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The doe and the wolf

A cry from the hills suddenly brought her out of her sleep. She had never heard such a rattle. Even the most dominant males did not arrive at such a sound during mating. She shivered, she suddenly felt vulnerable.

The wolf and the doe (Photo by Waldemar Brandt on Unsplash)

When the doe meets the wolf …

Lilas, the doe

Once upon a time there was a funny little doe named LiLas. She lived in a beautiful little sunny wood with all her family and friends. While all the other deer had already met the charming deer of their dream and dreamed of founding a pretty little family, LiLas, she was thirsty for adventures and distant destinations.

Faced with his carelessness and his desires for freedom, his parents tried in vain to make him hear reason. Like his friends, they tried to make him meet the few young deer who were still single in the area. But none seemed to suit the young doe. Sometimes too small, sometimes too big, sometimes too stupid, she always found them more flaws than qualities. Despite the perseverance of those around him, nothing worked and LiLas ended up discouraging the only young males remaining in the grove.

One evening, when she was returning from a long daydreaming stroll by the river, LiLas overheard a conversation between her two parents: “What else can we do? None of the kids want to meet her anymore! ”Whispered her father. “I’m starting to despair darling, what has been done to make it so? What are we going to be able to do with it? ”.

At these words, LiLas was heartbroken. So that’s what everyone thought! It was too much, she felt trapped in this bucolic and meaningless life. Faced with her parents’ desperation and her growing desire to find out what was beyond the river, she decided to leave in the early hours.

The doe’s flight

That night, LiLas did not close the night’s eye, too excited to see the world, she was impatient to leave the shackles of the colony.

At the first light of day, she slipped out of the den, and went away discreetly. Arrived quickly at the river, she had a last moment of hesitation, was she ready to leave all that? She turned around one last time, before entering the river.

The stream was not very deep, but the water was icy. LiLas shivered as she continued walking. Her hooves slid over the stones and silt at the bottom of the river, and she could barely move on. After several minutes of toil, she finally reaches the shore opposite. Shivering, she snorted. Took a last look at the other side, and walked cautiously into the forest. The trees there were quite similar to those of her grove, the birds and the squirrels looked at her with curiosity. What was a doe doing on this side of the wood? Hadn’t she heard the rumors about the danger on the other side of the wood?

The joys of discovery

 Under curious eyes, LiLas continued to walk carefully between the stumps and the roots. It was incredible the number of pretty flowers on this side of the forest! She had never seen so many !! She allowed herself to bite into a few dandelions over there, but did not dare to taste the many colorful flowers that littered the corners of the forest.

After a few hours of walking, the forest opened onto a beautiful clearing of green grass, punctuated here and there by small touches of pink flowers. Mad with joy at this extraordinary spectacle, she began to hop frantically in this great expanse. She frolic wildly from field to field, laughed out loud, grazed on a few blades of grass, before resuming her frantic race across the meadow.

Already a few kilometers from the forest, she turned and saw in the distance what had been her life. Exhausted by her race and this emotional day, she looked for shelter to spend the night. But nothing, in front of it ten kilometers still separated it from a large wooded hill. And all around, spread only the wild grasses. Oh, and too bad, after all, that was adventure too! She had always dreamed of sleeping under the stars! Lying on his back, watched the sun set over the hill for a long time. She was impatient to find out what was hiding on this hill. But tomorrow it was time to sleep now. She closed her eyes, and fell asleep gently.

A cry from the hills suddenly brought her out of her sleep. She had never heard such a rattle. Even the most dominant males did not arrive at such a sound during mating. She shivered, she suddenly felt vulnerable. She almost regretted having fled her daily life. but driven by curiosity, his gaze scanned the hill to see where the strange noise came from. The cry had disappeared in the night, only the hoot of the owls broke the night silence. After several minutes of calm, reassured, LiLas lay down again and fell asleep gently

The songs of the birds woke her up early in the morning, she stretched gently. Ahhh, she had slept so well. She crunched a few weeds at her feet and resumed her journey. Walking first, she was taken by an irresistible desire to discover more, she started to run again while hopping. Her fears of the day before were now behind her, she was moving forward with such enthusiasm !!

Meanwhile, there in the grove, everyone was looking for the young doe. It was unthinkable that she had ventured to the other side. However, after several hours of research, they had to resign themselves to it. LiLas was gone, and with all the dangers she faced on the other side, she would probably never come back.

