Bye Bye Perth

It’s time to say goodbye to Perth! It’s not easy to leave all your friends, and to take stock of these 10 months…

Bye bye Perth, Photo by Jan Tinneberg on Unsplash

It’s time for me to leave Perth! Oh Perth, where I stayed for 10 months and 9 days, that’s 315 days!

It wasn’t planned, but the Covid, friendships, and a grain of sand called love came through and held me back.

I took the decision to leave this sweet city and go to the East Coast, it’s the right time for a review!

Perth and the WA, What do I think?


Perth is a pleasant city to live in, but it lacks a soul in my opinion. It lacks that little something extra, old buildings. It’s an Australian style city, clean and tidy.

Its big bonus is its beaches 15-20 minutes away by car. I thought I’d find the same thing in Brisbane… Well, no!

So Perth, nice city of Australia! I’m just not made to live in Australia.

Fremantle, which is 30 minutes by train from Perth is a small branch of Perth, a very cute port city, more charming and more me! And you can eat great seafood there!

Ah and Rottnest Island, the only habitat for small quokkas is only 30 minutes by boat from Fremantle! I’ve been there three times, and I could have gone there again!

Western Australia 

Big up for Western Australia, the beaches are wild and fantastic! The big plus of this state of Australia is its nature, and the small population, so that one can enjoy almost alone the beaches, the natural parks and all that Western Australia has to offer.

Western Australia is beautiful with its beaches in the South, its wine region and national parks like Karijini and Kalbarri in the North. I haven’t seen everything, but the little I have seen has amazed me!

Only downside, no koala here, but I saw a lot of other animals: kangaroos (not to see them in Australia, you would have to stay at home!), quokkas, sea lions, whale shark, humpback whale, sea turtles…

Great friendships

I had a great time in Perth, I made a lot of friends that I hope to keep for a long time.

You can’t sum up the good times, so here are a few pearls in the picture.

Thank you for making these ten months, ten months of friendship and fun: Chris, Svenja, Alessandro, Hugues, Sophia, Bridget, Val, Tristan, Max, Ben, Carys, Alex, Lorie, Manon, Lukas, Marco, Vale, Seba, Stefano, Kirian, Guilly, Coco, Strike, Marine, Maryam and I forget a lot of them !!! I’m going to miss you all !

Review of my trip here.

The first goal of my trip was to take a break! That’s done! By the way, my trip came at the right time, I avoided the Covid in Europe!

My ideal journey was not at all realized, no Mymy’s car, no van layout, no continuous journey. 10 months in the same place… And not even a lot of money on the side!

My fears are definitely improving! The big spiders don’t make me jump on the ceiling anymore, the wasps don’t make me run away, well the snakes… we’re not there yet!

My fear of failure is still present, and even more so since I left Perth, and this is the one I have to fight against the most!

My ability to manage money… can you repeat the question?

Where are we at with reflections on myself?

I left to find myself… So I’m still looking for myself, but I think I’m starting to get some answers. I feel that I am on the right track, which is quite positive. I have a little more than 4 months left, ideally to find the rest of the answers.

Writing !!

The first of my answers is writing. I’m going to keep writing no matter what and take the time to do it. All those weekend mornings where I would have had time to do it, and just preferred to clear my head with pointless series. That’s over!

So yes, I will write, in this blog, about my life, but also about the lives of my characters. And then I’m going to go for a novel or two or three. I wouldn’t live from it, but I would express my passion and that’s the most important thing.

What to do with my life… Good question!

Yes, but how do I make a living? Haha good question! I don’t want to do what I was doing before I left, that’s for sure!

I enjoyed working as a gardener, a physical job, where fatigue is not nervous, but muscular. But to become a gardener in France? Maybe not anyway…

In short, I don’t want to spend my life behind a desk. I’m still thinking about becoming a teacher, so that I can teach abroad if I want to in the future.

You will have understood it, I still need the coming months to clarify my project!

Personally, I learned a lot, about myself, about my relationship to relationships, and I will come back to you even wiser!

And Now ?

Now I need my space? I have lived in a hostel for more than ten months and I dream of a room of my own, of my own space? And my adult life.

I liked being twenty years old again, but I feel that I want to return to a life where I build, where everything is not uncertain, where bricks are not made of foam.

Wait, you’re not going to come back now, are you?? No, indeed, I’d like to do the east coast before leaving the country of Oz. I’m going to have to bail out a bit, so I’m stopping in Brisbane, and I’m looking for a job, and I’ll see what happens!

Hello Brisbane !

So initially, I wanted to go to Melbourne. I had my tickets, and I was planning to go up the east coast from Melbourne to Cairns, quietly. I was even already looking for a job…

Then Melbourne started getting new cases of Covid, and I thought, okay, no way I’m going in lockdown. With three days to go, I changed my tickets!

A departure party where I arrive an hour late, all the people I love or almost all the people I love meeting with me one last time. A last breakfast with my little team, a van lift to the airport, 44 kilos of check in luggage, 4h20 of plane and here I am in Brisbane!

I arrive, it’s raining but the air is very hot and humid. It is late, I go directly to my hostel. I can barely get my suitcase up, I arrive in a room full of 20 year old girls who are not very welcoming. They chat until 1 am without seeming to realize that I’m there.

Suddenly, I have a wave in my soul… Why did I leave Perth? What am I going to do here?

I feel that I have a wild soul, I don’t feel like talking to people… Oops, how are we going to do?

More from Brisbane soon!

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