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Mister Friday

It’s time for me to test again a French lover in all his splendor. Who of Mister Thursday or Mister Friday will do?

Mister Friday , Photo by Charles Deluvio on Unsplash

If I had hoped for a sensual return to France, I was quickly disappointed…

Ok without a home, it’s a bit complicated. And then, cooled down by my misadventure on Tinder in Sydney, I became a little shy on apps.

Here I am, stuck at my parents’ house, and yet, the desire to resume a little sexual activity is titillating… The lollipops in the cars are nice, but I definitely wanted more.

Five days alone at home, parents gone for a mini vacation, I see this as an opportunity not to be missed!

Fruitz to serve you

Come on, to do my shopping, I go to Fruitz. No need to look for the man of my life, a beautiful stallion will be enough for me.

I select two or three, make a few smoothies, and try to see who takes the bait…

Honestly, in Bordeaux, I’m a little disappointed with the quality of the profiles, or maybe I’m being too picky… You can’t find that many copies of American brownies in the land of cannelés…

Eventually, I end up quietly sexting with two of them. I plan to see one on Thursday and the other on Friday.

I’m chickening out…

To be honest, one morning I get a little confused. I didn’t even bother to record their numbers, and I answer one with the other in mind… I’ll spare you the long and arduous catch-up.

Thursday night is coming up fast, and my desire is starting to decrease. It was fun the little sexting of the day before, but now… I realize that I don’t feel like it.

No, what I want are seduction games, hunting, or a lover ready to do anything, an Australian Jeremy

Or better yet, a man I wanted from the bottom of my soul… a chocolate cake. But this last desire is much harder to achieve… In love every six years, I will have to be patient.

I’m supposed to meet Mister Thursday at his house, after 9pm… when his daughter will be in bed… So the situation is a bit special.

The minutes that separate me from the appointment decrease and my motivation with. I decide not to raise my voice, if he does, I’ll go, if not, too bad.

Too bad.

Mister Friday

Mister Friday must have felt the wind change, unlike his Thursday counterpart, he’s flooding me with texts. Ok, ok, he seems more than motivated.

I look at his pictures one last time. Well, he looks pretty good, but I have a doubt. I drop my address, see you at 9pm. My libido will thank me.

As the day before, I suddenly feel lazy to meet this young man I don’t know. At my place, moreover, no escape, he is supposed to stay for the night.

He is in advance, at 8:40 pm, it ends up ringing. My stomach tightens, and if I didn’t like it…


I open the door and discover him. Ouch, my fears were not in vain. He’s not… not crazy. Maybe if I squint my eyes, he has a little charm?

You can’t take away from him, he’s tall and well built. I can easily imagine a muscular torso and semi-apparent abs. That’s something.

Argh, I don’t know. He’s not ugly, but let’s say he doesn’t look very male, manly… He looks like he’s nineteen. His look is also post-adolescent, I didn’t know that some people still use gel to make a little spiky hairstyle…

He smiles at me with all his teeth (thank God, they are white and tidy). I take a breath of fresh air, it’s only the very first impression, maybe the charm will act with delay.

I invite him to enter, he comes forward, and is about to kiss me ! Oh soft, young man, not so fast ! It will take me a few drinks before I can put my lips on yours !

Dodging my cheek, immediately withdrawing my face, and in a somewhat brusque manner, I take him into the kitchen.

He has in his arms a case full of different beers. Like leftovers from a big party… of students. I was imagining a bottle of wine, it will be Grim and Leffes…

Get the oars out

The disappointment and the lack of desire make me cold. He throws me suggestive glances, I feel his eyes on my legs, on the birth of my neckline. It is almost if he does not already lick his lips …

On the contrary, his appearance leaves me unmoved. I am as cold as the crushed ice I put in mojito glasses.

He tries several times caresses, movements to brush me, to touch me, and undoubtedly to rock in a much more torrid atmosphere.

But boy, if I can set a pair of underpants on fire in a few seconds, I can also blow a north wind on your ardor.

I invite him to join the garden lounge, but no, he prefers to hang out with me. Like a fly around a honey pot, he turns around me. I don’t hide that I’m starting to be a bit exasperated.

We settle down finally, I take a malicious pleasure to put me in a separate armchair, and not on the sofa. I see his eyes going back and forth between the sofa and me, he seems disappointed.

The discussion is a bit laborious at first. I feel that we don’t have much in common. I ask questions, I try to get interested. As for him, I can feel that he would like to express himself in a completely different way…

I’m waiting for his charm to work, but he’s going to have to row a bit more. Humor? Out of stock, apparently…

Rum, his ally

I suspected that in order to forget my first impression and cool down a bit, the alcohol had to do its job.