The meeting of the doe and the wolf

Arriving at the foot of the hill, LiLas looked up, hesitated for a moment, took a deep breath and put his first paw on the side of the little mountain. After a few meters of meadow, the trees became denser. She walked carefully, tripping over a stone or stump from time to time. Around her, the forest was now closing in on her. The air was fresh, the brightness more subdued than in the clearing invited silence and reverie. LiLas, however, had the strange impression of being watched. She glanced over her side from time to time, but she could not hear any noise or suspicious presence.

Lost in thought, LiLas did not even see night fall and had to hurriedly find shelter for the night. She found a large hollow tree at the feet of which she curled into a ball. As she was just beginning to fall asleep, she heard a suspicious noise in the thickets. It was barely, if she had time to get up, that two yellow eyes slowly advanced towards her.

Hypnotized by the hunting look that lit up the night, she didn’t even try to run away. The moonlight lit up its predator. A beautiful animal with black coat, pointed ears and upturned lips moved towards her. She had never seen such a creature. She had obviously been told about it, but she had always thought it was just a strange legend to scare children. The wolf ! So that’s the name we gave it!

The closer the animal got, the more it groaned, and the more LiLas saw the sharp teeth come out. She should have been afraid, trembled, tried to get out, to find a way out. But dazzled by the beauty of her hunter, her captivating gaze, the clarity of her fangs and her silky coat, she forgot everything around her, and only backed away slowly. Suddenly cornered against the tree, she opened wide eyes of surprise. And she did something that neither the wolf nor any deer would have suspected, she looked into the wolf’s eyes and smiled at him.

Destabilized, the wolf interrupted his growl for a moment. His eyes, his big innocent and curious eyes looked at him with desire and greed. Who was this doe, so naive to venture into a forest deserted by all? What was she doing there? Why didn’t she try to run away? Torn between tenacious hunger and curiosity, the wolf slowly descended his lips.

LiLas broke the silence, “How beautiful you are! Are you a wolf? That’s right ?”. Surprised, he didn’t know what to answer, he contented himself with a little nod. He wanted to tell her that yes, he was a wolf, and that he was going to eat it, but impossible. He was lost in those big brown eyes that kept staring at him.

“I’m LiLas, I’m a doe… Well, you must know, I’m stupid.” Tired of his years of solitude and hunting, the wolf eventually sat down, and replied softly, “Chupito”. He continued, “You’re not afraid that I’ll eat you, I’m very hungry, you know.” LiLas pierced the night with pure, crystalline laughter, “What a funny idea! If you had wanted to do it, I would have already succumbed to your fangs, Mr. Chupito. ” , and she laughed again.

The wolf touched in his pride threw himself on the little doe, they both fell in the hollow of the trunk. Lying on his back, the young doe was still looking his aggressor in the eyes, a glimmer of challenge and desire could easily be read. Faced with this unexpected reaction, the wolf did not even think of pulling out the fangs.

 Spontaneously, and without thinking about it, LiLas swung her tongue at the muzzle. Chupito drew back surprised, he shook his head quickly. He was about to chew the little pink truffle of the young lady, when slurp, a second lick interrupted him. And LiLas’ playful laugh crossed him again. Stunned, he rolled over and after a few seconds laughed too. LiLas immediately recognized the Whou Whou from the previous day’s cry. What a funny animal, anyway !

Birth of a friendship

After several minutes of common laughter, the two animals lay side by side and looked into each other’s eyes for a long time. A bond was born.

In the days that followed, the wolf showed LiLas the hill. Braving his own loneliness, he regained a taste for life, and hardly thought of devouring it in his sleep. It represented the joy and carelessness he had lost over the years he had spent alone here.

For her, it was this freedom, this independence to which she aspired so much. They had a great time together, laughing, playing, heckling. All the forest animals, birds, rodents and insects, all were surprised by this new duo, completely unexpected. Why didn’t the wolf eat it? What was the bond between these two animals who had nothing to do with each other?

LiLas felt light, happy … in love. She knew that a wolf and a doe, oh no, that was not an option. But faced with her big yellow eyes, she forgot the reason and began to hope that the wolf would eventually adopt it and maybe even love it.

