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Only good vibes, 151

Sexual vibes Photo by Deon Black on Unsplash

In this still hot month of August, I just had a great evening.

Great, because I hadn’t felt so good for a long time: in top shape, in top shape mentally, authentic and happy!

And if you add to that a little sex, it’s great.

Deserted month of August

Here we are at the weekend of August 15th, Paris is emptied of its Parisians, and only a few resisters persist in the middle of the tourists.

I am one of them.

So rather than bubbling in my 20m2, I propose to four of my friends to spend the afternoon and the evening together.

Meeting at 3:30 pm at the Prairie du Canal.

Chill vibes

The afternoon starts quietly, there are hardly twenty people when we arrive. The electro/house music is still bearable and light.

We are not well there? Small pint for some, kombucha for others, the good mood is set. All thirty years old, all motivated to spend a beautiful afternoon! The discussions are going well. They did not know each other half an hour before, and yet the exchanges are sincere and deep.

I feel wonderful. The cold beer flows gently in my throat, a little fresh air attenuates the ambient heat, and my smile does not fall off my face.

The place is really nice, we hardly feel in Paris. The hours go by, the rosé flows freely and the people come in little by little.

Challenge Vibes

We also take advantage of it to comment the male gente around. “He’s not bad, is he? Oh no, not really my type… And him, there the big one? Oh yeah, definitely! On the other hand, he seems to have come with his girl… “

And here we are, staring, being ecstatic, and sometimes laughing too… Sorry, can’t help it…

Then the only one of my non single girlfriends launches a game. She gives each of us a challenge!

Yippee! A challenge, I love challenges!

What??? Talking to three guys I like without kissing them… But, but… Come on, challenge accepted! It shouldn’t be that hard? Well, for me, probably a little…

Then it is left, we throw ourselves on the dance floor, each one armed with our mission.

We all end up talking to the right and to the left.

Here I am, cutting the bib to a brown guy with caramel skin. His eyes are not innocent and the conversation takes a more tendentious dimension. However, he slips me very naturally that he is engaged.

Come on Mymy, that will be 1/3 easily. Hehe… You don’t know me very well, one look too many, and here I am sticking my lips on his. Oops… Well, the counters are back to zero.

Mojo Vibes

I feel the mojo is back. Not once do I think about my appearance, not one negative thought comes to mind. Life is beautiful, people are nice, and the rosé is slowly taking effect. It’s great.

The meadow will soon close its doors, we all meet again, with the new acquaintances we have made under our arms.

No lovers in sight, but a good atmosphere and new friends for the evening.

Friendly vibes

We are asked to go out. But there is no question of leaving our new friends.

After having kissed a stranger in a completely spontaneous way, I follow the band towards the docks.

I have no idea of the time we spent along the canal. But what a beautiful moment!

I almost feel like I’m having a travel encounter. We chat, we laugh, we heckle. We are all a little drunk, but above all we are all benevolent and open.

I say to myself, there, I think I succeeded in my challenge. Except that… Well, I end up kissing them one by one. Shit, I missed that! Remind me never to take MD, I think I fell into it when I was little.

The idea that is created

My buddy in a relationship leaves us to find her boyfriend. She has five grams, and we’re all a little worried.

The dark-haired guy who was taking care of her comes back to us. He seemed quite interested in her, but let’s see if we can reverse the trend.

I have the impression that we all like him. It is a particular evening, I do not want to hunt in a classic way, I take time.

We meet again my spontaneous mug and his buddies, and we make road together towards the Garden 21. We remain on these vibes of ecologist-bobo-carrot eater.

C. the big brown guy really starts to attract me more and more. I make a moove or not? I hesitate.

Then one of our new buddies, a big bear on MD, starts kissing everyone. The big brown guy and me included.

Oh yeah? Can we make out then? I jump at the chance, turn to my new target tonight, and kiss her with envy. We’re clearly not on a little smack.

Lucky Vibes

Let’s go all together for the Km25, a nightclub in some minutes on foot.

In the queue, we lose several people of the band, but my big brown is still there. Nice.

I try not to be too heavy or offensive. After all, even if nothing happens, the evening is just great.

For no reason, a group of people in the street comes up to us, and hands us 5 wire-cut seats to the club.

What to ask more, free entrance, without even making the queue! We must release all together a mojo of madness.

