I’m starting to get used to it. We hit the road after 10 am. Ale is of a pleasant company and we discuss most of the way. We lost Hugues and Lukas since the departure, and we find them only at 2 hours of Esperance.

Since no one seems enthusiastic about stopping along the way, and I’m a little tired of being the only pro-active one on the trip, we head straight to Esperance, with just one stop at Pink Lake beforehand.

Pink Lake, not so Pink

The Pink Lake is no longer pink. It’s a lake, a pretty lake, where the reflections of the sky dance, but it is no longer pink, it is a terribly common color. Snif, it has lost its beautiful color.

We do not linger there thus, and we join our Airbnb for 3 days. It is a little old-fashioned, but rather practical. I have the double room for me, and this small luxury makes me perky.

An Airbnb for rainy days…

Lukas abandons us a few hours, we take the opportunity to go shopping. I send the boys to fetch some wine, for once, I’m the one who can goof around. They drag their feet a little, but they do it.

Wine and cheese aperitif, spaghetti carbonara cooked with passion by Ale, and lively discussions, and I join my luxury cocoon, letting them talk about their old job. It’s a pleasant evening in the company of my three little guys!

The night is soft, lulled by the sun and the… The rain falling on the roof. Unfortunately, the rain does not stop with the dawn. Showered, dressed, I wait for a movement of the boys to go out. At least I have time to read and write.

Depressed by the gloomy weather, I eat breakfast, annoyed by the boys’ lack of initiative, their slowness, their mouth noises. I know that I am a little unfair at this time. Hugues almost seems happy to be able to spend the morning and early afternoon locked up.

I’m like a lion in a cage. With my eyes glued to the window, I can’t wait for the sky to open.

Lucky Bay : Such a nice water

At 2pm, I move everyone, it’s time to go discover Lucky Bay. The lazyness is finished!

We leave, the boys are dragging their feet a bit.

Finally arrived at Lucky Bay, we all have the breath taken away. The color of the water is spectacular. I have never seen water so blue. A true blue, not turquoise, not navy, it’s almost Cian blue. The sand is white and solid.

lucky bay

The only downside in my opinion, are the many cars and 4x4s that take the beach for a road and a parking lot. Go lazy, it won’t kill you to walk along the beach!

I leave the boys to their pictures and start walking along the beach with my feet in the water. The blue water climbs up to my calves, it is soft and barely cold. I feel like swimming in it, but I prefer to save it for the return trip. The wind is blowing and it’s barely 22 degrees, so when I’m wet I might freeze.

We continue our walk along the beach. Lukas abandons us and like a good Australian, he takes his 4×4 to cross the beach. I believe that at this moment there, one can read the disdain on my face.

I resource myself

It’s a real resourcing moment for me, I spend it a little more alone than with the boys. I end up swimming, the sun has come back to the surface and it dries the drops of salt water on my skin. I can’t believe the color of this water, I am under the spell of this long beach.

Unfortunately, I can’t take this beach with me, and I can’t stay forever in this soft blue water.

It’s the 31st, it’s time to go home if we want to have time to do some shopping, to drink before going to the bar.

New Year’s Eve

We eat and drink at the Airbnb, when we leave it, we are all a little happy. At Esperance, there is only one bar, so the choice is quickly made.

We were a bit afraid that the place was crowded, but not at all, it’s half full. Full of … Rednecks! We feel that we are far from the city, the mullet cut is the most fashionable cut, the clothing fashions are … Original. But it’s funny and the people are nice !

Alcohol, dance, it’s a good New Year’s Eve! Although the music is… horrible. I don’t know who the DJ was, but he butchered several songs and only had a one-hour playlist planned… So that at the end of the evening, we had heard 5 times the same songs… Yes good, ok, Esperance, it’s not Ibiza !

I was able to fulfill my desire, after midnight, I left the bar with the boys. Hugues and me, the only two brave ones, we went for a midnight bath ! Yes, yes, naked like worms !

I stayed a little longer, so that he doesn’t see me naked. But it was without counting on Ale and Lukas, who never looked back!

After all that, we went back to the bar, as if nothing had happened! Ah, Esperance, I love you.

We will spend the return trip at the wheel of the car (it was 3 minutes, in a straight line!), the chicken devoured and came out a few minutes later, and the little hangover of the next day.

In short, it was a good New Year!

Last day at Esperance

As you can imagine, the next day, with a good hangover, no one was very motivated to go and survey the surroundings. On top of that, the weather was gloomy again.

But we hadn’t travelled all those miles just to hang out, so at 2pm I tell the boys that I’m leaving. They can come or not, it’s their choice, but I’m moving.

Ale stays at the apartment, Hugues and Lukas follow me.

Let’s go to another beach of the Natural Park, Grand Beach, at Cap Le Grand.

The air is fresh, and my cravings for a swim quickly dissipate. On the other hand, a path goes up to the top of the hill, and we are all ready for a small improvised hike.

The view is magnificent and we sink into a path sometimes not very clear. I am in the lead and yet, I am afraid at every moment to fall on a snake or another naughty animal.

The hike is a real breath of fresh air, I am happy. And the two boys too, happy to have overcome their hangover! Well done!

After having lost Hugues, having found him, having potentially seen a snake, we go back to the car, for a quiet evening at the apartment.

Back and … Stop at Wave Rock

The Road Trip is over, we have to return the car tonight. We get up a little later, and we leave 1h30 after the hour envisaged the day before… This morning, I am annoyed by their slowness, their lack of initiative, this latency in which they all seem stuck…

Well, we end up leaving. A last goodbye to Lukas, and we take the road. The atmosphere in the car is nice and the discussions go well.

Wave Rock

We make a detour to Wave Rock, it’s supposed to be a nice attraction to see. Ale insists on it, so we go there…

And… And… uh… that’s Wave Rock? Ale is super disappointed, we’re walking on the top of the rock looking for another Wave Rock, more spectacular, more beautiful… Well no, nothing.

Back to the poor rock in the shape of waves, where the tourists hurry to get the best Instagram picture … This is the reality of Wave Rock.

It’s time to leave, the road trip is over.

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