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Sex Friend in a hostel

To have your sex friend in your hostel is a happiness, but it is also a curse, because frustration is never far away…

Not only easy to have a sex friend in a hostel, Photo by Dainis Graveris on Unsplash

Captain America, the cream of Sex Friends

If you had told me three months ago that my Sex Friend would be my handsome American, I wouldn’t have believed you for a second. A Sex Friend, in the hostel, with a private room and an above average level of sensuality… I won the jackpot.

After the road trip, we finally reintegrated the word Sex in our Sex Friend relationship, and damn it, I enjoyed my chocolate cake.

The night of the return was perfect. The ten days of waiting only increased my pleasure, my appetite and my desire for him.

As you can imagine, after so much time with a delicious cake in front of my eyes, I was eager to devour every piece, every night, every morning, every day.

Except… Frustration is the friend of the sex friend in a hostel.

When boredom leads to envy

The day after the return, after a most pleasant awakening, we leave to return the van. I feel him a bit distant, compared to the complicity under the sheets this morning. Too bad, I’m doing my life, he’s doing his. I took the day off to rest, but I’m bored. Yes, I’ve lost the habit of zoning in the hostel during the week.

I can only think of one thing to do, and that’s to get a big bearded man and his room. But my wings have already been burned too much during the road trip, and I wouldn’t venture there without being invited.

To kill time, going to the gym seems like a good way. I meet him a little before, we go together. My vagina helps itself in the hope of having a piece of this succulent cake.

After gym class, I’m sweaty and I look like shit. He is not much better, but the estrogen is more powerful than a one-hour session at the gym. I don’t know what I’m waiting for, but when I come out, I dip my eyes into his. “Make love to me,” my pupils scream out in flames.

Wrong girl! No sex tonight, he’s going to get something to eat, and he’s going to meditate alone in his room tonight! I had already opened my mouth to welcome the next bite of cake and he just closed the fridge on my hopes and pleasure !

I’m pouting, ugly frustration, when will you stop bothering me ?

Dealing with frustration and other people’s space

Bim, here is the problem of having a Sex Friend in a hostel.

Your Sex Friend, you meet him constantly. And when you’re greedy like me, if you have a chocolate cake in your fridge, you want to eat a piece every day. When the cake is at the bakery, you settle for once or twice a week. Usually, your sex friend isn’t there in front of you with his sensuality and promises of orgasm. No, he has his life, you have yours, and your encounters are a small haven of pleasure in everyday life!

So when my Bearded Man tells me that he needs to meditate tonight, of course, he’s right. For him to take his moment for himself, it’s completely normal and healthy… But it’s frustrating!

And then, the situation is special too. He’s not here for long, for a week at the most, and he’s leaving for a month or two. For my part, I want to take every opportunity to eat my favorite dessert before it leaves the shelves and I have to replace it with common cookies. But on his side, he also needs to take advantage of his free time and space to do all the things he doesn’t have time to do at work.

So when he needs space and time for himself, well me, I need him in me… Desires a bit incompatible at times, as you can imagine.

When the hormones don’t accept

Frustration is therefore my mistress when I return from this road trip. I thought that after 11 days of abstinence, I would be done with it… Failed!

The next day, after work, I understood the message, I try to give him as much space as possible. I barely look at him, I don’t want to hurt myself too much looking at this cake that I’m not allowed to touch.

Yet envy and desire gnaw at my pelvis, I want it to make me climb the curtains again. Yes, I want his hands too much, his lips on my skin. I had decided to spare my damaged ego and not to ask, but once again Ego 0 – Libido 150.

So one little message and I am welcome to join him.

Ahhh a few steps, and hop I’m in his room, only 2 doors to push and I join him on his bed.

Pleasure at a few doors

The ice cube crossed in the kitchen became embers. And it’s not to displease me.

After a small discussion, we finally eat each other. I intend to take care of him greedily, so that he remembers that I only want him to have fun. Our tongues bond so that we can leave each other better and get busy on our juicy fruits.

