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Dating Apps Guide

Come on, it was time for me to do a little article on dating apps. After so many years of being single, I am a bit of an expert…

Dating apps, Photo by NeONBRAND on Usplash

If there’s one area where I know a little bit about it, it’s dating apps and sites. I am more faithful to my single life than any other! If sometimes a story interrupts my hectic single life, it never lasts very long.

Oh, it’s not that I want to stay that way. It’s just that in order to give up my freedom, my crazy libido, and my bedtime stories, I need a really nice date.

What I love is the hunt. It’s targeting my prey and getting them into my bed. I like to pick them sexier, more beautiful than me. The challenge must be great.

Unfortunately, there are times in one’s life, when one goes out less. Winter nights when we would warm up the apricot, without even putting a foot outside… For this, the apps are there!

Beware, you can still find love there… it seems…

Here are my favorites…

Tinder: the most convenient

Well, this one, everyone knows it. I don’t need to introduce it.

I think it’s the most user-friendly, and probably the most international. In Australia, it served me a few times, and I found profiles everywhere I traveled.

On the other hand, forget about love on Tinder, 95% of users are looking for sex!

His pluses:His minuses:
+ International. No matter the country, you’ll have plenty to eat.
+ Easy to use
+ Biggest jar to fish in
– Impersonal
– Too many fake profiles and flappers
– Lots of Matches for few posts: the sheer number makes everyone a bit lazy.

My favorite: Fruitz

Ah Fruitz, I had discovered this, a few months before I left for Australia.

I really like it. It’s an app modeled after Tinder, but more transparent, more fun, more original.

Like Tinder, we switch to the right when we like, and to the Left when we don’t.

What’s different about Tinder:

  • You have to pick a fruit! Yes, yes, you heard me right. Pick a fruit from the four to determine what you want.
    • “To find your Half”: Cherry, for the search for love (there are few cherries….),
    • “For a glass of wine without getting caught”: Grape for singles open to anything
    • “For recurring cuddles without a glitch”: Watermelon for singles looking for a booty call instead.
    • “For a desire to fish”: Peach…. For the little libidinous ones in need!
  • When you scroll through the profiles, poof, you see the little fruit! Wonderful, no. If you are looking for love, avoid apricots….
  • Last change, we don’t match… we make a Smoothie!!! And when we do a smoothie, we have to pick a little question, which you answer and so does the other fruit!

And then, as with all apps, the discussion does the rest.

His pluses:His minuses:
+ Funny
+ Transparent
+ The question is very useful to start the discussion!
– She’s not international yet
– Not many grapes and cherries, if you’re looking for love

The ball is in the Girls’ court: Bumble

To be honest, I used to use it, but I stopped. Fruitz has convinced me much more!

But it is still worth explaining!

Idem, same principle as Tinder, we’re not inventing anything!

Except that here, once we match, hop it’s up to the girl to write the first message. To encourage girls to take the plunge, and to prove that they have something else to offer than beautiful photos, it’s up to them to rack their brains.

Ah, we made fun of the crappy messages from the boys, the useless “Hi, how are you?”… But will we do better? It’s a pretty tough exercise and you only have 24 hours to do it!

If not? If not hop, the match is wiped out! You have to be quick and imaginative… Personally, I gave up!

Ah and if the boy doesn’t respond within 24 hours, ciao ciao match cancelled… Tough life on Bumble…

Ses plus:Ses moins:
+ Plus de matchs inutiles ! Pas de message, bye bye
+ Women power!
+ Beaucoup de beaux garçons
+ Les profils sont plus complets, avec des petites phrases
+ Plus sérieux, moins orienté Sexe.
– Ahhhh l’inspiration ne vient pas toujours
– Pas assez marrant
– Peut être un peu trop sérieux

Happn, unconvincing

I wouldn’t go on for hours about this one. Ah, happn had sold me a dream with its ads.

Imagine, you pass a handsome dark-haired man as you exit the subway. Oh no, you missed him. No need to run after him, hop, you install Happn and you find him…

Yeah so… I’ve run into a lot of good looking brunettes, but never on Happn afterwards.

Same principle as Tinder, except Happn detects all your movements and presents you with the profiles you have potentially crossed paths with… within a few dozen meters.

His pluses:His minuses:
+ Slightly more serious dating app
+ The only app that has created a lasting couple in my circle…
+ It targets people who potentially have the same habits as you…
– Boring
– Fewer cute guys
– Ergonomics are lame
– In terms of privacy, you still feel like you’re being followed all the time!

Once: quality before quantity… Or not!

Once is the opposite of all these apps. To counteract the addictive effect of switching right and left, hop, you are only allowed one profile per day.

Every day, at the same time, you can find out. Since then, they’ve changed the premise a bit.

But anyway, one per day, chosen by the app’s algorithm to please you… So, personally, I only got ugly ones… So I stopped. After 10 days of princes, not very charming…

Sometimes plurality is good…

His pluses:His minuses:
+ The basic premise… The idea was good…– The profiles are not dreamy, dreamy…

Feeld: Libertarianism and chatter

If you are primarily looking for sexual encounters, this dating app is for you.

At first, it is not so simple in terms of ergonomics. We’re a little further from Tinder. You can scroll endlessly through profiles without ever deciding to like or delete them.

When you send a heart, it’s like Tinder, there has to be a Match. If you send a Ping (limited, and paid afterwards), the person can see it. And if you press the – button, the profile disappears forever.

Not bad for the undecided…

Here, no pretense, we’re talking about carnal intercourse, a multi-part plan, and #MMM is everywhere.

Couples seek playmates here, singles seek partners for galavanting.

There are no pornographic photos, they are prohibited. You can register and connect virtually with your booty call.

The key word is open-mindedness, assumed sex life, freedom and benevolence! Very much in the air of the time!

His pluses:His minuses:
+ Straightforward but not vulgar
+ Everyone is caring.
+ Perfect if you want to arrange a threesome or more
– Ergonomics a bit deplorable
– Definitely not where you’ll find love

Hinge: the Australian

I only mention it briefly, but I discovered this app in Australia.

What I like is the captions on the photos, it helps to de-dramatize a little bit the pressure we all put on ourselves with those damn profile pictures.

The design of the profiles is interesting.

His pluses:His minuses:
+ The full, funny profile– Not much discussion after matches
– Less profiles
– Less good looking guys…
– Very little used in France

The other apps and sites…

We’re not going to lie, now dating sites… it’s more for our grandparents than for us.

And then, all those old sites turned apps…. It’s a bit… Hasbeen…

Yes, we liked the principle of, yes it was fun to put a guy in his basket. But it’s all a bit dated. It smells like a bad 2010s hit…

Meetic, Badoo, let’s not even talk about it… Personally, I feel a few decades too young…

Here you go, you know everything! Or almost, and if you have one in the back of your drawer, feel free to let me know 😉

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