Finally the sun !!! Finally the sun !!!

Finally, I can swim, paddle and float… The water is completely transparent, it’s a joy. I enjoy this moment alone, a little far from the others, my own little moment. I promise to swim every sunny day!

Sun on Scarborough, Photo by Nathan Hurst on Unsplash

Rise almost early

Friday morning, 10:30 a.m., woken by the noise. A dormitory of 8 is not ideal for sleeping, and yet I just slept more than 10 hours, I really needed to catch up.

I shower and put on a sports outfit, go I will discover the city park 30 minutes walk from the hostel. The weather is overcast, I don’t take a cap, cream or water.

This damn Google makes me go through an unpleasant path, which runs along large avenues. Here the pedestrian is far from being king, you can wait 5 minutes before crossing, and have only 15 seconds to do so. It drives me crazy every time. Yes here, the car is king.

Jogging in the park

After half an hour’s walk, I get to the park, there’s not a cat. The clouds have dissipated and the sun is starting to hit. It must be about 30 degrees.

I start my little jogging slowly. First on asphalt, then on earth, and there comes the difficulty, I continue on sandy paths. The ground is sandy and absolutely not flat, I’m struggling, I’m hot, but I’m holding on.

Chemin de sable entouré d'arbres

I feel my shoulders starting to warm up… Oops, I should have put some cream on.

The part of the park where I run is very wild and completely deserted, I don’t meet anyone there. The cicadas (or crickets or whatever makes crtrrrr crrrrr) are my only company. I stop when I reach a large stretch of grass, I do my little exercises quietly, until it starts to rain.

Stroll in the park

I continue my walk, sometimes in the rain and sometimes in the sun. The park becomes more landscaped, I take advantage of the different points of view on the city. To be honest, I’m not a fan of the buildings, so I don’t find a striking beauty in all this, but hey…

Vue sur les buildings de Perth

Back to the hostel, with my own internal GPS and a much nicer route through the economic centre and Northbridge the bar and restaurant district.

Departure for the beach

Showered, supported, I’m ready to go again, but this time to the beach. I’m bringing in three Italians and a French girl! The bus option lasts 1 hour, we choose to share an Uber, not to waste time. Arrived at the beach, we are all amazed by the turquoise blue water. Wow… It really makes you want to swim. Let’s go for a long swim.

Belle plage avec du soleil de Scarborough

Finally, I can swim, paddle and float… The water is completely transparent, it’s a joy. I enjoy this moment alone, a little far from the others, my own little moment. I promise to swim every sunny day!

The pleasure of water

My little company of the day has already been back on the beach for a little while when I start to feel a very unpleasant tingling sensation on my arms and legs. I decide to get out of the water. It’s the salt, no doubt, I go for a shower, but the tingling is even more intense. I go back to my towel, I share my little inconvenience. I notice long marks on my arms… Uh it wouldn’t be a jellyfish actually ???

Jelly Fish

Hop first day at the beach and here I am already in front of the lifeguards’ cabin. A lifeguard not bad at all comes down, he examines my arm and confirms me: “Jelly fish! ». He puts a gel on my arm, and there it is, I just have to wait for the pain to go away.


While the French girl and one of the Italians are doing a photo shoot, I’m going swimming again. As I pass a wave, I see a huge shadow under my feet, I swim against the flow, a bit panicked. Then I observe again! A stingray! And even two stingrays !!! It’s crazy. I watch them amazed. After this nice little meeting, we decide to leave the beach for a little cocktail while watching the sunset.

After two cocktails and a lot of fun, we go back to the hostel, determined to go dancing afterwards. That evening, we go out, free spirit in a dancing pub. I chat for a while with a Canadian, a little too much in love for my taste.

We’ll be home around 3:00, nice and easy.

Tomorrow I’m discovering a new beach…

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