So let’s just say the mojitos were overloaded! Half rum, half everything else… After my second one, I suddenly felt more relaxed and tactile.

It’s as if the fumes of alcohol succeeded in blurring his flaws and making only his firm, athletic body appear.

On his side, he sipped slowly, leaving me a little ahead, and enjoying the progressive warming of the atmosphere…

Devoured by mosquitoes, it is in the living room that we finish. Here no choice, we have to share the big sofa. He leaves no doubt about his intentions and sits as close as possible to my thighs.

My head is spinning a little, I’m laughing at everything, and I’m starting to feel an irrepressible desire arise in me.

Finally, it’s not him who will make the first move. My libido and rum have taken control of my body, I put my hand behind his neck and draw him to me.

Let the party begin

I put my lips on his. He seizes my mouth like a hungry man. For almost three hours, he was waiting for that.

His kiss is not so bad. He puts a little too much tongue for my taste, but he uses the right intensity. It takes him little time to come to taste my nape. I shiver under his kisses, it is undoubtedly one of the most sensitive parts of my body…

He goes down to my chest, it stops there for a long time. I lean my head back, and close my eyes. And I forget. I forget who, where and how. Only the sensations of my skin and the warmth that flows through me are important in this moment.

I feel his hands raise my skirt, and his tongue goes down gently towards my forbidden fruit.

It was a good thing I didn’t dismiss him right away.

A good lover…

I spread my thighs and leave him to his work. He puts his heart into it. You can’t take that away from him! Tongue, lips, fingers, everything goes.

At first, I stay focused on my pleasure. My desire covers a little his lack of experience. I don’t think, I breathe to the rhythm of his oral caresses.

Unfortunately, his fingers are not very dexterous and his tongue is not precise enough. I am too drunk to tell him what to do. I try to come back on my pleasure, but I know in advance that it’s a waste…

My thoughts fly elsewhere, that’s a bad sign for him.

I don’t know, if it’s my now absent moans, or my body getting softer, but he finally raises his head.

He may be better off somewhere else, he’s getting up. I take care of him a little, he has a rather nice limb, of a size more important than the average. Quickly I see that if I continue I can’t expect much more from him.

I straighten up, pitch a little and pull him towards my room. We’ll be more comfortable. As soon as we arrive, he throws me on the bed. Here, he is wilder than I thought, not bad.

If the beginnings are rather sensual, he does not master the right angles. I feel drunkenness and tiredness gaining ground. I know that I would not take more pleasure this evening.

Pretexting a pressing desire, I put an end to it all. Too bad for him. I run under the sheets. “We’ll finish tomorrow!”. He nods a little disappointed and comes to curl up against me.

God, air, let me breathe, each to his own.

Woke up early in the morning.

I hardly feel as if I have fallen asleep, when I feel him on my back. He blows his fetid breath on my neck. The device that sticks to my buttocks leaves no doubt about his growing desire.

Oh, but what time is it? Can’t we sleep a little more? A horrible headache crosses my forehead.

If my mind is lazy in the morning, my body is more sensitive to caresses. I let myself be pampered and forget who is sharing my bed. I choose a position where my head can stay on the pillow.

In spoon, a finger on my magic button, I begin to take my pleasure little by little. But Mister has decided otherwise and he wants me on him.

Too bad for you. My head feels like it weighs a ton. I just want to fall asleep again. The hangover far outweighs my desire at this moment.

If I’m on top, I set the pace. No question of spending hours on it, I play with my pelvis.

His face tightens, he tries to fight. But I’ve already won. He apologizes. I smile at him, on the contrary, it makes me happy. He leaves to throw away the condom, I turn around and try to fall back asleep.

A final attempt

After a few hours of bad sleep, I wake up slowly. He feels me move and embraces me.

I have no desire to hug him. Give me pleasure yes, why not, but I have absolutely no desire to cuddle. At least not from him.

My mind is cluttered with happy carnal memories, stolen moments, deep and hidden tenderness.

Mister Friday doesn’t feel any of this, he’s as if deaf to the signs I give him. He stays there, touching my arm, whispering words that I don’t even hear.

Then like a madman, he tries to make me cum, he wants to achieve it by all means. “And now you cum?”. No, and it’s not by asking me that it will come.

Gently, I push him. I have things to do. I get dressed and go to the kitchen without turning around.

He joins me after long minutes, he seems disappointed, he thought he would stay one day and one evening more.

I don’t have any plans, but I pretend I do. We are not beasts, he is entitled to a small tea and some toast, before being dismissed.



I think I’m going to stop meeting people on apps for a while for one night stands.

I had learned patience though, so for once, I’m going to try to choose quality over quantity!

We’ll talk about it at 147 ;).

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