New years wish

Farewell 2020

Oh no… Don’t cry! I know, I know, I know… It’s hard. Dry your tears… Come on, stop crying. It’s okay.Yeah, I know, it’s over. Oh no, you’re still crying. Yes, 2020 is over. I know, that’s how it is. That’s life. Life is hard. Yeah, I know you’re gonna miss your bed. Didn’t you finish all the Netflix series? You just subscribed to Disney+, but you’ll be able to enjoy it… Once in a while. You know in the beginning of 2021, will be a little bit the same… But I’m not going to lie to you, you’re going to have to go out again… Yes, you’re going to have to face the crowds in the stores and cafes. I’m sorry, I already know that some of your friends are going to offer theater trips… And yes, you’re going to have to see all those people you love again. Maybe you’ll even have to eat with them. Goodbye to the quiet life at home. No more excuses for not going to the gym, for not walking the dog, for staying at home under your plaid.Yes, I know that deep down, you’re going to miss 2020. But it’s over. I’m sorry. I’m sorry. I’m sorry.

Photo by Uwe Conrad on Unsplash

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