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Little thoughts on the bike…

Pedaling, with or without music, lets the spirit escape. And on my saddle, the ideas flow. Most of them are gone, and here are a few…

Bike, Photo by Eduard Delputte on Unsplash


Over the past few weeks, I’ve been diversifying my sources of income a bit. Let’s just say that Uber has taken a back seat, and with my little freelance jobs and the little job of filling punching bags, I’m not forced and coerced to go and do Uber every day?

Well, you won’t believe this, but I appreciate it. From now on, when I take my bike, my helmet screwed on my head, sneakers on my feet and bag on my back, I smile! I enjoy feeling the burning of my muscles on the way up, I no longer suffer from having my breath taken away when I get to the top, I pedal and I hum, with a light mind.

That’s when I said to myself, Bim, you complain about what you have to do! Compulsion creates complaint.

In junior high, in high school, they made us run, and most of us hated it. And now, those same people who were dragging their feet for endurance, are running miles and miles ! It’s even more effort, but since it’s a choice, we do it with pleasure !

With my hair in the wind, my little head started to derail… Imagine being forced to drink, eat sweets, etc? Do you think we would do it less? Imagine, every morning, you are forced to smoke a cigarette, would you still feel like it?

Would I find the solution to addictions? Ok, I push a little bit further… I go pedaling again…


At night, at night, at night… It’s dark… Hehe and how!

Mr. Mayor of Perth, could you think about putting more streetlights on? No because I’ve run over four cats this week (I’m kidding! Maybe it was something else!). Yes yes, I have a light, but apart from blinking happily, it’s not very useful!

Anyway, it was a very simple and useless little reflection, but a reflection all the same.


I’m singing in the rain, I’m singing in the rain… literally!

I don’t know what’s wrong with me, but when it rains, I like to ride my bike! Ah, you didn’t expect this one!

It’s quite simple, while I’m pedaling against the elements, I feel like I have a secret… The secret of staying happy even when completely soaked…


Here we go, I have an order in my bag. It’s time to make a delivery. I’m pedaling up, up, down… And I’m the little GPS guy. It’s often a little simple this little Google GPS and I take a few liberties on the route…

Except that it gets complicated when it finally gets to the street… Hum Hum Hum I go to the indicated point, and … and it’s impossible to find the number. I go to 36, I’m at 20, I continue on my way… I drive slowly trying to see the numbers… But the numbers are SO SMALL !! But how does the postman do it !!!

I drive a little faster, I miss 36, I arrive at 40, I turn around, 38… 34… Argh, where’s the damn 36 ??? Breathe, Mymy, breathe. I’ve been pedalling like a madwoman to deliver as fast as I can, and I spend five minutes looking for a bloody number. I get off my bike, I slowly pass 34. A little house next to 38, I squint, on the front, two little numbers taunting me… 3… 6… I feel like shouting. I hold myself back, I ring the bell, I reach for the package, a frozen smile on my face. I walk away.

Why do you go back? Why so much freedom about size, font, colour of street numbers???? I propose we standardize them worldwide. Let’s help the postmen, delivery people, people looking for a damn number. A height of a foot wide by six inches in black, well Bold sounds perfect to me! When do we put this in place?

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