When Chupito left at night to hunt, he killed, she knew, harmless little mammals, the heart of the young doe was squeezed. She remembered her family, her friends, and her past. In the middle of the night, sometimes he missed them. But she could not force herself to leave this new country and her new friend, so beautiful and so dear to her.

When the wolf came home at dawn, the coat sometimes spotted with blood beads, he found the pretty prey asleep with a tear at the corners of his eyes. He too was starting to get attached, if the members of his pack had known, he would be banished forever. He said to himself that maybe he had better eat it, his soft, tender tights should be a delight.

But once together, when in the afternoon they met, heckled and huddled in the fields, watching each other as the clouds passed, they forgot their doubts and believed in an after.

The True Nature of the Wolf

One night of insomnia, when the questions inside her became too strong, LiLas decided to take a night walk and find Choupito in the forest. She followed in the footsteps of the wolf, arrived in the clearing and saw him in the distance. Without making any noise, she approached slowly. But what was her stupor when she discovered it. Eyes bloodshot, the wolf was walking towards a raccoon mom.

 Mommy Raton’s pleading eyes and moaning did not stop the wolf, who threw himself around her neck and killed her in three jaws. LiLas, amazed, let out a little cry. Choupito suddenly turned around.

That cruel, puzzlingly intense look left the doe speechless. Seeing his frightened little doe, Choupito stopped his gesture. But it was too late, the damage was done. The doe was already walking away, head down. Hesitating between chasing after him or finishing his meal, the wolf remained motionless for a few moments. Hunger eventually prevailed and he devoured poor Madame Raton.

Once the feast was over, Choupito walked over to their little improvised den, thinking about this whole story. Maybe it was better for him to stop seeing the little doe. They had nothing to do together. He would end up eating it, that was for sure. Immersed in his thoughts, he did not even notice the family of rabbits who tried in vain to flee from this predator. He had made his decision, he would no longer see the young doe. He had to go, let her live his life, and resume his lonely journey.

The wolf is leaving

But if it was cruel to abandon him, it was even more cruel to abandon him without saying goodbye. He couldn’t face his gaze one last time, he wouldn’t have the strength to disappear before his eyes, but he would be angry with himself for not explaining his departure. A squeak brought him out of his dreams, a little white rabbit was now on his paws. He looked at him surprised. The rabbit, the paw stuck in a root had no escape, he was going to die, that was for sure. Choupito suddenly had an idea.

“You don’t want to die, tell me?”. The rabbit looked at him with round eyes and stammered: “No … No .. pity .. je je …”. “Very well, you will listen to me carefully then, I will get you out of this root, you will not run away, you will remember everything I tell you, and I will gently place you under another root, near a beautiful sleeping doe. When you wake up, you will repeat everything I told you. It will set you free, and you will be free. Understood ?”. The rabbit, taken aback, and not very reassured, nodded timidly.

The wolf recited his monologue to the rabbit who tried to hold it back, he repeated several times. When the rabbit mastered his lesson, he released it gently. He slowly approached the den, telling the rabbit not to make any noise. He put the rabbit under a stump, making sure he wouldn’t be in too much pain while waiting for the little one to wake up.

Choupito glanced into the hollow of the tree, LiLas was still asleep, you could guess the dried tears in his eyes. Indeed, after the dreadful spectacle she had seen, she had taken refuge here, had cried for hours, before falling asleep from exhaustion.

He looked at her one last time, he had a little twinge in the heart. Then he went away, with a wolf’s step, he moved away as far as possible from this little doe, which had turned his daily life upside down.

The Desperation of the Doe

When she woke up, LiLas still felt very tired and disturbed by the scene from the previous day. Still immersed in the images of her Choupito devouring the little raccoon, and despite everything more in love than ever, she did not immediately see the little white rabbit who had ended up falling asleep under the stump. She looked for her big wolf, and finally saw the ball of fur on her paws. She cleared her throat, the rabbit woke up.

“What are you doing there?” Wait, I’m going to loosen you up before Choupito arrives, otherwise he might devour you. ” At his words, she felt tears cloud her eyes.

The rabbit finally awake, hurried to tell him everything, and recited with application the words of the wolf. Choupito had decided to leave, their relationship was unnatural, he would end up chewing it. She would miss him, but it was better like that. It was time for everyone to find their own life.

