Bye Bye Noosa

Noosa, more than two months there, the time passed quickly. I worked there mostly, but I also found my joy…

Noosa, Photo by Lukas Spirig on Usplash

After Brisbane, on to Noosa. There I explained my small jobs, but I haven’t touched on Noosa yet, its beauty, its cool, and not so cool aspects, so here we go!

Noosa, where is it?

Noosa is located 1 1/2 hours north of Brisbane, just above what is known as the Sunshine Coast. Here unlike the Gold Coast (the Australian Miami…), no buildings, no big party atmosphere. We are on a setting that blends into nature.

Noosa is divided into two large parts, go maybe three. Noosaville is located on the banks of the river. Main Beach and Hastings street are on the coast north of the National Park. As for Noosa Junction, no sea or river view, it is the convenient and cheap neighborhood.

What to do in Noosa

So overall, Noosa is a vacation and resort spot for families, couples and little old people! And now you’re thinking, great…

Except that, who says tourists, says hotels, restaurants and so on, and says work. Ok Noosa is small, very touristy and rather expensive in places. But it’s also a nice backpacker community, small more affordable restaurants.

So overall, Noosa, we work there. We also surf there, there are many spots for enthusiasts. Shame on me, I haven’t tried it here.

You can walk through a beautiful national park, and lounge on the beach.

My ten favorite things about Noosa

  • Go see the sunset at Split (the place where the river meets the sea)
  • Have a Boat Party on the River. Rent a boat and split the rental fee, for $30 you have a great afternoon!”
  • Swimming at Tea Tree Beach
  • Drinking at Junction (cheaper and more popular with backpackers)
  • Go to Eumundi market 20 km from Noosa, Small craftsmen and small sweets to snack on, it’s very nice!”
  • Go to see the sunset or sunrise on Mount Tibeerwah
  • Eating an Acai Bowl or Poke Bowl while looking out to sea at Main Beach
  • Go see the sunrise on Sunshine Beach
  • Getting drunk on bottles of cheap wine at the Surfer Club

My opinion of Noosa

Overall, Noosa, we’ve quickly come to terms with it. There really aren’t many restaurants, let alone bars to go out to, and then night clubs… there’s only one.

It’s small, but it’s spread out on the other hand, without a car, it’s laborious to get from one end of the city to the other. Of course, there is the bus, it’s actually one of the means of transportation I took the most… But the buses only pass very little in the evening, and make big detours.

Noosa is a very safe town overall. To make up for the bus, I bought a bike. I left it for a month and a half without ever locking it up, and it was only stolen the last day. In Paris, it wouldn’t have lasted 10 minutes!!!

It’s beautiful, well the state park is very beautiful, the river too. The Main Beach is pretty nice, but after Western Australia, I’m a bit disapointed…

Noosa, for me, is mostly the people I met there and the sea, which made it so beautiful. Otherwise, it’s a city that lacks a city center, and that we quickly made the tour. But the atmosphere between backpackers, and even with locals, can make you stay much longer…

My own Noosa

For me, Noosa started with a superb welcome from my buddy Marco. First night I arrived, and he was already offering me a drink… Well, more than a drink… A few days later, he invited me to a boat party, then took me to Eumundi, took me to the beach, introduced me to people. In short my little Marco, if the last weeks we saw each other less, you were a great guide and a superb meeting!

Then there was Carley, who made Noosa Nomads a less painful place. And who helped me escape from it.

Finally, Noosa for me is the Flashpackers! A great hostel, clean, family friendly, with everything you need. There’s even Skittles, the dog who only eats when you say “Bon Appétit” (in French)!

And the Flashpackers is first of all Mereia, my roommate, who I worked with at the hotel. She is the most open and sociable person I’ve met, but always honest. You were a great meeting!

Thanks to her, I was able to fit in with the group, and have a great time with Beth, Samy, Bayley, Sam, Shaan, Ryan, Selbi, etc… I even organized an egg hunt for them for Easter!!!

Bref, when I first came to Noosa, I was homesick, then super heartbroken, and this whole little world gave me a renewed sense of adventure, a desire to have fun, again and again.

Ah, and special mention to Noosa’s guest star, Alessandro, straight from my Spinners Family in Perth, he spent two weeks with us! A real pleasure 🙂

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