Vision of life

33 years old soon, you’re fading…

I’m not fading, thanks ! Photo by Towfiqu barbhuiya on Unsplash

No, but really?? Seriously?

This sentence is not mine, and it’s because it shocked me that I’m going to make an article about it!

The sentence of too much

This sentence is from my grandmother. Worried about my future in love and marriage, she thought it was a good idea to tell my mother that, and I quote, “Mylène has to be careful, she’s going to be 33 soon (in 6 months, easy, Grandma!), she’s getting old”.

Maybe my mother shouldn’t have told me what she said, but now it’s too late, and the Mymy bomb has been dropped.

So the woman is only a body?

For a woman who called herself modern, my grandmother has aged over a hundred years in one go.

All right, so for her, a woman comes down to her looks? To her innocence? Not the rest?

So I will address her in this article.

So according to you, I am getting older and therefore “I am getting old? You, whom I thought was anti-patriarchy and ahead of your time, are becoming senile before your time? I’m sorry to tell you this, Grandma, but no, I’m not getting old.

Not a flower

For one thing, I’m not a flower, I don’t get tired of age. For another, I am not a rose offered, ready to be plucked.

Thank you, but I want more than to be picked up on the side of the road. I will decide who to pick, who to hunt, who to find, and I will be an actor in that find, not just a smiling stem willing to do anything for a little love!

And then, Mamie, if you had observed me these last years, you would have seen that I embellished! Yes, I have blossomed, I have embraced the whole of who I am.

And then, a flower is supposed to be beautiful and delicate. And I’m sorry to disappoint you, Grandma, but I have never been beautiful or delicate and I never will be. That’s just the way it is, we are not all born equal. And if in today’s world, being beautiful is an end in itself, it’s not mine.

In short, I am not a beautiful tulip ready to be caught by the first hand that passes!


On the other hand, unlike the Mymy of ten years ago, I know where my charm lies, where my strength lies, where my femininity lies, and how to use my sex appeal.

So, yes, my skin has a few wrinkles now, the flesh is a little less firm than when I was twenty, but the woman inside this skin feels much better.
And just think, Mamie, that feeling good in your skin means being more beautiful in my own eyes and therefore in the eyes of others!

I have more to say, more taste (we’ll remember my 21 year old style 😱 ), more assertive opinions and still so much energy and freshness! In short, I feel much better today than I did 10 years ago, so thank you, but I’m not getting old!!!

Any kids?

But I suspect you’re saying that with a future offspring in mind, which will have to be mine.

On this point, you are right, I am probably much less fertile than the Mylène of twenty years.
But do I regret that I didn’t get involved with a man when I was younger, just to have children? No, really not!
I wouldn’t be a tenth of the woman I am today.

Would I like to have children? Maybe, if I meet the right man to have them with. And yes, I might be outdated, the day it happens, but never mind.

Oh, and I’d like to take this opportunity to remind you that I don’t owe anyone anything. I don’t owe you a great-granddaughter to continue the family line of women, I don’t owe Anna a cousin, or Mom a granddaughter.

I would make a child if I could, if I wanted to, without pressure, in a natural way. We don’t make children to please people around us. A child is felt when it’s the right time!

And you know what, if I don’t have one, too bad!

I know how to be accomplished without being a mother. I’d rather be one day, but if I’m not, I’ll live with it! Don’t worry about me.

Too much fooling around?

So, I wonder, Grandma, what do you think of me?

You often tell me that I’m “too” busy. Well, what would you like me to be? That I stay and read novels in my 21m2?

I wouldn’t apologize for living, I wouldn’t apologize for fooling around either.
Because yes, I do fool around. But I know just as well how to settle down when the person is worth it. Unfortunately, timing and affinity are not an exact science, and for the moment, I haven’t found my lid.

And considering my pot, I can tell you, it’s neither a standard shape nor size, so the lid is a bit complicated to find!

That said, it makes me wonder. All the people like you who have an opinion on the “right attitude” to find someone. I am all ears, what is the miracle recipe to meet the “father”, the “genitor”?

What do you think is preventing me from finding true love in my life? Enlighten me!

Oh and one more thing, remember that I am not just any ingredient, and that few recipes fit me, and I would not cross-dress for any of them.

On that note, I hope, Grandma, that you don’t get too stretched either!