That’s exactly why I can’t put my ego before my libido. His tongue, lips, beard and fingers work in concert.

As for me, I like to go always further to give him the most pleasure possible.

I like to take my time before it gets inside me, because then my body will decide for me, I will be even more at the mercy of the pleasure it gives me.

Our bodies finally find each other, they bond. Here I find my favorite Sex Friend there! His grip, his endurance, his sensuality, his lips. We do this in front of the mirror, it’s exciting to see his face invaded by pleasure, and to read the excitement. He looks like a wild man, a virile warrior. It is also exciting to see myself like this, subjected to the pleasure he gives me.

The frolic lasts long enough, as always, but with Captain America, the longer the better. Each position brings a different flavor, grrrr how much I love this chocolate cake!

One more slice devoured, I did well to leave my ego in the closet again. I fall asleep in his arms, satisfied and happy.

Deciding to be less frustrated

On Thursdays, I decided not to seek sex with him. I’m tired from the night before and I plan to enjoy him on Friday.

Besides, I need my space too… Ok a little less, when it comes to satisfying my crotch, but tonight, I need sleep.

In truth, I also feel that he won’t give in, and that by making the decision, I’m saving myself an acidic frustration. Yes, I would be a little frustrated, but I would have decided.

In the end, one game of pool and another game of pool with Pokémon, I don’t go to bed as early as I’d hoped. And when the bearded man returns, I’m still in the common room. Ouch, I didn’t want to run into him, I don’t want him to think I’m waiting for him. No, I’m not waiting for you, no, I’m not waiting for your delicious lips to land on the pool that you’ve just set on fire with a look.

I don’t even have time to announce that I’m going to bed, that he’s already drawing, he’s sleeping alone tonight, he’s tired. Ah well, listen, that’s good for me too, I was planning to sleep alone!

But if he had proposed, would I have been able to resist? Nothing is less sure…

Frustration 1 – Pleasure 1

On Friday, I plan to enjoy my cake, it’s good there, I’ve been on the diet long enough. And I’ll take a big slice, no but!

In the evening, he seems a bit lost and ends up playing pool with BlueBoatHouse, Pokémon and Me. I play as a “Friend”, but my eyes devour him on the sly, I try to do it discreetly. When will the evening change?

Pool finished, it’s still early, he retires to call his sister. Uh… But then, uh… what do I do ? Too bad, I go out for drinks and enjoy a moment of friendship. A small message, I leave the door open, he doesn’t close it. We’ll meet again…

Or not. He’s tired, and the call has put him in a bad mood. Not now. Not now.

So sober, I could have heard reason, drunk, I’m shouting scandal! Whatiiii? No, but open that fridge, I want a piece of cake. Too bad if the cream is more bitter than usual!

I leave to get it, I’m confused, I argue, I stick my hunter’s eyes in his. But nothing, even a kiss doesn’t convince him.

I leave, outraged, with the promise to come and wake him up the next day. At the time, I am sad, upset and excessively frustrated.

The next day, I feel stupid for putting myself in this state, his refusal is completely justified, and to question my ego at each refusal is profoundly dumb.

In short, in the morning, I wake him up with sensuality and pleasure. That morning, I take things more in hand, and it’s not to displease us. The moment is soft and intense, I appreciate it all the more since I was deprived of it the night before.

Not tonight

On Saturday evening, he spends the evening at a friend’s house. I feel a deep fatigue, I decide not to wait for him tonight. I would go and wake him up tomorrow, just like I did this morning. That’s what it was all about. Perfect, great idea.

I entrust him with my little thoughts. He’s okay to wake up, except that he wakes up at 4:30 in the morning. What? Seriously?

Well, I’m going to sleep in his bed. I’m not going to set an alarm clock at 4 o’clock so I can fuck him in the middle of the night ! My hormones are on fire but not that much !

In his bed, I fall asleep. When he comes home, I’m groggy with sleep, and he’s… ripped. He smells like alcohol like never before, he staggers slightly. Friendly, he joins me in bed in his boxer shorts. Grrrr take it off…

But he takes me in his arms and I don’t even have time to put my fingers under the elastic band of his boxer shorts, which he already snores. Yep, a priori, the sex won’t be in the air for a while.