Desperate for the words of the rodent, she began to cry more and more intensely. She freed the rabbit, and began to run in the forest in vain. She had to catch up with him, she couldn’t live without him, she couldn’t live without him anymore. She cried out her name over and over, she tried to spot the smell in the groves, but tears and snot kept her from getting there.

In the distance, Choupito heard the cries of despair from the beautiful doe, he remembered his big playful eyes and his clear and innocent laugh. She would recover, that was for sure, it was time for him to find his pack for a while.

Several days, several weeks passed, the doe advanced in its journey, without desire, without more enthusiasm than the desire to flee, to flee its past, to flee the bitter memory of this wolf which had broken its heart.

After going around the hill, crossing other clearings, other fields, she found herself in a hilly place on all sides, the air was warmer, and she decided to settle near a small torrent to some times.

Her heart and mind picked up a little more spirit each day, she rediscovered her past dreams of freedom and endless travel. Of course nostalgia would take over from time to time, but it would wipe away memories and try to move on.

Barni, the Badger

It had already been several days since the doe had settled, while she was bathing cheerfully in the torrent, she saw on the shore a small badger watching her. Captivated by the glowing eyes of the doe, he did not move a bit when LiLas approached.

They began to converse. Then they heckled together. A little company did not hurt the young doe.

Thus, each day, the amorous badger found the young lady and they had fun together. First, little attracted to the two-colored rodent, LiLas began to find this relationship increasingly reassuring and began to dream of a nice love story with Barni the badger.

Days passed and LiLas’ feelings became more and more important. Barni introduced him to the whole Badger family, who found it very practical to adopt a doe in the family. They used it regularly to carry stumps and food across the mountain. Loving Barni, LiLas helped with a good heart, without realizing that badgers were exploiting him, with less and less benevolence.

 As for Barni’s feelings, once the doe was in love, he began to detach himself from it, and fell in love with a little rabbit, whom he would see more and more often.

Before falling asleep, the beautiful doe often thought of her Choupito, wondering where he could be, then she convinced herself that her life with Barni was much more balanced, and that she was happy, finally.

New love disappointment

One day, after four trips back and forth through the forest, LiLas decided to go for a walk, play around by the stream and go for a swim. She hoped to find Barni, so they could have a little fun. Crossing the clearing, she fell on Barni. Amazed, she realized that he was not alone, and that obviously he was having a good time with Lili the rabbit! Red with anger, the doe rushed at them, the two rodents scurried away.

Puzzled and deeply saddened by what she had seen, LiLas dived into the stream. Her tears spilled into the stream.

She, who had always dreamed of travel and a passionate love, she found herself in a forest that looked like two drops of water to the one she had left, heartbroken once again. This last test turned her upside down, she resumed her journey through the woods, in the valley, following the stream.

She did not bother to say goodbye to her executioners the badgers, and left with a heavy heart. All joy had left him. She walked blankly, stumbling often. She had lost her appetite, and only ate a few twigs, when hunger became too noisy.

Night and day, she walked, she rarely stopped, and fell asleep only from exhaustion after several days of walking. She wondered if life had any interest after all.

The mountain is dangerous

Almost at the end of the mountain range, as she quenched her thirst in a small stream, she heard groans behind her. She turned around in panic, she was trapped, the grunts surrounded her. In the darkness of the woods, one by one came out of big black and gray wolves.

At their sight, the heart of the doe tightened, she thought of poor Madame Raton, and felt her neck quiver. She was done, she knew it. For a moment, she closed her eyes for a moment. But she opened them wide, and drew from the bottom of her the last pieces of joy that she had left and made the most beautiful smile she could. She didn’t want to die a veil of sadness frozen on her muzzle.

The moment she opened her eyes, she saw a black wolf slowly come out of the forest, she recognized him instantly. This look, this presence, it could only be him.

Hunting with his pack, a doe had been spotted, he was about to storm with the other wolves, when suddenly he met that look. The big brown eyes of the doe looked at him with an intensity that did not weaken. Could it be ..? There was no doubt, his fellows were about to devour his beautiful doe.

These shorts which he had managed to resist for weeks, would soon be shredded by hundreds of sharp fangs. Oh no, he couldn’t let that happen. It was not a simple prey, this sweet doe was his friend, he had to intervene. His big eyes and that smile, it was out of the question that he let them disappear in the stomach of all these big stinking wolves. What to do ? He couldn’t handle the whole pack.

