Swimming with the Sea Lions

Sea Lions under water

I’ve wanted to do it for months, we’ve been talking about it for months.

Let’s go!

Here it is the D-day, the day when we go swimming with the wild sea lions!

Sophia, Svenja, Val, Hugues and I leave by car. The atmosphere in the cabin is nice, we are all excited about the day to come.

It is 9 am when we board the boat. We are equipped us, we are all beautiful in our magnificent dress of diving.

The crossing to the island takes a little hour, the boat jumps over the waves and we find ourselves soaked at the back of the boat. The air is still fresh and with the wind, we are a little refreshed.

Finally, we arrive at the edges of the island, they are there stretched out on the beach. We see them, without really distinguishing them.

Forbidden to go to their island, the tour we took is extremely respectful of the tranquility of the sea lions, and the idea is that they come to us and not the other way around.

As we anchor, a sea lion jumps off the beach and swims towards us. It’s crazy the enthusiasm it puts into it! It looks like a dog that comes to celebrate its master. It is simply too cute !

Too cute

We are given instructions, do not touch them, play with them, swim and move to be interesting and keep them.

Well, it’s time to jump! The framers show us where the sea lions are. I spot a first one, it is so pretty with its big eyes, it looks at me with curiosity. On the other hand, it does not play much, it almost remains lying on the sand in the water. Then it leaves… Goodbye.

We stay in the water for a long time, sometimes I lose my friends, sometimes I find them again! The sea lions are less numerous than very early in the morning, and the water is cold and we start to get a little cold. 

The current is strong and you have to swim well to spot these marine mammals and play with them. My snorkel and mask are a bit rotten and I swallow a lot of water.

But it’s worth it, when a sea lion finally approaches, they are playful, curious, they approach. I would love to hug them, but I’m not allowed to. Two sea lions come to play next to us, they kiss each other, then they bite each other… Ok cow love.

My friends and I find each other, we meet again, we separate, but we all enjoy the moment!

It is time to return to the boat. Ciao the sea lions !

Quiet End of Day

The return to the port is very hectic! The waves are much bigger and more numerous than on the outward journey and we cling to not fall down!

Finally the day with the sea lions has finally arrived! I was waiting for this moment for a long time and I was not disappointed!

We end the day by a picnic not far from the pier of Jurien Bay, and a session of sunbathing.

Yes it was a beautiful day!

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