Morning frustration

In the morning, his alarm clock rings several times. He does not hear it. I snooze it several times before turning it off. He’s supposed to wake up to play an online game with his buddies. He needs sleep, I think it’s healthier if he sleeps for a few more hours.

When I feel him wake up, I start pressing my pelvis over his, he hugs me, I feel his desire awakening between his two thighs.

But then he opens his eyes. He should already be awake, what time is it? 7 o’clock !!! Why didn’t I wake him up? He gets up in one bound, gets dressed, goes to make himself a coffee. He comes back, grabs his computer, puts it on my piece of cake, puts his headphones on his ears.

Under my amazed gaze, he calls his friends and starts his game. I can continue to sleep, he doesn’t mind. I try to follow his game a little bit, but it’s too complicated. I go back to sleep a little bit, trying to show my naked body from time to time.

Zero effect! Either he’s really tenacious or my body has lost its efficiency. I leave disappointed, once again it makes me go crazy.

My body says thank you

On Sundays, he is exhausted. I try during the day to get what I didn’t get in the morning, but he struggles with a severe hangover.

He is recovering for tonight, he promises me. Ok ok. I’m enjoying my day and my friends, that’s good too.

In the evening, we have a review of the photos of our road trip to the lovebirds. During all the duration of the slide show, he yawns. He is exhausted, apparently.

I feel that it will not be for this evening, he does not seem to be in condition to do anything else than sleep.

Well, I’ve stuck my finger in my eye… Arrived at the inn, he discreetly offers me to follow him to his room.

And… And it’s better, than all the last days. My orgasm makes me tremble from head to toe, it doesn’t stop anymore. Is it the waiting, the fatigue, or the simple fact that his penis adapts perfectly to the shape of my vagina? No idea, but it feels so good.

His skin against mine, I take divine pleasure, and it’s full of this delicious piece of chocolate cake that I fall asleep to face my week.

Would this be the last time?

He leaves tomorrow morning, in the evening, I take advantage of his presence. I try to enjoy the friend first. I like our discussions, and if they are the last, I might as well enjoy them.

We spend the evening together, with Pokémon too. Then he announces going to bed, but goes straight to invite me. Yes, it’s probably the last time we’ll see each other. If he returns in two months, it is possible that I already left for the other part of Australia.

So let’s take advantage of it. Arrived in the room, his things are ready. We kiss, it’s good, intense. More intense, because it’s the last time maybe?

Our bodies greedily covet each other. I show him the full extent of my talents, I devour him, I appreciate every piece, every crumb.

Our pleasures evolve hand in hand, the positions follow one another slowly, we enjoy every second, every breath. His skin is burning when mine is a burning coal.

I grab him, I lick him, I kiss him, he grabs me, he bites me, he grabs me. It’s very sensual and wild at the same time.

And then in one last jolt, he comes. And I know it will be the last time. (Or maybe not, but it’s easier to give up the idea of seeing him again).

We fall asleep in each other’s arms, with the memory of the pleasure under the skin.

Farewell, Captain America?

This is the last morning. I stay a little longer in his arms to enjoy his warmth, his smell, his tenderness, one last time.

A good lover and a good friend, I return the compliment. It’s time to get up.

In the kitchen, we talk a little, but the heart is not there.

It’s time for me to leave for work, it’s time to say maybe goodbye. Ouch, I don’t feel like saying goodbye to the best shot of my life.

My colleagues are already in the lobby, I’m going to go look for him. He gives me a check. Uh, seriously? Come in my arms, you big idiot! A farewell hug, a last kiss with the bitter taste of the frustration of the next few weeks to come.

Will I see you again delicious black forest? Could I taste again the smoothness of your sponge cake, the softness of your mousse, the crunchiness of your cherries?

For the moment, I’m not ready to move on to the usual cookies. It will take me a few weeks to forget the soft sweetness of your skin. A little diet might do me good… Who knows?

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