Suddenly he had an idea, the doe had a few stains of blueberries on its side, his comrades having traveled little, would listen to him for sure. Neither one nor two, he ran to stand between the pack leader and the doe. despite the grunts against him, he cried out, and declared very seriously that the tasks that the doe had on his side were due to a fatal disease. Anyone who eats a tiny bit of the animal would die in excruciating pain. It was absolutely necessary to escort the doe out of the mountain so that it did not contaminate other animals. He volunteered for this mission, indeed he was now immune to the disease.

All the wolves backed away from these words, they quickly retreated and urged him to flee with the doe as quickly as possible.

LiLas stunned, did not move a bit, she watched the scene as hypnotized by the beauty and cunning of the wolf. The latter begged her to follow him, she did so without flinching. Thus, without a word, still too shocked by what they had just experienced, they traveled several tens of kilometers through the valleys.

The newfound friendship

Night was starting to fall, they took advantage of it to make a halt, face to face, they said nothing, eye to eye, they seemed to meet again. That night, Chupito did not go hunting and let the little doe snuggle against him to fall asleep. He was surprised by the veil that now covered the doe’s soft eyes. It’s as if the beauty had lost the momentum that made her so charming in the past.

Over the next few days, the tongues loosened and they gradually regained their former bond. If nothing would ever be the same again, since LiLas had lost this sweet innocence, they were still happy to have fun together.

A beautiful friendship was beginning to be created. She’d still be mad at him for putting a rabbit on him, but she understood. One, the other confided their feelings, their disappointments. She told him about his journey, and his chance encounter with the badger. He laughed a lot, teased her, “A badger?” Really ?!! hahahaha “. Aware of the comic situation, she nudged, and laughed in turn.


Chupito had an idea, to avenge his little LiLas, he decided to make a small detour through the land of badgers. He spoke about it to the doe who found the idea of ​​revenge delicious. They devised a devilish plan.

Thus arrived near the habitat of the badgers, Chupito hid in a bush, LiLas approached. When the badgers recognized it, they surrounded it. Finally, she came back !! They had so much work to give him. What had she done? Where had she gone? LiLas pretended to answer the questions, invited them to face her, back to the stream to listen to her. In the background, Bari stayed away, still shocked by the arrival of his beloved ex.

LiLas then signaled to Chupito to come out of his hiding place, the wolf then threw himself on the badgers with ferocity, he did not devour them all, my survivors were badly battered. Bari watched the horror scene emotionless.

It was a real feast for Chupito, and a delicious revenge for the young doe. The wolf washed himself in the stream, LiLas made him a long lick on leaving the water. They left as quietly as they had come. With a lighter heart, LiLas found a frank smile and a gleam of happiness around the eyes.

Their journey continued, the days followed, sweet, intense. Their complicity was no longer in doubt, and if LiLas’ feelings were no longer the naive ones she once had, she had a deep affection for this wolf, who had avenged her.

After a few weeks of walking, they arrived at the edge of the forest that LiLas had left months and months before. It was time for them to say goodbye, and LiLas to find his family, and find a deer to live his love.

They hugged for a long time, and promised to continue seeing each other from time to time. They met in the middle of the clearing at the next full moon.

Goodbye Chupito

One last lick and LiLas sank into the woods. Chupito watched her go a bit nostalgic. What a funny doe, all the same !!

LiLas soon arrived at the river, she crossed it with much more confidence than the last time. She breathed the air so familiar with the air, and she quickly joined the thicket.

What was the surprise of her parents when they saw her. They wept for joy. The reunion with her friends and the whole village was done with so much effusion that she was deeply touched.

LiLas thus became a reference in the community of deer, a survivor. She gave classes to the children and spent her evenings recounting her wonderful adventures. Well it’s true, she embellished a little, but it was necessary to let them dream.

During one of these evenings, she met a young deer who had just arrived. They started to live a sweet love story. They settled in and everyone was happy that LiLas finally found his charming deer.

However, LiLas had a little thought every night for her big mountain wolf. They met every week in the clearing, they had fun again and again, forgetting that he was a wolf and she a doe. Never again did he lay rabbits on her, they were happy to meet up and play under the benevolent glow of the moon.

LiLas therefore lived happily between her sweet loving daily life with her family and her exhilarating nocturnal adventures with Chupito, her big wolf.


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