Honest attack

The music is thunderous, and honestly, I think it’s horrible. Are there drug-free people dancing to this? Really?

Gin and tonic downed, but nothing to do with it. I hate it. One thought in the back of my head, I’m the tall, dark one. You, my pet, I’m not leaving without you. If I have to endure three more hours of this music, I will.

I don’t think we’ve met again in the nightclub, or nicely, once or twice.

He starts to yawn, I can feel him on his way out. Ouch, Ouch… Come on think fast and hard Mymy.

The mojo is back, so I try to do everything. I know that I am not his first choice, I am aware that it is perhaps not with me that he would have liked to finish the evening. But after all, I am a nice consolation prize.

So I slip in his ear : ” I have a deal to propose you, you come to sleep at my place, I live not far. We cuddle, a little tenderness, and more if we feel like it. But no obligation”.

He laughed at my proposal, but accepted it instantly.

I would never have been so honest. We take the way of the return, we discuss, we laugh, it seems quite simply two friends.

Sleeping vibes

He arrives at my place, we slump in my two armchairs. And we continue to discuss.

Then I don’t know what’s wrong with me, but I start to massage his feet. I usually hate feet, what’s wrong with me at this moment?

He seems to like it. In fact, he enjoys it so much that he falls asleep. He’s sweet and soothed like that. I gently put his foot back on the floor, and I run to the shower.

When I come out, he opens an eye, I kiss him. He whispers to me that I smell good. We’re not going to do much tonight, he’s all wrapped up in sleep.

Come on, to bed, big daddy, I help him to get up, then I settle down. Naked.

Oh yeah, naked, like that? Well wait, if it’s like that, I get naked too. And hop, joining the gesture to the word, he leaves his boxer.

Here we are, both of us in the simplest device.

Generous vibes

I am ready to let him sleep, really. Except that he brings me back to him, and his hands become more naughty.

Okay, let’s not play with fire too much either, huh? You still have some energy to have fun? Then let’s go.

Well, energy, he doesn’t have a lot of it. Envy, yes. His eggplant is raised to his face, ready for battle.

Come on, I’m in a generous and attentive mood today. I greedily attend to him, then grab a condom, and straddle him. Perfect size.

Oh how good it is, each time, it’s as if I rediscover the taste.

I put a lot of heart into it, he seems to appreciate it. But I feel that it will not finish, and I start to get tired, and he too. It is not very serious, the ejaculation is not an end in itself.

After a last kiss on the lips, I throw the condom, and I sit down beside him. Good night beautiful brown. See you tomorrow.

A good start to the day

It’s crazy, he sleeps all night on his back with 4 grams of alcohol in his blood, and no sound comes out of his throat. He doesn’t snore at all. Wow! Wake up so I can marry you!

He wakes up slowly, we cuddle gently. No sex for this morning. I am a little disappointed.

A small shower, and we take the breakfast both. He is still in his underwear, and I have only put on a nightie that barely covers my body. I have fun leaving my forbidden fruit visible.

After all, if the desire to complete his breakfast by an apricot came to him…

I have a feeling he won’t be too long. Although he looks good, and our chats are still cool. But I try a last hug. For tenderness first, for libido too, I must admit.

I come to stick to him on his armchair, my nightie does not cover my buttocks any more. If I take the innocent air, he sees clearly in my game.

And after a few seconds of a nice embrace, his hands start to slip between my buttocks and my thighs. Well, it is won.

The caresses are more pushed, my excitement grows. His lips taste mine, then the skin of my nipples, and that of my neck.

I kneel down, he is excited too. He looks at me greedily, I savor it gently. Then he grabs a condom from his wallet, and I straddle him again.

How good it is to start the day like that. Our bodies become more and more moist, our sighs complete each other. We clutch each other, we caress each other, and the pleasure takes us, each one in our turn.

Mojo is back

I believe that it is good, my mojo is slowly back.

It’s not because I put a man in my bed that I say that. No, I say that because that weekend, I found this confidence, this well-being not to ask a thousand questions.

That weekend, I met a lot of great strangers, who also thought I was great.

So yes, it feels good to start your Sunday dripping with someone else’s sweat. But the most important thing is that since that weekend, it’s no longer the face I make when I look at myself in the mirror, it’s a wink!