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Tom, the romantic… rascal.

Then he tries a first movement. He dusted the sand on my tank top, taking the opportunity to touch my breast. I let him do it, I add to it by showing him that I also have sand on my thighs.

Romantic (Photo by Joshua Earle on Unsplash)

I also had a match with Romantic Tom on Tinder.

Now we’re not on the same page. It’s more my idea of an Australian…

The Australian, the real one

We talk a little bit, he seems very sweet and kind.

I’ll ask him out, he’s in. He asks me if drinking wine on the beach would suit me…

Uh yes, definitely it suits me ! You score points my little Tom !

So here we are, one day after Mitchell, he’s supposed to pick me up (by car 😉 let’s not go too fast) in front of my Airbnb to go to the beach. See you at 8pm after his training.

Around 7:30 pm, he calls me, I can’t understand everything he says on the phone. His accent is very very pronounced. He asks me if I’ve eaten, it’s not the case, so he’ll take some pizzas on the way!

Not bad.

He arrives a little after 8:00. In the half-light, I can’t really make him out, but he has an imposing figure. I arrive towards him, I give him a kiss, but already we both leave on the wrong side and we miss a smack.

We get into his 4X4, not Mitchell’s clean suv, not the real 4×4, the one that goes to the beaches, with the bars on the roof and the anti-kangaroo front… The dates follow each other but they don’t look alike.

We drive to a beach parking lot. The beach doesn’t seem to be very lit. So he sets up a picnic area in the back of his car.

He’s got it all planned…

It’s original and nice, we’re facing the sea, which is in the half-light, and we can hear the sound of the waves. He’s a romantic little guy.

He bought some red wine, and brought two nice glasses with him. He had a shrimp pizza and a margarita. Good choices.

I’m getting used to his accent, I’m also getting used to his Magnum moustache ^^, he keeps telling me he finds my accent so cute and that he can easily understand me.

The pizza almost entirely consumed, he suggests me to try the beach. The moon shines bright enough to light us.

He takes his big tablecloth/towel what do I know… He spots a place where the rocks will protect us from the wind.

And it’s true, clever little guy, well, giant guy… We’re even less cold than in the car. The temperature is perfect.

He brought dark chocolate to complete the meal… he thought of everything. We drink our wine in peace.

It’s getting out of hand…

Naturally I find myself with my head on his shoulder looking at the sky, discussing the animals of Australia, the platybus, which is none other than the platypus. People laugh at my accent, but nicely.

Then he tries a first movement. He dusted the sand on my tank top, taking the opportunity to touch my breast. I let him do it, I add to it by showing him that I also have sand on my thighs.

It goes quickly then, he touches me, his fingers are precise, I forget that we are on a beach. He keeps kissing me. His kiss is powerful and very pleasant.

He continues his caresses, I start mine, I want to please him in my turn. I would have my first orgasm simultaneously with him on this beach.

We finish our wine by looking at the sky, satisfied for a little while.

The invitation to his house

The wine wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t crazy. He asks me what I thought of it, I tell him honestly, I tell him I prefer more tannic wines. He’s got one at home, if I feel like it…

Uh, yeah, of course I’m interested in…

In the car, his hands are naughty and I don’t mind. We’re on our way to his house.

It’s well furnished and he’s started decorating. He’s only been living there for two months…

He puts the wine in a carafe and takes out two new glasses… It’s funny, he looks like an Australian from the bush, a kangaroo breeder, strong and boorish, and he’s delicate and considerate.

Round two.

We drink this wine in stages… Soon, we are excited again and jump on each other to go to his room.

The foreplay is as good as on the beach, but shorter … We are both dying for it. Condom, without me asking, good point my little Tom.

All right, we’ll start again a few minutes later.

I want to sleep well, and not to have a hard time coming back tomorrow morning. I would have loved to sleep with him and be woken up by his caresses, but I took an Airbnb for the rest. I explain it to him, he understands… Even though he would have liked me to stay. We finish the wine, we struggle not to crack again. It’s almost 1:00 in the morning.

I’ll see you soon.

He orders me an Uber… and I’m gone.

I send a message, like he asked when I got here, telling him I had a great time and I hope I’ll see him again. He tells me right away that he’s having a great time too, and that he hopes to…

See you soon, I hope, Tom…

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