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First night… Oops, 127 James, the look.

The jaguar approaches in baby steps, he has no idea he’s up against a battle-hardened panther. I look at him, he is well built, with beautiful blue eyes, broad shoulders, short dark blond hair, and a piercing and very naughty look.

Look, Photo by Louis Hansel @shotsoflouis on Unsplash

If you’ve read my official blog (unless it’s too boring…), you’ll remember that I went out my first night.

Well, 20-year-old German girls and depressive English, it was okay for a while…

The Frenchies

I’d already spotted the two handsome boys sipping their cocktail while watching the midinettes wiggle… They’re French, I’m sure of it. I approach them, I get in, with my panther’s eyes. The hunt has begun.

We quickly sympathize, when the buddies from the start decide to leave, it’s a relief for me. I will be able to concentrate on the two little frenchies.

I prefer the big one, it’s better built and it’s softer than the other one. Alex and… Pff, well, I forgot ^^

The hunter’s tactic

So we stay a bit in the bar, and then we go to a more danceable bar where the music is more commercial (sorry François and Charles ;)).

There I try to keep the small one away, to drag the big one… Nice failure, Chip ‘n’ Dale are inseparable. Well, if you really need to, the little one is not bad either, we can work it out as a threesome …

We go on tour after tour and I’m getting more and more drunk, more and more tactile. An Australian with a slightly Mediterranean type is starting to get closer and closer. Him in 15 seconds, I can get him into my bed. He’s not bad, but he’s too drunk… and then… I feel like having a little more difficulty.

I try a first attack, while the little one goes to get us a drink, I stare at Alex’s eyes. He seems discombobulated, embarrassed, but not closed. Nothing is lost…

Chip never without Dale

I dance my way up, he lets himself get close, I’m gonna have to show my white paw if I want to catch this one…

And who’s back, Dale’s back! Alex is getting out of my grip and getting back to his little jokes with his buddy. Arggggghhhh

I decide to find a little girl to flirt with for Dale. If he’s busy, I could take care of Chip. Not crazy the panther…

Monumental failure, the music stops, the bar closes! But I’m blamed on this land???

We’re going out, none of us want to go in. We’re looking for a good plan. It’s Wednesday, not many clubs are open. We’re told there’s a gay club.

On the way out, Alex tells me it’s gonna be tricky since Chip ‘n’ Dale share a room. We’re joking about a possible threesome, well, they’re laughing about it, but I’m not really joking…

Panther versus Jaguar

When they get to the gay club, they go to the bathroom, leaving me alone to dance on the dance floor. I wonder if they’ll come back, it’s getting long.

And then I meet the look of a chasing jaguar. I think at that moment I understand the effect of the glances I can throw.

The jaguar is approaching in small steps, he has no idea that he is facing a seasoned panther. I look at him, he is well built, beautiful blue eyes, broad shoulders, short dark blond hair, and a piercing and very naughty look. So much the worse for Alex, I approach my turn, I bring my body closer to his. The sexual tension is at its peak.

Mutual attack

I oscillate my body, brushing against hers, subtly. He takes the last step so that our bodies become one, we dance for a few seconds glued together tightly, and our mouths finally find each other. Our tongues mix, his hands run across my hips, my buttocks… Time is suspended, we both crave each other.

After a few minutes, I suppose, you can imagine that I didn’t have my eyes on my watch, he slips me that we can go to his place.

We leave like thieves, I barely have time to give a distant greeting to the two Frenchmen looking stunned at the bar.

Impatient the young man

We take a taxi, I discover his first name James, English, former pro rugby player… Hence the size… He is a bit unpleasant when he talks, I prefer to shut him up by kissing him. His hands are becoming more and more indiscreet, I am obliged to calm his ardour, before he ostensibly fingers me in front of the taxi driver.

We finally arrive at his place, we try not to make any noise so as not to wake his roommate…

When we arrived in the room, he threw me half on the bed, he undressed me eagerly, then he devoured me, his mouth gave no respite to any part of my body. He takes care of me greedily and it’s… Very good…

He undresses in turn, a small bun, but overall the whole is harmonious and makes you want to…

It’s going to penetrate me… Uh, but my friend, you’re forgetting one thing… Yes, yes, a condom… Don’t worry, if you don’t have one, I do. Oh well, here, you have some…

Not Hard enough

It cooled me down a bit, but then I feel like it’s coming back, it penetrates me gently and … And here I am, half soft. I can’t get it hard enough for him.

Too much alcohol probably… I try to help him in the most efficient way usually, but nothing helps, it’s like eating…

He makes me come with his fingers, I tell him it’s better that he sleeps a little and wakes me up when he feels more… Hard!

He’ll wake me several times in the night, but the stem will never become bamboo.

Bastard in the morning

In the morning, when his alarm clock rings, he seems in a bad mood, he almost kicks me out!

Gutter boy, it’s not my fault if you and alcohol don’t mix!

And here I am, little walk of shame walking 45 in the suburbs …

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